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How to Choose the Right Fiverr Sellers

Lesson 49 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

How to Choose the Right Fiverr Sellers

Lesson 49 from: Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Dennis Yu

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49. How to Choose the Right Fiverr Sellers


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How to Choose the Right Fiverr Sellers


Using Saved Gigs and Templates on Fiverr


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Lesson Info

How to Choose the Right Fiverr Sellers

Alright guys, we've made it to the last screen chair and arguably the most important most powerful one. Which is how do you choose the right fiber seller? If you're like me and you come to fiber and you start searching and you want someone to do video editing all of a sudden you see my goodness, there are thousands of people here Who can do video editing for you. In fact 11844 Offerings here. How do I know which one do I choose the one that's only $10? Do I do the one that's pro verified where you know they're vetted and higher quality for $500. What do I do do I look at the ones that have the most reviews. Look this guy has got 157, almost five star reviews and this guy's got 532, 5 star reviews. And then if I click on one of them, they have multiple levels of offerings because we're starting at $20. But then there's a standard one for 35 and a premium one and then I can pay more if I want it done faster. Right? How do I decide what to do? This is probably the most common question we ...

get on fiber and I want to show you how you can choose the right seller and make sure that you're getting the right product at the right price without over paying. You know, I first started on five or eight years ago, you can see here look at the look at the orders that I have, we can go all the way back and see. Look at these ones from hundreds of orders ago from a long time ago, load more. You can see here's 2012. Look at these ones, I'll just choose any one of these, write and sing a personal look $5, This one was $20, right? five. There was a different animal before because there's really no risk and there's still the same case. Now there's really no risk. The level for building a personal brand is so much higher. I have to be more intentional. I can't just put out silly stuff. This is not like the early days of Youtube and the internet. So to be smart about it, I've got to build my topic will first, I've got to have examples of what I want the seller to be able to mimic. Okay, now look, let me show you some examples of what I like to see. This is my buddy Matthew janu said and look at the introduction for this particular podcast episode, which is cut down to a minute. It's like a movie trailer today on the Go hard podcast. We're gonna be interviewing the founder of escaped fitness originally started in the UK flat. Now standing at over $33 million having distributors in over 80 countries and serving more than 1000 fitness centers, some of which being UFC gyms, crunch 24 hour fitness and Lifetime fitness. Now, let's say that you have a podcast and you want a video promo of a session just like this. Well, there's a couple of things that you need to do. One is you need to have an example that you want the fiber cellar to be able to mimic. And number two is you have to have the necessary assets. This is what we've been harping on this course by now. You already know you've got to produce assets that are put into a topic wheel. You need lots of little video. You need to make sure those topics are tied with the highest authority, the highest authority people and the highest authority places on the highest authority topics. If you have these items then, but only once you have these items then come to Fiverr and let's say that I want to talk to this guy, wow. 1000 plus Top rated seller, five stars, $20 for a basic piece. But you know, instead of saying, I don't really know if I want basic or premium and I can see all right, you know, they're going to put in more effort and they can accept more content. And you know, let's say I've looked through his his real and his explanation and looked at examples of what he's done. Then this is what I'm going to do. I always want to contact them before I hire them, right? And you can even see these folks look, look the smart ones. This is how you tell if it's a smart one, your videos, you need to you, I want to understand what you're trying to do. So please take a brief moment to message me before you order. You got this here Holy moly please please listen to me. If there's, if this course is confusing you and there's lots of things that are going on and all that, please make sure that you like, I know this green button is, you know, you can just buy right now but click this, contact the seller and you can say hi whatever your name is, hi friend, I want a video just like insert link and can you make it using this this and this asset and then they're going to reply and then they will recommend they'll say, oh you know what? Don't buy the basic one by the standard one and then do this and this or you can say, you know what, I'm actually trying to do six different videos that are like this and that and they'll say okay by the premium package and also this other thing and I'll do the whole thing for you. So how do you do that come here and you do this in your messages? So like here's one that we bought because remember we're not just telling you this, this is what we do. This is how we get our stuff done. So you can see that, check this example, right? Can you make this and this Can you make this order? Great, do this and this and this and here it is. Right. This is the example that I showed you at the very beginning of the course. You want to have good communication with this particular seller, not just because you're trying to get this one thing one and done one of my favorite things to do when I've got a cellar that I like, I will use them over and over again. Right? So let's say it's let's say it's this guy, I can mark this person As one I want to go back to. I can save him and adding to my list here of all the other people that I've saved. And my favorite little thing to do is use these same people over and over and over again. Right? So I like this guy as my spokesperson. So I'm using them over and over again. I kind of don't want to show you who my favorites are because then you might use them to and then they won't have time for me. No, I'm just kidding. There's lots of sellers here and you know, what happens with these freelancers is that sometimes they'll do some work for you and you can ask them to do it, do it over and over again for the next few months and then they disappear. Who knows, Right? And then you find another one and that's just the nature of the game. When you hire freelancers, it's true on any freelance network. If you really need someone who's full time and is there all the time, then you hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines? Right? But if you're just getting started, I love getting started on fiber. Now, My favorite gig sellers, they have literally delivered like 50 or 60 different things and I use them over and over and over again and it's great for them and it's great for me because they already know what I like. But in case I need to hire five people do the same thing because maybe it's more than one person can handle. I've got a template of what I like to use. I've got examples so I can copy and paste the examples. If you like any of the examples that I'm showing you, you can literally copy them and give them to another, another one of these other people that will do like design work. Like maybe you like the way that we're doing some of our brochures are some of our diagrams, then you can do the same thing here and you can find someone who makes brochures and say, hey, can you make one that looks just like this other one. Don't just say, oh, I need to look nice. They don't know what your idea of look nice is. All I needed to be professional. What does that mean? Right? They need to know your style. You got to show them several examples and you have to assemble a dropbox or google drive or whatever your way of storing is a link to all these different assets. And you can see that's what we do with our orders. Right? When we are buying things, It could be like this one This one is speak your message and the cartoon voice of your choosing. And I've hired this guy many times Where let's see, I paid $26. Why? Because it was what? $5 to oh yeah, yeah. It's $5 for him to speak the thing. And then I was too lazy to write the script. So he wrote the script for me two for $20. And where do I use this one? If I'm speaking at a conference and I want him to deliver in an asset for me that I can play in the beginning. Here check this out. This is how we do combinations. Right? So this guy, he made this thing for $25 for me. Listen to this. Hey marge what's for dinner? The jaw dropping power of $1 a day on facebook. Who? So you can see I hired one fiber assistant cellar to create this one video and then I can take this video and hire another person who's a video expert and they can create real right? So I can say cartoon video and I can combine these because the odds are that whoever does the voice over is not also a video animation person is also not a web designer is also not someone who can run facebook ads. But the beauty is that I can, if I use the processes and these different tasks here, All I gotta do is string them together. So I hired one guy for $20 to do the voiceover. I hire another person for $30 to do the video. I hire another person for $50 or whatever to do the video to do the facebook ads. And now I've got a bunch of little people that in combination are following my recipes to be able to grow my business. You're not going to be able to get it done for one person, right? So choose between different people and when you find they're good, use them over and over again. Now with fiber pro you can get project management, You can have people on an ongoing monthly basis. But that's the beauty of fibers. Just jump in initially and just hire someone for one thing just to get started. You know, who knows what you might end up with in 3- months. But as you just get going, this is what you want, right? Just get going and see the work that you're doing. Look at the reviews. Look at how good their communication is because you reached out to them before you hired them. See what kind of suggestions they have, see where you might tighten your processes so you can make something repeatable.

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