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Toontrack presents: Studio Pass

Lesson 26 of 26

Closing Thoughts

Ulrich Wild, Brendon Small

Toontrack presents: Studio Pass

Ulrich Wild, Brendon Small

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26. Closing Thoughts


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Closing Thoughts

If there's one thing we're saying over and over again is that, uh you're you don't have an excuse to not be doing something it's it's um deadlines really help uh, not having options really helps yeah, the art of eliminating options was one thing that you said that really stuck out to me is like that art eliminating your options? Yeah, in the good ones really is something that will make you get the job done, make yourself I do this other thing to where I will force myself either financially like I paid for the galactic con thing and all the drums because that was kind of my own I had to make a label for that because I don't know what I was gonna do with these drones, but I had gene play them because we weren't sure if death album two was going to happen, so we were in this stock point, I had everybody there okay? You guys were all working for me now working for adult swim. Now you're working for me and we're making this solo record because I don't know what to do because I feel bad that...

you guys probably refused other work to be here, but we didn't get the there there were being stupid there that you're not giving us the things so we can start so you're working for me and I paid for and I kind of took all these songs that I wanted to take a I put myself and I paid for all this stuff I put myself in a situation financially where I had to finish this record I wasn't going to just spend this money let it sit there so that's sometimes how putting yourself in a financial situation where you have to make your money back someone else so you can pay for your dog's food or whatever it is another thing is shooting your mouth off and saying you're going to finish something to your friends sometimes put you in a position of seeing that you have to finish something another thing is live like I know that if I have this something I'll do with writing you know with the script writing or stand up to have x amount of minutes to go and do a show I have put to advertise a show that you're going to do and no matter what happens it may be a like a rough draft of something but you have to go up there and you have to do it on you know december fifth no matter what you have to go up there you said you would there's an advertisement go out there and another thing is if you do go out and do stuff and show yourself the more you do that and get out of your little stinky rooms where you're mixing other people's stuff go out into the world and go on be where people are the chances of you forwarding your career and making and meeting other people that you're going to work with in the future is going to be greater and that goes I mean obviously comedy has to have an audience so comedians have to go out and see people they have toe you know they have to find out if their steps funny you know they have to find out their stuff works same thing works with open mikes and songs you have to have enough songs record your stuff, go out with an acoustic and if you suck, who cares? It doesn't matter you know what I was telling you this earlier if you want to do stand up if you want to do in the comedy you're worried about your tone your style is it one liners it's a knock knock joke is this is a long story it doesn't nobody nobody cares about you nobody cares it's a good thing nobody nobody cares about you and you can also not care and just go screw it you just have you just have a lot of kurt just have the courage but realize it's not even that big a courage to go up there and do that just go and do it and then be honest with yourself afterwards that's another important thing is this good? Where did I fall short? How can I fix it next time? All that stuff in music, in comedy, in script writing and all that stuff, if you can be your own director and that's kind of what makes all reckon I work? Is that again? No one's telling me, hey, I think that sections two alone I have to hear it myself. I have to be honest with myself. Um, and if you can be your own kind of director and your own editor on your own executive producer in your own lead actor, then you can probably do anything. I don't see what you can't do, you know, you really can't do all that stuff in its and lately, like, obviously, I don't know how to work everything in logic, but I know what already is doing, so I have to do my job enough to know what the parameters of what he can do are so if I can talk to him on a level that makes a lot of sense to him and to me, so if you're ah writer, if you're ah tv writing, learn howto end it if you're an editor, learn how to write learn story structure if you're an actor, learn howto film yourself an edit yourself if you're a comedian learned how to film yourself at it yourself, I'm going to write the music for thing there's no reason they're all the same thing. They're just different kinds of tools, it's all the same thing, and you still have to have this bird's eye view of the whole thing if you can't so that's that's what? I mean, if you could take anything away from that, be your own director, be your own guy, be your own motivator being your own deadline person if you can. Luckily, we have these imposed deadlines where we're screwed we'll get suit if we don't finish this stuff, but I have a lot of stuff that I do that has nothing to do with the stuff that involves getting out there finishing, writing, doing stuff that you know that I mean, look at this were on earth for like you may as well be creative and do something cool and do something cool you haven't seen why not? I think fun, you know your line and this is making music, you know is this is not flying a plane where people die at stake, you know, event it's a wrong note, people look at you funny maybe, but I guess one thing to take over a couple of things to take away is that you know uh this what we covered here is not the be all end all of all recording this isn't like you have to do this way or your records going to suck this is one way to do it and this works for us and hopefully it helps you guys tio to come up with your own way of doing things and maybe you've learned some stuff on, but the overall thing from my point of music recording and producing is you have to come to a place where you trust yourself and you trust your ears and to let yourself be comfortable in allowing yourself to make those decisions there's like I like it, I don't like it, so I'm going to do something about it, you know? I mean and that it goes back to decision making again um and, you know, as our business has changed so drastically, I think that's definitely definitely take your business classes in your marketing classes on dh, new promotional classes or whatever they could there's a lot of like self promotion and marketing involved in what we're doing like you as as a producer or musician or comedian are whoever you're you are a business and like you're not a business if you're not getting paid and it's a hobby but uh but it put if your if your business you have to be able to sell your service and or sell your product or whatever when in a way that it is not off putting unless of course offputting is your brand, you know, so that that that is, you know, that that plays into that. So, um, you know, the whole thing has has really has really changed and marketing and promotion is a huge part of, uh, of what's necessary to be successful, you know, because if you can make the best record and not played for anybody and, you know, I'm sure you have you haven't made the best record in the whole world, but who's gonna make a tribute, I'll say one other thing just about working with all rick is it's an important thing? And if you are going to log a lot of hours with a person and same thing with the band that I work with and the people that you surround yourself worth with, be someone that's not miserable to be around is a good is a good idea because no one wants wherever they a scowling egomaniac, jerk who's like angry and then if you're lucky enough, choose people that have a sense of humor, you know, have a little bit of levity, you know, it's not not everything serious, ah, and I haven't seen all right get upset once uh he's very calm very collected has got a sense of humor and that's why I keep coming back to all right and I also like working with him and we have a shorthand same with guys like mike chameleon brian beller and I keep saying these guys jean hoagland they all have senses of humor when stuff gets rough they find the humor in it and it's ok everything's going to be fine in this world again we're not we're not at war we're not we're making music we're doing stuff to hopefully make other people ah smile a little bit and enjoy something so be someone that you would want to work with and work with people choose them on their personality to it's really important tio have ah to have ah sense of humor about stuff and teo to not be a jerk you know it takes a lot to put these courses on we have a lot of people behind the scenes aa lot of relationships with different companies that we get a lot of support from. So I want to say thank you to a couple of these people in in companies first of all tune track for their support of this course and also thank you to sound toys audio damage isotope s I r a vast the al parliament for some gear uh huge thank you to gibson for the awesome guitars that they've been letting us use that brandon wants to take home with him um and thanks to the creative live audience both in the studio and at home thank you for tuna and in watching participating asking questions we love that you guys get to learn right alongside us here in the studio in addition to that, we have an amazing crew here a creative live behind the scenes there's a whole bunch of people here working really hard that are really talented to make all this come together so that you can see and hear everything that you need to see him here to really learn well, uh and last but not least you two guys or rick wild for all your knowledge just bring in all your secrets into our studio and just sharing them. So really, really appreciate that does your process and um brendon small last but not least the man with the camel hat on the couch um just keeping it classy in here. Thanks so much for flying up and sharing this time with us. It's been really, really cool. But now that I have guys over here for hosting a and for saying all rick's name right but I did find time to practice. Every time we go, we go on break, I practice for it because in the bathroom is distant, I say yeah, it's awesome

Class Description

Adult Swim's Metalocalypse is a cheeky parody of metal culture — featuring the shenanigans of a cartoon band called Dethklok. In Toontrack Presents: Studio Pass, you'll get a closer look at the creative process behind this mesmerizing metal powerhouse-turned-TV-series.

Brendon Small is the creator and primary musician driving Dethklok’s music, including its four full-length albums. In this installment of Studio Pass, Brendon and producer Ulrich Wild (Pantera, White Zombie, Slipknot, Deftones) will show how they compose, engineer, and mix the music of Metalocalypse – explaining the recording techniques used for Dethklok’s drums, bass, guitars, vocals and effects.

The music behind the hilarious spectacle that is Metalocalypse is no joke. Join Brendon and Ulrich for Studio Pass and learn about the unique creative process behind the music of Dethklok.


John Thaxton

I love Brendon. He has always treated fans super well. There's so much wisdom to be gained from listening to him about workflow and music in general. Great class!

Aaron Thurtell

Being someone new and looking into recording songs, I found this class very informative and in a way essential, the idea of recording seemed over whelming and I had no idea where to start, being a fan of Brendon small and Ulrich Wilds work on Dethklok and Galaktikon I found it very enjoyable and must for any fans of Brendon small looking into how he goes about making a record