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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Tailored to Fit: The Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method

Pati Palmer, Marta Alto

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Welcome to creative live I'm kind of klosterman, and I'm your host for tailored to fit the palmer pledge tissue fitting method with patty palmer and marta alto. Patty palmer is an author, a publisher of sewing books and has been designing from a calls for over thirty years. Marta alto is an author, a sewing educator, and together they have spent over forty years teaching thousands of sewers both all over the world and in their home base of portland, oregon. Patty and marta are mccall's fit experts. This class is for people who are wanting to sew clothing that actually fits, and you'll learn how with a palmer pledge tissue fitting method. So marta let's start by having you tell us what is the fundamental dilemma that people face when they're first learning how to fit, getting the pattern in the right size, it'll fit. Hm right martin I have been teaching together of for a long time when we first started teaching in a department store in portland, oregon, we did teach what we've developed...

tissue fitting, but we didn't know anything about what to do. We just put it on and they choose the tissue was wide enough and long enough and the right proportions for the body that we were fitting. But we really knew nothing else about especially full busted people because I was always a broad cup size and I remember turning somebody away from a class telling the class is full because they were like a triple d but our well, so but we've forged ahead, right? And we we did something well different in college and one of our textbooks it showed a tissue being tried on two were on for that same reason, but they didn't take any further. They went right to muslin and the muslin they would slash and spread and make room for a large bus on everything, and then I guess that would become the pattern, but we sort of decided to skip the muslim part and I think that's what? Where tissue fitting really started? We just sort of decided to go right from the tissue fitting to cutting fabric and eliminate the bug muslim but we had to learn to do slash and spread and adding width and length and whatever to the tissue and in that we just kept working on it and coming up with alterations that worked based on what we saw from the, uh, muslims in the textbooks and eventually after twenty five years of doing that, we wrote the first fit for real people book, and we had a lot of art on how to do the flat alterations on tissue and after another fifteen years and teaching hands on fit workshops with hundreds and hundreds of people, we learn more, and the students have always been our teachers, because by fitting you in solving your problems, we really had to figure things out. And so after fifteen years, we did the revision of the book with all of our improved techniques. And then in the early nineties, we started teaching hands on fit workshops in portland, oregon, and again kept learning. And then I decided what? Why don't we see if mccall's would put alteration lines on the tissue just to make it easier for the person to alter the tissue to fit them? So they did, and then we started training teachers, and we have teachers now all over the world teaching fit, and they are extremely successful because it works so well for them. And if any of you want a hands on class, which is the ultimate in learning, you can go to our website, and we have a list of teachers that are certified in the palmer pledge tissue fitting method there, and you can contact them directly. Marta and I, we're trying to decide how to do this workshopped for creative life, and I really thank creative life for allowing us to do the workshop because we've worked for so many years perfecting tissue fitting that this now gives us a chance to share it with our teachers, who might use the classes of review of our latest techniques and tissue fitting and for the future generation of sores, because we really wanted to save them the frustration that we had to go through over the years, we decided to do this workshop, just like we do our workshops in portland. Martin I have specialties and teaching. I usually give the overview of the fit workshop, but marty does all the fitting and the alterations. Then, when we do the pants fit workshop, I take the lead teacher role, and I do all the fitting, but we're going to do it just like that, so this workshop martyr will do most of the fitting. I will do some. I will be her assistant, basically, and we'll all comment about things that we want to add.

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This is one of the best courses I have taken online; I just wish you had the ability to make notes or tabs so you could refer back to certain sections more easily. I have met and followed Pati Palmer for many years but this was my first experience listening to Marta Alto and I see why they work so well together. Thank you both for sharing your many years of experience. It was interesting to hear Pati's history on many things and I really loved Marta's sense of humour it makes watching so much more fun!

Leslie coduti

I sew very well, imagine the disappointment when what I have sewn just does not fit well. Everyone who sews and wants what they have sewn to really be a joy to wear should take this course. It is like being there in the actual workshop. I am only half way through in the viewing and am anxious to apply what I have seen to my own sewing. It has been presented so well and in such detail that one comes away with confidence that they too can do this. I am also impatient, making a muslin takes time. Time is so precious and time to sew is really hard to come by. I have tissue fit pants in a workshop in Michigan and used a Palmer-Pletch pattern for a princess line dress I made in silk on my own. Both items fit my mature figure beautifully, and I did not have to make a muslin first for either one! When you hear, "What you see is what you get" believe it. Take this class, it will improve your fitting ability immensely and you won't believe how easy it is.

Rose Mellor

Love this program! Being able to watch the lessons multiple times is like taking the class over and over. For those of us who have a hard time learning something new this is sensational. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Rose Mellor

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