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Lesson 5 from: Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

Lewis Howes

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5. Choose Your Format

Lesson Info

Choose Your Format

You want to use your format so we'll have a we'll have an audio clip here in a second, but I like to do just a self host and how many people have a co host for the podcast? Is anyone here your co host? Yeah and a lot of people love listening to co host formats because there's this banter there's this humor sometimes there's they get to learn about personalities of how you guys connect with each other so people love a gretchen rubin has a podcast it's co host michael hyatt has a podcast is, well it's all sheriff and those two incredibly well I just did a self won because I was like, I don't have to rely on someone else showing up when I want to do it and I wanted to create my own schedule so for me, it's just like it's more time and work scheduling it out is probably better because you can well, michael hide does how many people know who michael hide is anyone he will batch him so who do like twelve episodes in two days with his co host and then he's done for whatever three months where...

I'm more like, okay, I just got to do an interview for next week let's record it let's go let's figure this out so I kind of just plant him, you know less batch too just because I have a business that I'm running if you want to think about what I want to do, do I want to do it by myself don't wanna have another co host who's in the bookstore who owns the bookstore, who that comes on with me and I interview her, I'm going to be someone else. Is it you with your brother in law? Are you part of the co hosting or you just behind the scenes? Are you the tech guy that he liked calls out and ask you questions every now and then? Like, how do you want to create that format? Because I think that works really well also, when you're kind of like the video tech producer that he'll call upon every now and then, you know, I mean, you want to choose your format, what works for you? Um, and then I and then also choose do I want to interview style order? I want to do just talking style. So my friend, um sean stevenson has ah health podcast. Reed does a lot of solo, so that's where he's just doing it himself, teaching content so you might want to do and what you're just teaching here's how to dio uh, you know, here's my nutrition plan here's thie workout plan you're just teaching by yourself andan other times you could have people on where you're just interviewing guests right? So you want to think about this? Do I want to interview or make it solo? I do both people enjoy both I like the interview style mohr because it's less work of my own if you're going to create the content it just takes more time to like think about it figure out what bullet points you wantto have and then no it's more energy and doing that five minute episode I've gotta think like, what am I got to say what I'm going to talk about whereas if I envy someone else all I got to think about it how can I listen and pull out great stuff a different type of work? Do you think about the length so this is really important? You know some people have joe rogan does like two and a half hours and people listen to it I don't know how they listen to it, but he's got one of the top podcast in the world it's usually in the top twenty and it's like two and a half hours talking about mushrooms in outer space so you know I don't get it, but people love it and there's an audience for that then that you know john lee duma's is thirty minutes you know, every day thirty minutes because he is that's that's the average commute and he wants to give people are just in the car who are commuting to work so twenty five, thirty minutes I do about it forty five minutes to an hour because I want to get morning, jeff, I want to really pull information intel and have people tell stories you want think about the length of your podcast I like to keep it consistent too, so I don't like to do ten minute episodes and then an hour and a half um except for on friday to do a five minute friday, but the rest of the interviews are all about forty five to an hour and I can't keep that length you again. You want to you want to keep people in that consistency of what you're doing is hosting welcome to this is your life with michael hyatt, where our goal is to give you the clarity, courage and commitment you need to do what matters, my name's, michelle cash in on your co host today and I'm sitting in the studio with michael hyatt hey there, michelangelo michelle! So most leaders went their businesses to succeed in ticks, all right? Just that's, not rocket science that's what we want, we want to be successful so that's an example of co hosting and there's his banter back and forth and you've been doing that right all your episodes of collison the format is interview and so sometimes I'll just do the interview myself but then we synthesize everything at the end together so we have banter and every episode what and what people say about your episodes that there like that style yeah I was surprised I was unsure if people were going to say what you guys were talking about at the end is redundant we already heard in the interview but they actually like that we pick out the key principles and then talk about how they relate to our own lives so you do the interview and then at the end you banter yes where you're saying yes you come back in with your cost advantage at the end about the recap exactly and sometimes we co host the interview together as well gotcha okay, cool but people like that yeah okay cool awesome anyone else uh do co stingers out? You're the only one right? Okay, cool. Um so some people really love that I hear people that love michael hi it's show because not because of michael but because of his co hosts they think that she is like the best how many people listen to his show anyone now tell people you guys tell me I don't know you guys like that it's co host of the wish was just him go grab them like yeah, I've listened to my client's podcast this is your life and I saw I was listening to it before he got to co host you're to go it was just him and it seems it seems more interesting with the code because they can bounce stuff off of each other and I feel like she's bringing things out of him that he would maybe normally have mentioned on his own I guess they go so people like different things just depends on what you want to dio again for me it seems like a lot more work to schedule that time with someone I'm gonna depend a guy wanted done my way when I wanted you know that type of thing so um I think we might have another audio clip this is episode number two thirty seven with director jon chu welcome to the school of greatness my name is lewis how's former pro athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur in each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today now let class begin way welcome everyone back to the podcast very excited about this episode it's with the body of mine named jon chu who's an american film director, film producer, screenwriter and cinematographer best known for directing the movie's step up to the streets step up three d justin bieber's never say never and g I joe retaliation he's an alumni of the university of southern california school of cinema television where he won many awards and he's currently filming gem in the holograms and the five things you're going to take away from this there's going to be a lot of takeaways from this and I didn't want john to stop because this storytelling is so incredible but you're going to hear about the story of how steven spielberg found one of john's movies while he was still in school and bought another one of his ideas later you get the idea idea there it's more me introducing what's happening what I'm about to dio um who I'm interviewing things like that as opposed to the banter back and forth like hey how are you today? Oh I'm doing great what do you have a breakfast type of conversation which people love question I just listened to that this morning in the car you did that was a great interview his story is fantastic and actually yeah and you guys had a great banter thanks yes, you don't need to co host if you're interviewing someone because you're having the banter with someone else yeah and that felt like a really natural flow thank you appreciate it you guys have any questions for us off about should I co host should I you know do myself to have any questions about that concerns or anything? Yes, so one of the things that was wondering about with your interview shows does everybody come physically to be interviewed or is this something that you typically do remotely and in that case how do you deal with inconsistencies about equipment? Yeah, good question I love to do it in studio I've got a studio in my place in los angeles and I prefer to do it there's pasta as much as possible because I feel like I can connect with my the guest a lot better when it's in person and I like to videotape a lot of it if I can because I feel like that's taking the podcast to another level and I can share those out we'll talk about that a little bit later um but otherwise I do it over skype and I try to give them set them up toe win and make sure they have a microphone that's high quality enough you know skype has its limitations, but sometimes it sounds really good if you can get the right set up and the right recording software so that's how I did that but do you actually provide people with equipment when I don't it I don't provide that I probably should, but usually usually there's you know they're professionals they're like in the movie business they're like somehow or their big podcasts are already so I'm like, I know they have the equipment but I'll tell people beforehand hey do you have a micro you do not and I try to ask them, you know, even like the white headphones, the, you know, the iphone headphones are pretty good, mike, so if you could just plug it in and, you know that have headphones with decent mike, it sounds really good. Um, but I know some people do provide mikes, they'll like sending mike up to, like a big guest and, uh, and then tell him how to plug it in and you don't know what they're doing. So I think it's things up to you, I mean, I get away with it, and it works so sometimes it's, not as high quality that's what I like to do it in person possible. Any other questions about that in the chat room here from danny, who just said that sometimes they find it difficult with the co host, they have a hard time finding time to get together to record, since they both have day jobs. So the banter between us and the podcast sometimes doesn't sound as great as it would be if they had more time to kind of rehearse. So that's, the kind of limitation that danny's having with their co host that comes up sometimes, yeah, that makes sense.

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