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Why Take This Class?

Lesson 1 from: The Personal MBA: The Foundation of Effective Business

Josh Kaufman

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1. Why Take This Class?

Lesson Info

Why Take This Class?

Hi, I'm just kaufman and thanks for signing up for my personal mba course on creative life, I thought we'd take a few minutes and discuss what you can expect from the course what we're going to be doing and how the course is going to help you improve your career in your business. The first thing that's probably worth talking about is the question why bother? Why spend our time and energy learning all of this business east stuff and the answer to that question is really simple. I believe that the single best thing that people can do to live a wealthier, happier, more productive life is learning more about how businesses actually work. Businesses are all around us, they surround us, we deal with them every day, whether we realize it or not, and the more you understand about what businesses actually are and how businesses actually work, the more you're able to go into a business situation and make things better, whether you work for a large company or whether you want to start your own co...

mpany and help people get what they want or do what they do more effectively. So the benefit of studying business or learning about business is being able to look at a business situation, understand what's actually going on and make anticipations about what's going to happen next, so for example, if you are working for a company and you're in a boardroom, throwing around ideas about what you should do next, knowing more about how businesses actually work, helps you anticipate what ideas are going to work and what ideas are going to work so you can make better decisions about what to do and not do the same goes for starting a business, being able to look at a business idea and break it down into the parts that are that are required to actually make that thing work is a tremendously valuable skill. I think we've all had the egg experience of off having a business idea and getting really, really excited about it, but not really knowing whether or not good idea. So knowing more about how businesses work helps you break that idea down into smaller, more manageable parts, and it also helps you be confident about are you missing something? Is there something that needs to be thought out or or decided upon that you haven't really looked at yet? So knowing more about how businesses actually work makes it much more likely that you're going to have a business idea, be ableto evaluate it correctly, be able to break it down to the things that are most necessary in order to get that idea off the ground, and work on the most important things first and that's a tremendously valuable skill for everyone tohave. Now, you've probably heard the saying the map is not the territory, there are a lot of business books and re sources and courses out there, and they're mostly concerned with giving you maps here's how to do this thing in this situation in this context for this customer. So anything that's a formula or blueprint or whatever tries to give you a map that says this is how you succeed in this type of business? The personal mba course is quite different from that. Actually, I'm not trying to give you a map in this course. What I'm trying to do is help you learn ideas that help the map that's in your brain more accurately reflect the reality of the world around you. And so by studying the ideas that we're going to talk about in the personal mba creative life course, you'll be able to go out into the world and understand more of what's happening around you and the really wonderful thing about the approach we're going to be taking toe learning business is instead of looking at it as a map, we're going to talk about individual concepts, lots of them that cover the five most important parts of every single business, creating something of value you marketing it, selling it, delivering it to paying customers and making sure you are bringing in enough money to keep going. And we're going to learn a lot of concepts about that fundamental process value creation, marketing, sales value delivery and finance that will help you look at a business situation and know how that business actually functions and what you can do to make it better. Now the wonderful thing about learning all of this stuff is the more you know about how businesses actually work the more valuable you are either is an entrepreneur starting your own business or as an employee and so if you want to make more money in your career whether that's via salary raise were increasing the profitability of your company this is the best way to do that if you want to get more done in a day you want tio maximize your productivity in building the business, making sure you're spending the most of your time on the most important things this is the way to do that because understanding what's important helps you make sure your spending most of your time and attention on the things that matter and has little time and attention on a cz possible on the things that don't and third what I found in in studying and using this material is it makes business more fun when you understand what's going on you feel way more confident about what you're doing there is no doubt in your mind that you are a business professional that knows what they're doing and when you make a recommendation to somebody, or when you're selling somebody a product, or when you're going into your manager's office, telling them why they should give you a big fat raise, you know exactly why those things are valid, and you can have much more confidence in what you think about the business you're working on, and that level of confidence makes business more fun. A lot of people think business is scary, something that you have to have lots and lots of years of expertise or degrees, or whatever to do that's not true if you are able to understand how businesses work, if you're able to take what you know about business and recognize those things in the real world, is they're happening around you, you can make enormous improvements to businesses, so by knowing all of these things, you're able to go out into the world, make people's lives better in some way, shape or form, and the wonderful thing about business is you get to spend your time making other people's lives better, and they in turn, support you by buying your product or buying your service, or whatever it is yourself and giving you money, and allowing you to do it over and over and over again and that's that, I think, is one of the most fascinating things about how businesses work it's this really virtuous cycle you help people, they support you, you help more people, they support you, and the cycle continues and continues as long as you're able to sustain it. And I think that's that's a really cool thing about business, and so the format of this course is going to be very different from other business courses or books or resource is you may have seen we are going to be talking about the fundamental concepts that drive every single business in the world from the lowliest garage venture start up, you know, started with one hundred dollars, all the way up to the largest multinational corporations, and with hundreds of thousands of employees and and billions of dollars in revenue, there really are a small set of things that you can understand about how businesses work that apply to every single business in the world, which I think is really cool. So thank you very much for signing up for this course. I'm really looking forward to helping you understand more about business, and I'm looking forward to hearing how you use these ideas to make more money, get more done and have more fun running your business. We'll see you soon.

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a Creativelive Student

Each of our 20 students (leadership and business) in Benin Africa read the Personal MBA last week. It was simply amazing to see them discuss this book in class. Josh thanks for helping us build great business leaders in Africa. We (the entire class) will listen live on the 14 and 15 here in Africa. It's worth staying up late for this.

a Creativelive Student

I had the great opportunity to attend one of Josh's MBA courses and it was one of the best investments I've ever made. Josh has the great ability to explain concepts so that anyone can understand. He teaches all the principles needed to understand and analyze a business. I can't wait for this LIVE event to get a refresher on all the things I've learned. Everyone who enrolls is in for a treat.

a Creativelive Student

I have watched almost every business course here on Creative Live and the Josh Kaufman's The personal MBA course is probably one of the best. I watched the live broadcast and then the rebroadcast a few weeks later. I decided to purchase the bundle, course 1 and 2. I still go back and watch them, because even though I'm now very familiar with his content- it still inspires me every time. He is a terrific teacher and he will help you to understand the foundations of business very quickly.

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