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Photo Editing in Lightroom Classic for The Photo Enthusiast

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Jared Platt

Photo Editing in Lightroom Classic for The Photo Enthusiast

Jared Platt

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20. Conclusion

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like I said earlier, I am a professional photographer and I get paid to take photographs. But the photographs that I love to take the most are the ones that I never get paid for and I think that's true of all of us. We love photography and we might not get paid for it or we might not get paid enough for it. Or we might be burning holes in our pocket with the money that we spend on buying photograph equip equipment and taking trips to places to take photographs. But regardless, we love taking photographs. But what I also love doing is making those photographs into beautiful art pieces. And you've seen me work on a couple of photographs here where we took them from uh fairly normal photographs to something really interesting and simply because we have a lot of power inside of lightroom. Lightroom has the ability to do almost everything that we need to. And while Lightroom has a lot of capabilities including organizing and sharing images and printing images and making books and websites a...

nd all that kind of stuff. The most important thing that it does is to help us take an image from Good two. Great and of course there's no fear of messing up. All you have to do is hit that reset, button. start over the fact that we can pull up an image in lightroom and just slide some little sliders off to the right hand side and magically change the entire photograph and we can mask off the sky and completely and independently change the sky from the foreground. It boggles my mind. It used to be almost impossible in the dark room to do these kind of things. And then Photoshop came around and it wasn't impossible anymore, but it was very difficult. But light room has made it so easy that the difficulty is no longer a part of the equation. Now, it's just what's in your imagination and I hope there are so many amazing images that are going to come out of you as a result of knowing how to use light rooms. Develop module. Thank you for joining me on this class. My name is Jared Platt and it has been an absolute pleasure teaching you about the develop module in Lightroom. There's so much more to know about Lightroom. There's so many more tools, so many more capabilities and there's a lot of classes that can teach you all of that stuff, but for now just go out there have fun, make some great images and I hope to see you soon on another class.

Class Description


  • Adjust your images with purpose and confidence.
  • Speed through your editing by syncing your adjustments.
  • Enhance landscape and still life photos with powerful and fast masking techniques.
  • Retouch and smooth skin for more beautiful portraits.
  • Create stunning color and black and white images.
  • Merge and Edit Panoramic and HDR images.
  • Create and use artistic effects with Presets and Profile.
  • Fix perspective problems.


Jared Platt, Adobe Lightroom Guru, is about to take you through everything you need to know about editing your photos in Lightroom Classic. You will start with the basic editing controls and learn how to create beautiful images even when the original capture is less than beautiful.

Then Jared will show you how to fix perspective problems, burn and dodge landscapes, remove blemishes, smooth skin and unwanted elements in your photos, and even how to change the color of your child’s shirt. You will learn how to create stunning black and white and color images and artistic effects and how to make those effects easy to use with presets and profiles.

Everything you NEED to know about editing in Lightroom Classic is right here. And don’t worry, this isn’t a class just for professionals! This class is accessible to everyone! If you have photos and you want to make them really sing! This is the class.


  • Any photographer, enthusiast and professional.
  • Any genre, landscape, portrait, travel, artist, etc.
  • Beginning to intermediate Lightroom Classic users.


Lightroom Classic 2022 (LR11)


Jared Platt is an international wedding, lifestyle, and portrait photographer, and photographic lecturer. Jared began his studies in photography in documentary and landscapes, but today you will find his images are a perfect blend of the three genres. You can catch him teaching photography, lighting, and photo editing at the B&H Event Space, on CreativeLive, on Profoto’s YouTube light shaping series "What's the Difference”, at the Canon Live Learning Center, and at international photo conferences around the globe. Jared has been teaching photography for 20 years and has been a working photographer for the last quarter-century. Jared will change your understanding of photography and put you on the path to your very best work. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from him whenever you get the chance.

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Jared does an excellent job at taking a subject and breaking it down step by step. He includes great explanations along the way to help you understand why he is doing something. His results, which are great photos, speak for themselves.


Excellent class with great detail on the new Masking tools! Thanks, Jared!

Michael Grosso

Excellent overview of the features included in the most recent upgrade of Adobe Lightroom. Very practical applications are covered at a very good pace. Thank you!