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My Gear

Lesson 3 from: Shooting for Brands

Andrew Kearns

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3. My Gear

Andrew shares it all while he dissects his backpack, sling, and go-to gear he brings on a shoot.
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My Gear

Let's talk gear. So I keep things super simple. In fact, I traveled Europe earlier this year for about five weeks. All I brought was this bag and a small little REI Flash 18 filled with some clothes. So, for me, the simpler the better. It just keeps things less complicated and I just thrive with less options. So, let's get into the gear I always travel with. First off, is this F-Stop Dalston bag. It's got side zips on both sides here. Shit. (zips bag) Right here as well. And it's just a simple roll top. So, yeah, I got it for free a few years ago and it's still holding tough. It's also super weatherproof. That is crucial for any bag I use. If it's not weatherproof, I won't even consider it. So, first thing I have in here is a power surge outlet. It's a brilliant thing to travel with. It's always a pain when you have a million things to charge, but you bring the European converter, plug it in, then you have, basically, six converted plugins. You go in here, I always bring a resistance b...

and too, it's nice to stretch. Laptop charger, foreshadow there will be a laptop. And then of course, the camera. This is my 5D Mark IV with the 24-70 Mark 2. And this is pretty much what I use 99% of the time. The strap I've been using since the beginning of this year is the Peak Design's strap. I don't know the model, but it just simply, (strap clicks) well, you can use one finger, clip it right off, and then it just slides right back in. Super useful if you're switching between photo or video. Let's see, I got my books and my journal. I'm currently reading "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", got it for $1.99 at the bookstore. My journal usually has a pen attached, it's somewhere in here. And I'm also reading "Stillness Is the Key" by Ryan Holiday. I like to have two books going. One's more fun, imaginary, like Harry Potter, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", and one is more like, wisdom-type book. So, always nice to have when traveling. Open up this front pocket, you'll find my iPad Pro. I just got this recently, and it was one of the best tools I've gotten. This thing has helped a ton in a lot of areas of life, but to sum it all up it pretty much just helps me with organization, so, slim, fits right in the front pocket. And in the back pocket is my laptop with a case I made and there's a coffee stain on it and wouldn't have it any other way. Late-2015 MacBook Pro, still holding tough. I need a proxy 4k, but it's whatever. All right, come in here. I usually carry three hard drives with me. This one in here is the one I'm currently using and this is the backup for it. I still use USB 3.0, 'cos I just roll like that. And this hard drive is just a hard drive that has a ton of photos on it. So if I need to create, like, a PDF while I'm traveling or need to access some random photo from back then, it's probably on here. So, always have this with me and I have a backup for it somewhere. Dead battery. Snacks. And these are crucial. This is, I usually don't go hard on gear, but I splurged for these because in an airplane, you can just go like this and you just fall asleep. These cancel out pretty much any noise from airplanes to baby crying to whatever you wanna ignore there. Sony WH-H900N noise-canceling headset. Crucial. Come to the other side here. Oh my, we got a few more dead batteries from the shoot. I usually like to travel with a little point and shoot film camera. This is the Olympus XA, it's decent. I got a phone charger, a laptop charger, or, this is not a laptop charger. This is an iPad charger. I got a phone charger for an iPhone 8 Plus. This is my iPad charger. And you know, if you listened to my tip before, you can plug 'em both at the same time, whatever country you're in. This is a waterproof bag of batteries that aren't dead. This is another point and shoot I have. It's kind of broken. It only stops at 38, but it's nice just to carry it on your neck and be ready to take a quick photo at moment's notice. This is another film camera I bring sometimes. And usually, this is kind of overkill. I usually travel with one and it's usually this one because this is like one of my best kept secrets. So, this camera I bought for like, 40 bucks on eBay. And the best part about it is you can take any of your EF-mount lenses, so your nice 24-70 Mark 2, or your Sigma 35 Art, or whatever you have and use it on your film camera. It's like 40 bucks. It's the best kept secret. It's the Canon Rebel 2000. So this is a really fun camera to have around. And it's just very versatile because any of my lenses I'm using on my Mark IV, they work on the Rebel 2000, and it auto focuses, it does everything I need. It's just simple. And it's like 40 bucks, like, max. So. This is a fanny pack. I always travel with a fanny pack slinged across me, like this. And funny story, I actually had a different fanny pack as of 24 hours ago. I had to switch because I think I left my other fanny pack during our shoot at the Washington coast on the beach. So. Oops. So in this fanny pack, there's a few zippers. I'm not used to it yet. This is actually my first time using this one. There's a bunch of little phone lenses at the top and... (zips fanny pack) And inside, you open it up, and I'll usually carry, this is actually a recent addition. It's the Profoto C1 pro light, I think is what it's called? C1 Plus. This is the Profoto C1 Plus handheld light. You just-- Boom. It's just a very simple little... I don't really know how to use it yet. I got this for free from an event recently and it's been fun to throw into photos. I don't use it too much yet, but it has been a... but it's a small piece of gear. It's very simple. They have a phone app, you could control all this stuff on it. And I'm a really big fan, and it fits snugly in my fanny pack. I also have a spare roll of film in here. And so in the fanny pack too, I'll usually have a lens, it's just another best kept secret. And it's a 80-200mm f/4.5-5.6 Mark 2. It's again, another cheap, like, $20-30 lens that I left on the beach. But that's the beauty of it. I literally just lost $30 and I can hop on eBay. There's a Buy It Now for 10 bucks. There's a Buy It Now for $21. It's dirt cheap and the best part about it is, you know, you can have a 70-200 that's this big, takes up a lot of space in your bag, it's just massive and weighs a ton, the 80-200 literally fits right in my fanny pack. My other fanny pack was actually smaller and it still fit in there. And it's just a nice, like, it's such a good travel lens because if I'm going from plane to plane, I don't want this massive bazooka lens taking up so much weight and so much space in my bag. I love the 80-200 because it's just small, simple, and it does what I need when I want that zoom shot. And also it's like 40 bucks. So you can save, like, 1,500 bucks and get a zoom lens if you're out to get one. So that's pretty much what I travel with but if I'm on a client shoot, this is all I'm bringing on that client shoot. We just wrapped up shooting and literally, I shot a hundred percent of the photos on this right here, a 5D Mark IV and a 24-70 Mark 2. When it comes to photography and life in general, I like keeping things simple. I just find that I don't do as well when I have so many options. So instead of having six lenses waiting in my bag and I have to think about, okay, I have this frame in front of me, which of my six lenses do I need? Like, I just don't wanna think about that. And so, I just keep it simple, one camera body, one lens and then I can literally just think about the frame in front of me. I don't have to think about what I need to make that happen. I have it literally right here. Simplicity is so key in my process and so key in my life. And you'll definitely notice that throughout a lot of the teachings I do. I don't like to overcomplicate things. I don't like a ton of gear. I don't like choices. I just like to keep it straightforward and simple. So, even though this looks like a lot of gear, it's pretty straightforward and simple. So, yeah, that's my gear. It's not much special and most of it's free or, like, under 30 bucks. So I have a list of all this in my PDF. You can pretty much get it all. I will, however, not make you a laptop sleeve, I broke my sewing machine. But yeah, you can see it all there. So, with that, let's get into the next episode.

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