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Res-Up Files

Lesson 39 from: The Business of Professional Photo Retouching

Lisa Carney, Simon Peter Raible

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39. Res-Up Files

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Lesson Info

Res-Up Files

So with resing up at the end, we had talked about a client wants this 4OO megabyte file. You have an original that is a 50 megabyte file. You bring it in, you'd never image size that down. Keep it as high as possible there, but that's where you're going to build in that kind of realm and that will turn into 150, 200 megabyte file, perhaps. Then you can do all your time artistry there, saving yourself time on the clock by not having to save extra large files, move extra large files around, package off extra large files. All your important work is done here on a manageable size and you're not giving up anything because you're using the highest resolution possible from the original. However, at the end, that is when you will interpolate the file up to whatever crazy number they need at the end. There is an application that Alien Skin has called Blow UP, and I've used it a couple of times and it's pretty spectacular. This one especially is if you have a teeny, tiny thing. I'll tell you in ...

the story that I did. It was for a documentary and the documentary was on sailboat racing. And they had a unit shot, some guy had a camera out during the sailboat race as things were moving by, and that was a shot and it was awesome. However, it was a little baby shot that had to go up poster size. So you had to make it 800% bigger. That's the job. What are you going to do? So I tried a bunch of different things. There's a couple little things where you image size up 10% at a time and Photoshop can do a better job if you give it little baby bites to chew on and you'll get a better result then just saying ... Yeah, I want to ... 800% ... So he's saying, this is something, we should talk about this for a second. I don't want him to miss it. Okay. That it's a technique some folks us where they res up 10% at a time to get there. You don't want to do that by hand. You want to have an action that will do that or a script that will run it. We haven't done that in a long time but it is a good technique on some stuff. That's one of my actions. That one never went away. Action boy. Click. Click. Click. Click. I'm going to make you a shirt that says, "Action Boy". Sure. Anyway. But I was looking, I was calling up friends. I was like, "Do you guys have any tricks?" And they were like, "Well, if you zoom in closer "in the image size window, apparently that's to help." And I was like, "Okay." And there used to be a couple older tricks and sometimes it works, sometimes it didn't. This Alien Skin Blow Up worked fantastic and what it does, a different interpolation. It did fantastic on all the rigging of the sailboat. So it was ... you had masts and it did a good job on that. Some things it didn't do fantastic on. So the crew members, there were some sweaters, and everything, and I would rather use the regular image size interpolation up, but what it did save me and did a fantastic job was all that rigging, all the strings, all the little flags, all the little teeny bits that would normally just get eight times bigger and blurry, it was able to bring up and keep snug and tight. So the hard part of the job, it did a great job well. And then I just kind of went in and massaged where I wanted the other interpolating up. So I'm going to stop you there because that's a great point, too. So let's reiterate that. So sometimes with your resing up, you're going to use multiple processes and you'll mask it in. And especially that rigging thing because it's that line, any kind of singular little line, have you guys seen that when you res up and you get that jaggy stair stepping thing? And who wants to repaint all that? Nobody. So, yeah, that's ... It came out clean. It was fantastic.

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Bill Buckley

I'm a photographer who wants to be as good at Photoshop as possible. In my field few retouchers get hired, so it's all on me. Plus my creative vision cannot be accomplished by photography alone. Not to mention that in the field, as a photographer I can't always be perfect. Photoshop to the rescue. This is possibly THE best class I've purchased on Creative Live, and they've all been good. Great insight, entertaining, well taught Lisa and Simon were awesome. Bought more LC tutorials based on this course.

Kari A. Youkey

This course just opened my world. I started ( back in the Jurassic era) as an illustrator/drafter ( pen and ink), then CAD programmer, then GIS analyst with photoshop just coming onto the scene pregnant and unplugged focusing on parenting and my inner artist. I was gifted an IPad 6 years ago in the mist of my Taxi Mom years. My favorite ‘hobby’ became manipulating images and an addiction to Adobe apps. Now, In my new empty nest status, I have been trying to figure out my next direction in life....and CreativeLive has been a wonderful resource to explore different creative opportunities, feeling somewhere between photography and graphic design, I wanted to ‘paint’ photos with my tool of choice the tablet, not the camera. ...but it wasn’t until this course that I clicked with an Aha! I don’t have to become an photographer? I could get paid to retouch? Other people’s photos?.....and, I have a work history skill set that backs it up! Thank you so much for this course! Loved the instructors and how they shared their experiences and knowledge. You two have just provided a wonderful map and whole new path to explore and inspired a much needed creative spark to get back to work❤️. Thank You!

a Creativelive Student

Lisa knocked it out of the ball park again! Amazing work Lisa and Simon! I just can't find the many words that express how much I gain with each and every course she teaches. Once again, a wealth of information that was given in a down to earth manner. I absolutely love her teaching style! Amazing course Lisa and Simon, awesome job!

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