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Social Media for Food Photography

Andrew Scrivani

Social Media for Food Photography

Andrew Scrivani

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Class Description


  • Strategize your digital portfolio and social media engagement
  • Understand the financial benefits to growing a social media following
  • Monetize your social presence and avoid being exploited online
  • Compartmentalize your social media to increase efficiency and flow
  • Analyze your data objectively


Andrew Scrivani joins CreativeLive to help you take your mobile food photography and business to a place where you can effectively strategize your social media presence and increase meaningful engagement. By the end of this course, you will have the strategies, tips, and techniques needed to captivate your social media following and reach your mobile food photography goals.


  • Beginners wanting a better understanding of mobile food photography and creating an engaged audience
  • Professionals wanting to expand their repertoire
  • Bloggers who write about food but need high-quality images to go with their written social media content
  • Those who love taking pictures of food, but aren’t sure how to best utilize social media platforms


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Ratings and Reviews


Really enjoyed the class. It is not about how to grow your following or how to book clients through social media, it is more about creative intention, knowing the benefits of the platforms and how you can use them to showcase your work as a free marketing tool. I am a big fan of Andrew’s teaching method - he always makes you ponder and think a bit further about what he says. I found this class inspiring and positive

Trina Thomson

This was fantastic. It was insightful and concise with some real pearls of wisdom. Andrew is really articulate and warm and you get a sense of real professionalism from him. I loved this course. It wasn't long but the time was used succinctly. Recommend.

wendy wlilja

I was expecting more solid information regarding social media platforms, their pros and cons etc. This was more about the instructors opinions about generalized issues like only put your best work out in public, on social media. I

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