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Intro to Editing

Lesson 26 from: The Cinematic Filmmaking Workshop

RJ Bruni

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26. Intro to Editing

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Intro to Editing

Okay. Welcome to the final part of the workshop. Now we get into the post production and we edit our short film. I'm so excited to get into this. We had so many amazing memories on set. I'm already looking back at that time and just remembering the awesome moments that we had creating art as a team. So now's the moment when we take all that hard work and all those amazing memories and we bring it all to life into one beautiful film. Editing your film can be a daunting task. And one thing that I want you to remember throughout this whole process is to not lose your energy and to not lose this childlike wonder inside of us. We just finished shooting our film and the excitement is high. We're probably excited to be editing our film. And one thing that's happened with me in the past is by the end of the edit, I'm exhausted. I maybe don't even like what I'm seeing on screen, and I definitely do not want to be editing it. That's not the approach that we want to take. By the end of this edit,...

I hope that we're excited about what we see and we're proud of what we've made. Sure, there's always things that we feel like we can make better, but for the most part, we want to be excited that we did our very, very best in the post production process. So how do we do that? When we're thinking about editing you probably think of somebody staying up all night crushing two Red Bulls and burning the midnight oil. Sometimes that is what it takes to get an edit done and to reach a deadline, and if we're in the creative flow and we're excited about editing, that's totally fine. But we do not want to force ourselves to look at this screen, especially if it's going to make us exhausted and resent what we're looking at. During this editing process I want you to make sure that we do not lose that childlike wonder. So, if we're editing and we feel inspired, awesome. Let's roll with it. But, if we hit a bit of a wall feeling a little fatigued or a little tired, or really not knowing where we want to take it next, let's just take a break. Let's not force anything. We wanna be excited to come back to the computer and see what we create. Let's not over force ourselves and burn ourselves out of the project. Let's be excited the whole way through and we're gonna make something amazing.

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I LOVE this workshop - I have been wanting to film my own 'home life' movies as I am a photographer but I wanted to add even more memories. This workshop has added so much value to how, why, when, and what the process is of film-making for film-making. Thanks to RJ for sharing all his amazing information while being clear, precise, and informative. I am excited to film my next 'home life' film!

Alex Bocajj

Great insights into Rj's process. Really enjoyed it all. Rj is smooth and easy to learn from. Loved the "in-field" BTS and going thru the motions live. Looking forward to more material.

Patti Sohn

Really informative and inspiring. One of the best video tutorials I have watched.

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