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Lesson 6 from: Photo Editing in Lightroom Classic for The Photo Enthusiast

Jared Platt

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6. HSL

Learn how to make adjustments to your photos color saturation, luminosity and hue in the HSL controls in Lightroom Classic.
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now speaking of colors, if you go to the H. S. L. That means hue saturation and luminescence, you'll see there are three settings here, there's an all setting which is really confusing. Lots of dials, so I don't use that use the hue saturation or luminescence. And again these are global effects but they target specific colors. So what we're gonna do is we're going to change the hue of a given color and we're going to go into the blue and change the hue of blue. So we simply go into the blue slider and grab it and I can either make the blue into like purple or I can go the opposite direction and make it more kind of a cyan. So as I go back and forth I can change the hue of the blue, but you need to notice, look at this flag, that flag there is also changing, see it's changing to purple, it's changing to blue. So these are global effects, It's happening to every blue in this entire photograph. I can do the same thing with red, I can make the red more orange or I can make it more kind of ...

purple. E so I can change the hue, but I can also go to the saturation and change the saturation. Let's do blue again. See how I'm limiting the blue saturation which is happening everywhere. Or I can increase the blue saturation and it's happening everywhere. Also you can see it happening to these poles over here. So it's like they're now they're black and white poles and now they're really blue poles. So you are changing the way colors respond. And so the last one you can do is luminous and I'm gonna do the same thing, I'm gonna bring the blue sky down. See I'm making it much more rich and it's happening all the way down here in the sky as well. So as I play with that, I'm getting a richer sky but I'm also getting a richer flag here. The polls are getting darker there so everything is coming down all at once. So we don't want to go crazy with any of these tools but they are actually very useful to simply grab on the blue and drag it down. If you don't know what the color is that you want to rich in. You can always go to this little target button right here and click on it. And when you click on the target tool you can then point at a color like see this color of this door here and if I roll it up I'm gonna brighten that color and if I roll it down, I'm gonna darken that color and notice that the sky is moving too because it's got that color inside of it and probably you're seeing it in other places as well. But I just scroll up and down with the mouse and notice that aqua and blue are both moving on the sliders inside of the H. S. L. Area. So that's a way to target a specific color. Also if you're in the tone curve and you don't know what tone you're looking at, you can always click on the target there too and you can just roll over that and roll up or roll down and it's targeting that very specific tone and color inside of the blue area of the tone curve. And if I went to the red area of the tone curve and just targeted it would target that specific red and look at that. I'm creating some really bizarre looks but that's kind of cool. So I'm not going to change the luminous here so I'm going to hold the option key down and I'm going to hit reset luminescence so that resets my luminescence. But now you know how the H. S. L. Area works.

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Ratings and Reviews

Byron Sieber

Jared does an excellent job at taking a subject and breaking it down step by step. He includes great explanations along the way to help you understand why he is doing something. His results, which are great photos, speak for themselves.


Excellent class with great detail on the new Masking tools! Thanks, Jared!

Michael Grosso

Excellent overview of the features included in the most recent upgrade of Adobe Lightroom. Very practical applications are covered at a very good pace. Thank you!

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