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The Power Of Your Own Two Hands

James Victore

The Power Of Your Own Two Hands

James Victore

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Class Description


  • Harness the power of simple tools to influence, innovate, and upgrade your creativity.
  • Expand your visual vocabulary with the mark you are able to make.
  • Discover your unique style.
  • Remember how to play— and make powerful, memorable marks.


We are all born makers. We build our worlds from our vision and with our hands.

In this class, I will take you through every—quite frankly basic—tool in my creative quiver: pencils to pens, brushes, scissors, paper and even finger painting.

Fueled by my own search for a ‘look’ that is mine and using play as a form of discovery I want to resurrect your spirit of craftsmanship and help you find your own unique creative mark. My work has been described as deceptively simple… because of my tools.

I will discuss the emotional impact of each of these marks plus all the practical bits of how I get my own marks from traditional analog to screen.

This is jam packed with tips, tools, hands on demos and all the stories of a creative career.


This is a class for all levels of creatives, from absolute beginners to the most advanced, who want to re-energize their creative process and get more expression and breath from their tools and skills.


No.2 Pencils
Paint Pens
Sumi Brush

Ratings and Reviews

Lucy McConville

What a great class! This guy is so REAL, and clearly so excited by what he gets to do for a living! His examples of what can be achieved with simple tools are very inspiring. Mostly, it was his attitude toward creating, and life in general, that truly lifted me up! Yeah, Man, we can use more of that these days! Thanks James!

Linda Ryan

Wonderful reminder of the "power of the pencil"! I have been drawing since age 3 (maybe 4). I would watch Howdy Doodie try to draw the characters.... and guess what pencil I was given....the old 2HB. Thanks for the reminder. :))

JT McGuire

Mr. Victore was very engaging and articulate...but not perfect :-) I rarely sit through online classes as they tend to get redundant and are rudimentary. This class, however, kept my attention from start to finish. I will be following James at every chance. Oh, and thank you for sharing Nova with us. I love it when people openly relate their experiences of family. 5 Stars!!

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