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Getting a Grasp

Lesson 2 from: Understanding Light & Light Modifiers

Mark Wallace

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2. Getting a Grasp

The best way to get the most out of this class it to “get a grasp” on the subject matter. Mark explains the five things you can do to grab hold of the lessons and never let go.
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Lesson Info

Getting a Grasp

this class is synergetic. In other words, it is a partnership between you and me. I'm going to be able to do so much and you have to do the rest to be able to get a grasp of these topics. And so we are going to be talking about getting a grasp of these lighting principles And so to do that, I've come up with a wacky way to remember it that involves your hand. And so here is this little graphic here. We're going to show you this and there are five things, one for each finger that you have to do. So the first thing is the principle of light. And so when we're talking about a principle of light, that's the first finger that will not give you a good grip, a good grasp of the thing. You're just gonna be able to sort of touch that principle. So it might be something like the inverse square law or angle of incidence and reflection. So you're aware of what that thing is, but you have no grasp of how to use it or how it relates to our light modifiers or photography. It's just the first finger, ...

that's what I'm gonna be able to send to you is what that is. But we need more. And so we need a second grip on what we're doing. And so that is the explanation. And so the explanation will be something like, hey, the inverse square law is a scientific principle that says that light is inversely proportional to the distance of the subject of the point, source of light to the oh my gosh, so you might have a principal and you know what that thing is, you might have an explanation, but you still really don't have a grasp of what that light principle is or how to use it. So the third thing is gonna really help you get a handle on the topic is this and that is the demonstration. And so for each of these things, we will do these three things. So I will tell you what the principle of light is, I will explain it to you and then I will demonstrate it to you. So that's going to help you sort of get a grip on that thing. But that's really much, that's pretty much all I'm gonna be able to do for you, you're going to have to do the other two things that will allow you to get a grasp of that lighting principle. So the fourth thing is replication, and what that means is you need to take the demonstration that I do here in this class and you need to do it at home in your own studio, you need to try to replicate the thing that I have shown and that is where you're going to discover. Oh, okay, now this principle and explanation and demonstration makes sense. Now it's coming to life, I can see that this works or this is not working for me, what's wrong? You might have to go back to the explanation, you might have to go back to the demonstration, you might have to do that and that leads us to the last thing that allows you to get a grasp of each lighting principle and that is repetition and repetition is just And our word for practice. Practice practice. If you do those five things, you're gonna be able to take a lighting principal, get a grasp, hang on and use it for the rest of your life. You'll be able to explain it to other people and it will make sense. But you're going to have to do those last two things for yourself. You're gonna have to repeat what I've done here for yourself and discover if things work or don't work and try it over and over again. Going back to the demo, going back to the explanation until you have it down and you're gonna be doing that by repetition. Practice, Practice practice. And I promise you, if you do all of those things, all of this stuff that we talked about in this class are going to make sense. You're gonna have a great grip and you're going to be able to move forward with that for the rest of your career. Alright, so speaking of career. Well, we're gonna go back old school to little classes, little classes, like little kids in a class and we're gonna take a pop quiz. So that's next

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Wow, Impressive with lots of information on light modifiers. Lots of variations of use and the bonus material. Mark is very good as a teacher. Glad I purchased the subscription plan so I can see the other Mark Wallace classes. Now to go to work and use the information.


I've heard much of this before, but this class really does a good job explaining and demonstrating the principles and techniques it covers. Mark is certainly quite knowledgeable, and he makes the material accessible and easy to grasp. It does cover quite a lot of ground, and while others may go into more detail, I think this class is great for building a good foundation.

Mario Furtado

Mark and his crew did an excellent job in this class. Now I am eager to see Go-To Lighting Setups and Studio Lighting Essentials. Congratulations.

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