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Document Your Life

Lesson 10 from: The Cinematic Filmmaking Workshop

RJ Bruni

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10. Document Your Life

Lesson Info

Document Your Life

(gentle music) When we're creating art, we wanna be methodical and intentional. But there's times where we just wanna document. We wanna capture the people and the moments around us. Maybe you're hanging out with friends or your family, and you just wanna document these people and these memories. Just like a writer would have a journal to document and remember their life by, we have this really cool thing called a camera that can do that for us. It also will sharpen our skills. For me, I find so much purpose in capturing the people around me and having them live forever within that footage. I might use it. I might not. And sometimes I find a story that I didn't know existed, and I already have some footage that fits that story. I wanna encourage you to document your life. We all have unique stories and we all have amazing people around us that are worth documenting. A few years ago, I had this light-bulb moment where I realized I was only capturing these highlight moments of life. Be...

tween work and hiking and climbing and being outside, I wasn't documenting just the people around me in the everyday. And that's the footage that I like to watch the most and look back on. Just the everyday moments where people are laughing and interacting with each other. Those mean a lot to me, and I wasn't doing a good job. I gave myself a responsibility that the people around me and the moments that I was experiencing would be captured and would live forever through that footage. And I wanna encourage you to do the same. (gentle music)

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I LOVE this workshop - I have been wanting to film my own 'home life' movies as I am a photographer but I wanted to add even more memories. This workshop has added so much value to how, why, when, and what the process is of film-making for film-making. Thanks to RJ for sharing all his amazing information while being clear, precise, and informative. I am excited to film my next 'home life' film!

Alex Bocajj

Great insights into Rj's process. Really enjoyed it all. Rj is smooth and easy to learn from. Loved the "in-field" BTS and going thru the motions live. Looking forward to more material.

Patti Sohn

Really informative and inspiring. One of the best video tutorials I have watched.

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