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Sound Design

Lesson 30 from: The Cinematic Filmmaking Workshop

RJ Bruni

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30. Sound Design

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Lesson Info

Sound Design

All right, So now our scene is assembled. Now I'm gonna go over with you, how I start to move around sounds and just build a bit of an atmosphere in our scene with our sounds. This scene's pretty easy. There's not gonna be any dialogue besides Kathy's interview that we did, but it's really important that we just get some clean, natural sounding scene. That just sounds like we don't have hard cuts. We just want everything to flow together. So let's dive into the edit and see what we can create here. Okay. So one thing we'll do here is everything's pretty much in place. For the most part. We might make a few cut changes, but for the most part we are looking good. So first things first, we want our interview audio which are these two tracks right here to be peeking around minus six. Okay. So first we're gonna start with that. So we're gonna mute everything, except for that. Making an object that is about place and about material is just a nice connection with people when they use, use a...

n object to just stop for a second and consider where it's coming from. And then in doing that, it's almost like they're part of this like shared humanity. Honestly, that sounded really good. It was a little bit hot at the beginning. So either I could take everything down by selecting the audio tracks, going audio gain and and adding gain or taking gain away, but for the most part, the rest of it was really good except for this part right here. So what I'm gonna do is make some key frames with my command key and just the it's a little bit hot at the beginning. So we're just gonna take your, take her down a notch. Good. Now that we have the interview cut, let's just see how it's sounding with our song now. So now we don't need that. Making an object that is about place and about material is just a nice connection with people when they use use an object to just stop for a second and consider where it's coming from. And then in doing that, it's almost like they're part of this like shared humanity. This process is ancient. So this song starts to get a little bit loud. So couple things let's we want it to start hot and then we can almost not even notice if we slowly, slowly slowly bring it down and then I want it to also come up when she has that last line, I'm gonna bring that even further down. So I just, I'm kind of making some key frame where I guess, where I'm guessing the levels, but we'll just tune it in. Making an object that is about place and about material is just a nice connection with people when they use use an object to just stop for a second and consider where it's coming from. And then in doing that, it's almost like they're part of this like shared humanity. This process is ancient, connects us to this bigger experience of, of being human. Ooh, awesome. So for the most part, it was good. It gets really loud. I love the idea of, of, you know hitting home that last, that last idea of, of being human and ramping the music up, but it goes too loud. So let's just tone it back there. Take it easy. Bigger experience of, of being human. I love that. Okay. Those are pretty well balanced. I like that. Now let's work on our B roll audio. This is the important part. We need to build the atmosphere. So we did a little bit of work here. We faded it in one thing, one trick. We really wanna use that constant power button right here. We want all of these shots. What we're gonna do now is we're gonna mute our all of our interview sound and our song. And we want all of these without the song, and out the interview to just flow together. So that's what we're gonna do. Oh, I should probably unmute it. There we go. Or I was gonna add some more things on top. It's the one thing that we don't like there she's talking. No worries. If we select that. We hit why now we can just scrub it forward and try to find a time where she's not talking. So we can also do that Again. She's talking, let's do the exact same thing and make sure we're not selecting the video clip. Just the audio clip. Okay. It doesn't look like there is a time that's okay. What we'll do is we'll delete it. Bye bye. There we go. But the next clip she's doing the same thing. So what we'll do is we will select this and hold alt, duplicate it. Hopefully we don't notice a difference. We wanna constant fade them all together. So it starts to flow as well. We'll see how this sounds. It might be too repetitive though. (crunching) Oh, it's a little bit repetitive. So what we can do is grab this, hit Y, and then pick a different part. (crunching) Again, sounds a little bit repetitive. Sounds like somebody's jumping on the floor a little bit or walking around. So just try to find a part where that doesn't. (crunching) Okay. So it's just not sounding that bad yet. Let's just take it all down audio game. We want it all to be a little bit quieter. It's a little bit too loud right now. Let's just go minus five on everything. (crunching) Okay. Sounding good. We got a little bit of your person in the background yelling. So I'll just, I think that (crunching) (yell) that's much better already. And what we'll do is somebody again is yelling in this clip. Just fine. What we'll do is either see if this clip has a part where it's. Yep. That's good. Awesome. Just a little bit too loud. That's what we'll do select it. This one honestly might go minus four. We'll fade these together just a little bit. Just so it all starts to flow together. It sounds seamless. (crunching) Honestly, I like that hard cut there. It gives us just the feeling that, you know things are changing. They're fast, you know, we can flow together. It might sound fine if we just do a little bit of a constant fade, but we wouldn't need to. Cause I kind of like the hard cut of the sound sometimes. (sawing) Awesome. So one thing we can do here is let's see how this sounds. (sawing) Honestly again, I kind of like the hard cut. Let's just do a little bit of less of a fade. (knocking on wood) That sounds great. Let's just make sure these ones flow a little bit nicer. (knocking on wood) These ones as well. Now it's gonna all sound nice and fluid. (knocking on wood) (talking) There we go. That scene just had a bit of a makeover and it sounds much better. What I do sometimes is I just close my eyes and I can if I can hear the shots changing, I haven't done a good job. So that's a good idea that you need to maybe fade things better or just the levels. (knocking on wood) (talking) You can hear me there. So that's not ideal. (background talking) Okay. We got some family just chatting where the people are sitting. (background talking) Okay. So we don't need the fog, the head part. Oops. So what we're gonna do is select just the audio. Cut that. And we also have Nolan talking at the at the last little bit here. Oops. Select the audio. Cut. Just the audios. We also have Nolan talking. So we're gonna cut that and let's just expand. Let's copy this over. Expand. See if there's another moment in this clip where no one is saying anything. Sit down. Find their spot now. Hey, you have to where people? (distorted audio) Yeah. Do you want, she makes special. I try actually. Oh yeah. So I do. That's fine. All I can there you. No, that's fine. Oh, wow. What? Just put it down here. Okay. All right guys (distorted audio) I love that. Hey, Hey. Oh, wow. Just put it down here. Alright guys. All right. That sounds good. I like that part. So I'm just gonna take that little piece of audio now and it should be enough to cover our basis. Oh yeah. That's more than enough. Oh yeah. So we just, she just need a little part, so. Okay. All right guys. Wow. What? Just put it down. Here's fine. Okay. All right. Okay. I kind of like that kind, like when she says all right guys too, so we'll keep that in there. See if it fits. Okay. All right guys Bella, you guys tell me about this dressing is so I know it's sort weird. Put the tomatoes in the Salad. Okay. So next we have, that sounded great. Next we have this whole scene, lots of movement clapping lots of different people, making comments, stuff like that which we don't really need to hear. Cause our song starts but we still want to get the ambient sound. So what we can do is just select all these audio clips. What we'll do is audio game. We'll probably bring it down to maybe minus let them know seven. Just need some little bit of ambience. Even if we're hearing them talk. That's kind of fun. We'll see how this, so now we'll just see how this all sounds and we'll take it from there. (crunching) (sawing) (background talking) Making an object that is about place and about material is just a nice connection with people. When they use, use an object to just stop for a second and consider where it's coming from. And then in doing that, it's almost like they're part of this like shared humanity. This process is ancient connects us to this bigger experience of, of being human. (peaceful music) (water splashing) Okay, awesome. So there's some weird stuff going on there. So what I'll do, you know, for the most part I feel like you have the idea. Now we just kind of, you know, a lot of this I want a little bit quieter and then we'll just a lot of it will constant fade. We'll find parts where there's no talking and we'll just hear, you know, the birds and the clinking of the, of the plates and stuff like that. So that's what I'll do. But you already know how to do that. Now what we'll finish off with on sound is going to be this last little transition. We'll see how we can make this sound natural. So we'll start on this shot here. The birds sound good. I like this shot can hear it. Let's just mute this song. And I think I want to do a big fade. So it just slowly brings us into this scene. (water splashing) (rooster crows) Okay. Again I don't know what the rooster's doing in the forest. I don't remember the rooster, but we don't want the rooster. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna just only select the audio and we'll press Y and we're gonna scrub this clip to a part where we don't hear a rooster. (water splashing) Awesome. So what you can hear here is there's the ambient change. There's change in the ambient sound. We go from this, the water to a different sound of the water, a little bit deeper. So we want another big constant fade. Oops. And hopefully we can level these out and we don't hear that much of a difference. Now between the ambience. Doesn't take much for our brains just to feel like it's all blending together. (water splashing) It's pretty good. (water splashing continues) Okay I'll probably cut it's a lot of space. I just want it to feel like we're leaving, but she's still there. So I want that sound to keep going. So let's hear what this sounds like with the song now. (peaceful music begins) (water splashing) I think the song fades out a little bit too early so I'm gonna expand the key frame. (water splashing) Awesome. That sounds fantastic. Okay. So for the most part, I'm pretty happy with that. I'm gonna go through and fine tweak things, get the levels right. But that's pretty much how I just start to build the sounds of with what we have. I didn't I haven't used one sound effect that wasn't recorded from the camera, this whole film so far. Which is kind of crazy. It's just not that type of film. You know, other films I might not have the sounds or I didn't record it or I'm trying to build a little bit more intensity up maybe with some swishes and stuff. But this is not the film for that. And that's totally fine. And a lot of my films aren't, this is a peaceful film and not a lot of heavy, heavy sounds that, you know might feel out a place. If we go download a sound pack or something. For this one we just wanted to sound real. So it was best that we kept it with real sounds and just made it all flow together. So that is how I blend all my sounds together in my edit.

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Alex Bocajj

Great insights into Rj's process. Really enjoyed it all. Rj is smooth and easy to learn from. Loved the "in-field" BTS and going thru the motions live. Looking forward to more material.

Patti Sohn

Really informative and inspiring. One of the best video tutorials I have watched.

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