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Pop Quiz!

Lesson 3 from: Understanding Light & Light Modifiers

Mark Wallace

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Lesson Info

3. Pop Quiz!

Test your lighting knowledge. Use the sample photos and pop quiz worksheet from the class page to measure your lighting knowledge. Mark will return to this at the end of the workshop to help you measure how much you’ve learned from the class.
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Lesson Info

Pop Quiz!

Okay. And now it is time for a pop quiz. This pop quiz is going to help you understand like better and it's going to help you become a better photographer. So how this works is on the class page, I have some sample images. I have these loaded up right here in my lightroom and so we're going to take a look at these. And so each of these are numbered. You can look through these, you don't have to use all of them, but choose one or two that you really, really like. And what we want you to do is not only are their sample images, there are some worksheets and they're called pop quiz. Worksheet, one or two, Something like that. So take those worksheets and what that worksheet is going to ask you to do is to look at some of these images, they're numbered. So you can use one or two or all of them. It doesn't matter. But do at least I'd say at least three of these. Take a look at the image. And then what I want you to do is when you look at the image. So we'll look at this image here. This is o...

f lydia. This is something I shot a long time ago. I want you to look at that and try to describe the light. What is the light doing? Where's the light coming from? How would you characterize this light? How many light modifiers are used? How many or what kind of light modifier do you think was used? How many lights are there? So when we go and look at some of these other ones? Uh for example, here is a shot um this is congo we shot in cambodia. When you look at this, how would you describe this? And I'm not going to give you a way to describe it just yet because we want to see how you improve as this goes. But look at different things. How is the light hitting her face? How is the light in her eyes? How is the light on her hair? The background, her shoulders, her outfit? How would you describe this if you had to replicate it? Could you do it? If we go in here, let's look for something else. For example, one of my favorite images I've ever shot this right here of Gwen. And so not to be confused with Quinn, our Model day. So this is Gwen. Uh, if you look at this, there are clues that are hidden in this image that will tell you where the light was positioned, how many lights were in this image and how this was all done. And so take the time and go through two or three of these images or all of them as many as you wish And try using the best vocabulary that you have um to describe the light in each of these images specific to how you would recreate it. What kind of modifier would you use? How close would the light be? How, what position would like be. Are there three lights on four lights or one light? See if you can figure it out. What we're going to do is at the end of this class when we're done learning about all the light modifiers and all the terms and everything. We're gonna revisit this and then I'm going to walk through a few of these and I'm going to tell you how they were created and I'm going to describe them using the vocabulary that we have created. And then what you can do is you can look at those same images, the way you describe them and the way that you now know how to understand how to describe those. And you can see if your lighting vocabulary has improved. If your understanding of these principles has improved and you can also use these as inspiration to try to recreate them. And to help you do that. We are going to take a few of these and I'm going to try to recreate them because I specifically chose most of these images to be at least 10 years old because I don't remember how I created them. And so I'm gonna see if I can recreate some of my old classic images, it's gonna be a ton of fun, but it will help you understand how to do the same thing if you see an image that's an inspiration and you want to recreate it. I'm going to teach you how to do that? So take the time to do this pop quiz, right this stuff out. It's going to help us as we go forward in this class. So next thing we're going to do is we're going to start looking at the qualities of light, we're gonna start involving Quinn and some photo shoots, and we're gonna start demonstrating all of this stuff. So let's do that right now.

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Wow, Impressive with lots of information on light modifiers. Lots of variations of use and the bonus material. Mark is very good as a teacher. Glad I purchased the subscription plan so I can see the other Mark Wallace classes. Now to go to work and use the information.


I've heard much of this before, but this class really does a good job explaining and demonstrating the principles and techniques it covers. Mark is certainly quite knowledgeable, and he makes the material accessible and easy to grasp. It does cover quite a lot of ground, and while others may go into more detail, I think this class is great for building a good foundation.

Mario Furtado

Mark and his crew did an excellent job in this class. Now I am eager to see Go-To Lighting Setups and Studio Lighting Essentials. Congratulations.

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