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Student Mock Interviews

Lesson 14 from: Personal Branding for Creative Professionals

Dorie Clark

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14. Student Mock Interviews

Lesson Info

Student Mock Interviews

You're all hopefully coming up with good ideas and questions here we're going to crowdsource um, so that we can get I'll be the interlocutor and asking questions here on stage, and then we'll also be getting questions from sally and john marie from the audience, so yours will be represented as well. So a debt. You want to start us off and come upon stage? Fantastic, and you can bring up your questions for samantha, too. Um, and the airstream I'm calling at the airship can layer shift. Oh, that's fantastic. I love it and great. Can I get your questions, guys? Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Thank you. All right. Okay. That's. Cool to thankyou. Lovett. Where should I look? Way you're so good. Excellent. The one with the red light is where we're doing. However, I will say that mostly because I'm interviewing you mostly look at me. But then if you want to do like something, you know, like really, like, you know, speaking to the soul of the audience like, you know and guys, this really is...

really important to me. Then you can look where the red light is. Yeah, the other thing that I'll just mention, you know, to r uh at home folks as well and I haven't always been doing this you know, but I want to try to practice what I preach this is you know we've got the stools so it's a little slouchy it's a little chill but if you ever like doing it a newscast kind of thing if you have a jacket like this just f y I ran a tip useful to try to sit on it and I will tell you why it actually sit on the jacket because it preserves the line of the jacket better so it doesn't look punchy so that tze mei tip of the day so fantastic okay, so keep keep typing in at home friends the audience oh that's so great I love it sorry we're crowd sourcing these guys here and, uh we've got it all right so we're gonna we're gonna go for it, so okay first question audit you are launching you've just spent nine months renovating an airstream trailer. Why did you decide to do that? Um it's it's sort of just my dream studio. I've kind of always I thought about how I've always loved airstreams and I have sort of a combination of ah conversation with a friend and like a vision and somebody was like, what would you do if you suddenly had thirty thousand dollars? It was sort of like a writing exercise and I surprised myself when I was writing it that suddenly I was like, well, I would obviously by an airstream and turn it into the bubble up and I was like, oh, I didn't realize that that was such like top of the list of dreams as soon as I realized that I just I started obsessively looking online for air streams and I found one and they went for it um and it's sort of a multi problem thing because if I do, you know fantasy makeup and so it's got makeup stations but it's also got photo video studio screen couple of places for that and then I can also be rented for like a v I p lounge for events because they do events so yeah that's that's really exciting congratulations and so is the trailer mobile and can you no can it be moved to other locations what's what's the vision of who would actually use this right s o for weekends for, for example, like a wedding in napa or like a silicon valley kind of, you know corporate event that wants to have maybe a photo studio are videos of testimonials or something like that then I pay somebody to pull it because it's like three thousand pounds and mike are certainly won't do it but I don't pull it to an event so is certainly mobile and then in the weekdays the ideas is that it will be my sort of makeover studio and I could see clients in there have models come in on dh do you know promo makeovers and fantasy makeovers and iconic makeovers and sort of yeah bringing what I do teo events for entertainers bringing it to anybody who wants that kind of fantasy and magic oh, interesting and who is your ideal client for the makeovers? Yes um really it's um with mostly women and um that's very broad but just anyone who wants tio what you know sorry that was terrible. Every practice is just a really cool totally cool women with yes it's the ladies will love it all you ladies out there that's right? No that's that's going well in we'll parcel this out. That's great. Good job. What are we hearing from the at home audience? Well, move all wants to know where do your costumes come from and how long does it take you to prepare for an event? Um, great question. I sort of like I'm constantly buying and finding and pulling things from everywhere so from like ebay from thrift stores from garage sales from fancy pants see shops like I kind of have a permission slip too like justify any kind of costume purchase it's dangerous so I have an entire room full of costumes and headdresses and everything and I kind of if it's a big event then I sort of prepare like all month and just sort of get everything together and if it's a small event and maybe just for a few days before great I have a question about the branding all of your airstream cousin extreme is a classic shape it's a classic thing and you see them on the road how have you identified it that your inside if you put a logo on the outside of that thing what that s o what I ended up doing is s o catalyst starts has this sort of swoopy c and then arts and what I did is I just took out the arts and I I said cut catalyst airship because I'm calling the airstream airship and then I put a little picture of the like a little kind of illustration of the vintage trailer inside it so it's clear because otherwise airship you like but you have another ship so it's kind of consistent with the catalyst arts branding and then it's yeah so that was my solution to the making it clearly part of catalyst arts but clearly an airstream and also having this name that I love because I'm kind of a scifi cake yeah very cool I love it any other once you wanted to share um yeah um another question for you from time capsule is what is your most common theme for an event that you do your work for you. Yeah, um circus I think is very popular and probably like the typecast thing end up doing a lot of but there's a vintage circus and there's, you know, sick to soleil circus and then there's like carnival lee circus. Um, but it's been luckily, luckily rounding out a lot more and it's a lot more diverse than that. But I think if I had to pick one that I do more often, but I could probably, like, cost him a whole parade or like a huge music video shoot for a private circus. So somebody serving food off a circus type thing that was round they were in the middle of it, right there was like, yeah, their lives food? Yeah, champagne or food or whatever. Gather there the strolling servers sit on it for mary w asked if someone is looking to hire you for their event, what should they expect the process to look like if they work for you with you mostly it's just a phone call and tell me about the event in the theme and what they're interested in, and sometimes clients have clear ideas often they're just have some big ideas and I'm an ideas person, so I always, you know, have a lot offer in that department and then you know, I just sort of send some proposals and budget options and they go for it and often we get to get to kind of customized and create with me based on the menu or even just inventing something and adding something fantastic free. Well, thank you so much. You rocked the house and what's clap for you. You can totally go down now. Absolutely cool point is that often these media intern views are so short you're gonna you're gonna prepare for weeks or maybe a month ahead of time. But then you get there and you have thirty seconds, sixty seconds, right? That's exactly right? Yeah that's that's why it's really important to get t get the sound bites down and you did a good job of being brief. I mean, I think I think you know, particularly for just like grabbing you up on stage. You did a terrific job, but yet being being distinct will really pay off for you because it means that they'll get your best bite. So, samantha, why don't you come on up and join us? Alright you during one. One thing I found I don't know whether people over here the same, but sometimes you can get the full video that they don't use, you know, in which case you could make a little sound bites for yourself. Yes, can you do that? People do you find people willing to give you some of their role footage for youto if you would not enough to give them an interview for free? Yeah, it usually is easier for if you are dealing with the decision maker then it is I mean, if if you were doing like a local news affiliate, they would probably say no because you know, the corporate headquarters owns the footage and you know they don't want you messing with it or whatever, but if you were doing a video podcast interview and somebody came out and was talking with you, odds are they'd be like yeah, sure whatever no problem because they you know, they view themselves as sort of an entrepreneurial collaborator as well but doesn't her dash and that brings up a good point you always do you want to remember to get that footage somehow whether it's what you know they have edited together or they're off footage I'm doinmy best practices around making sure that you get that yeah, absolutely, I mean for folks who are devotees of david allen's getting things done methodology. You know, one of the things that I've found most helpful is that he has a suggestion of creating what he calls a waiting for list and that's to basically make sure you do not drop the ball and just forget teo get something and so it's you know it's not anything that you have to like actively act on but it's like okay mar my waiting for list and you just check it periodically and if it's like oh they promised to send me that link and its been three weeks and I haven't seen it so it's time to follow up and so I literally do this I mean I was in paris a month or two ago I gave four talks they filmed I think three of them and no they film four of them and and so you know I just made that list because they all said that they would share the footage with me and so two of them have already given me the footage to have not and so literally just just before I started this creative live session I sent an e mail following up to be like hey have you have you uploaded that yet can I have the the link it's a very useful thing to have in the news pages were mentioning on your website because then you can put the links you know I have one on mine dori clark dot com and literally I am very religious about capturing everything and putting it on that page so that I have it is a form of archive but also in case someone's interested in my work it gives them an opportunity to check it out from a variety of sources that's great. Thank you. Yeah, absolutely. So, samantha, you are planning to start a what I'm calling a model boot camp. You may call it something different, but tell me, tell me about this because it seems like a very interesting idea where you are helping models both with their thie aesthetic elements of getting their career off the ground, but also the financial elements. Why're why are you doing this? And why is it important? Well, I have the interest in business as well as the art, and so I was looking for a way to combine the two. So, um, I've positioned myself so that, um, I'm with a lot of first time, uh, photo shoot mottoes, so they want to be mottoes they don't know where to get started. And so because of my demeanor being, you know, relaxed and I'm very good at explaining, thanks to them, they feel comfortable. And so I found myself a lot of times talking to them about the business aspect, you know, treat this as a business, so that means, uh, keeping records of your experience. This is, you know, you have to invest in yourself, things like that, and so over the last few months, I've been trying to put together a program that I could offer to these girls so what is the program actually look like like if I if I said you know smith, I want to be a model help me figure it out what would well, even I signed up for your program, what would it look like? So I was thinking it would start with the interview process I need to know that they're serious because I'm investing a lot of time um initially we would do a photo shoot so you'd have a start of your portfolio, you'd get your comp card so you could take it out and go on auditions can't which is what? A comp card it's ah it's like a business card postcard size it displays like you different all model says that they should have definitely have one on darren model state it's you know, outside of you know your actual business card, you should carry these things with you it's a leave behind right? So you have that and then in the process wil talk about like their business like their goals. Uh um and I've been working with other like retailers, boutiques and emerging designers as well. So it's like trying to connect the models with these clients and then over the course of a year, you know, we keep their portfolio updated and so it would be like a year to eighteen one program, right? Excellent good and are there any questions from the audience for samantha yeah, we sure do or he says how will model boot camp specifically raised the confidence of its clients? I think it'll raise their confidence because they're getting practice in the studio and on location the also be exposed to clients so the people that are hiring them so it won't be such a don team experience of initially teo actually go do interview to go on a call or to be on a photo shoot where it really counts so they're getting the exposure in a more relaxed environment initially andi I think and you get the support of like myself and whoever else is on my staff um I can not day asks what's the one big thing I would learn from you if I'm a model and I come to you what's the big takeaway well you're gonna learn how to develop your your technical skill so I'm behind the camera I pretty much know howto look at you and tell you what looks good and so I'd work with you there. But then I also worked with you on the professional aspect dealing with the clients thanks to ask what kind of contracts agreements should you be looking for? What kind of questions did you ask before you take on it on a job and that's something that I think a lot of new models just don't know so you share what some of the challenges are in booking jobs that are unique to short models plus size models and models of all sizes finding the client so one of my specialties is the plus size models and so you're looking for designers that our new because they're willing to take the risk a lot of times on the new uh models um magazines their niche so you have to find the magazines that are willing to publish images of short mottoes, tattoo mottoes plus size models and so I've bean actually working on that myself so get in the contacts finding the places to submit ideas images so I'm kind of like doing the background work myself on and it's just trying to locate them so if you're out there and you're interested in seeing the short girls the the plus size women that women with tattoos which are you know a lot of times beautiful women they don't get a chance to be in the main street magazines you know contact me that's great he's finishing down eyes that's almost more as question but there's a second part to it so she says what makes your service different? And I guess that could be that you're embracing the nation bringing embracing the need to finish but also because of my financial background I will hopefully inspire these women to really take charge of that part of the business and that's something that other people may not be able to offer maybe because they don't have the experience are just the inclination but I do and so that's kind of like we're always standout that's cool yeah I was asking thus can anyone be a model like can you make anyone a model? Anyone could be amato there is a market for just about anyone despite your age your race, your gender, your shape your size we can probably model different things to really like hand have body parts you know there's people that are looking for others that are that have similar interests and so trying to connect with those people sometimes it is difficult and so you know the star is me being here hey, I'm here looking for you too so come find me let's let's work together that's fantastic samantha thank you so much. You love it. So overall I think you guys did an amazing job that was really fantastic. And I think just a few things that I noted off the top of my head I mean, I think that you were really great with specifics. You know, I had talked earlier about the importance of proof points and making sure that whatever you say is really backed up and I think you you did really well because you obviously have great clarity of vision about your enterprise and so you you were able you know, it wasn't just like oh there's a trailer and it's going to be amazing you described it very precisely so that I think people really had a vision and if I was a potential buyer listening to that I could really get a sense in my head about what it would be like one thing I noticed which I was not able to see this time based on where I was sitting but what I was reviewing the tapes from last night I noticed I don't know if you were doing it this time or not, but it looks like you have a little kind of nervous thing with your leg and I don't know if it was happening just now but there was a lot of wiggling going on and so it was it was funny because sitting with you you're completely serene above the waist and then the leg is like the tell so that's what that's my one thing to just maybe be conscious off but overall I thought it was it was really fantastic um samantha and you and you and I love what was your take how'd it feel how could I have recovered better from my my like bad answer to the question who's your target market with you? Yes how could I have recovered that margaret really? Yeah, thank you so okay so first of all, if it's a taped interview that's pretty easy because you just you just turn to the person and you say I'm sorry can we start over with that question and then they say no problem and then you'll ask it in so who's your target audience and then you you start in again if it's live you know you basically just kind of like, put it out of your mind pushed pass it and say you know I'm sorry what I meant to say wass and you know, just really begin again but the basic idea that I would say there is, you know, women in general right? But then you know, sort of niche it down I mean, you can think more about how to answer the question but you know, I think what you said, you know well, it's primarily women is a good starting point, but then it's like narrowing it by psychographic ce so like, well, what what are the women interested in? Oh, it's women who are interested in this or that or, you know, oftentimes, you know, just giving people a hook like maybe it's women who were having a bachelorette party or it's women who are doing such and such and and then that way they can say, oh, I know someone like that I should I should connect him with our dead and summary you had a comment I think yeah online feedback for a debt great job answering the questions quickly and effectively your passion for what you do definitely comes through I would suggest opening up your body language more and fidgeting a little bit less and that comes from mullah there's in general some very positive feedback for you and they could certainly since your passion it's just those little bitty tweaks and my personal note for you two would be when you have your sleeves over your hand it's very much it doesn't indicate that openness so I would definitely like push the sleeves up and keep that that body language open again so but great great job. Yeah, well, I like both of your voices before you're excited voice your extremely calm measured and like soothing yeah that's that's happy dies like they both succeeded but indeed with different energy tone different style of delivery but yet still still two very distinct of interviews absolutely it really was that's that's awesome. Thank you and samantha, I think you were really wonderful. And, you know, it was really interesting to me that when when the question was asked about, you know, the couple at the end one was about the sort of niche models and the other was can anybody be a model and you just lit up? It really seemed like like we you know saw this like oh wow, it felt like we were really tapping into a vein of passion so I was I was excited to see that didn't feel that way for you yeah, I love of the fact that I get to communicate with more people that it's something that I could do like I've had girls come in is young seven, seventeen years old and they're like I really want to do this but I don't know what to do and like the first talk that I have with them is you know you have to be passionate about this because it's not as glamorous as people think you know it's a lot of hard work and you're also going to encounter people that don't have good intentions so how do you deal with that? Yeah, and so, um I'm kind of like my dad in a way we're all like lecture, lecture, lecture but it's because I want to make sure that I'm working with the right people because I am serious and proud of what I d'oh that's that's terrific, I love it. So I mean, you know, just a couple of quick things that I would say one was it seemed like the beginning of the interview and you know, maybe this is just sort of the nerves of being up there, but it struck me that on dino you're still sort of fleshing out the vision for what the model boot camp looks like, it seemed a little a little vague you were sort of phrasing it in the conditional like, well, what we what we would do would be blah, blah, blah and, you know, so when it actually comes time, of course we wanted to be a ce christmas possible, like, you know, well, what will happen is is this and, you know, a really sort of precise rendering because that just gives the audience more confidence, but I know that will come with time. The other thing that I would just mention is that you really have an exemplary background, and it came out when the question was specifically asked, but, you know, I would really drive home that this is this is a truly unique thing because it's not just hey, we're going to take pictures of models, which everybody does, but it's, we're going to take pictures of models, but we're gonna walk you through what you need to know to succeed in your career, and that includes things like personal financial management, which you know is really hard for people to get mean, you hear stories all the time about whether it's, a sports star, a model and they go bankrupt because they don't know howto handle their money and so this is really a kind of full career package and so emphasizing that and emphasizing why you're qualified the fact that you work in banking and finance I think you know makes it you know, that's something to beat the drum on mohr because it makes it really unique I'm curious what the what the at home slash at work audience thinks and feedback they have for samantha mikey back for samantha from mo you really sold me on your boot camp and I get what you're doing and how it's valuable valuable you really warmed up later in the interview I would try to bring that energy to the beginning of the interview and we also so have teaching in texas who says honestly, I think they both seem knowledgeable and honest. My only critique was to watch the fillers thie comes and the us yep five six nine samantha I love how secure you are, how well informed of what you do and it makes me feel I'd love to work with you and testing and I passed that one on already or dead a lot of people love the the way you're excited clearly you're creative and excited when you talk, which, you know, I think in the guy mature in is perfect absolutely oh that's wonderful I'm so I'm so impressed with you guys I think you did a really great job and overall you know, for for those of you in the studio and for those of you watching at home or at your at your offices, I really wanted to stress I mean media interviews and mastering media interviews is one of the most important things you can do because if you can get good at appearing you on the spot when you're talking to the press of any short whether it's a blogger, a podcaster, a television interviewer it gives you the skills and the confidence that khun transfer everywhere when you're talking to two small groups when you're talking in giving speeches and presentations and so mastering it is really a kind of baseline skill and it means that when those interviews and those clips are ready, those were things you could put on your website you could tweet him out, you can show them to people put it in a press kit for potential clients and so it's really invaluable. It pays for itself many times over because of the social proof that it gives you about your business and the fact that you've been recognized in the press. So you're interested in learning more about this actually have a lot of information on my website dori clark dot com I have four hundred free articles and one hundred sixty free podcast many of particularly early podcast are about media interview techniques in case you guys find it of interest

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