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Modern Film Composing

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Create Stems for Delivery

Will and Brooke Blair

Modern Film Composing

Will and Brooke Blair

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12. Create Stems for Delivery


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Create Stems for Delivery

What I'm doing is that I just made it, so I'll be quick about it. We just made a handful new audio tracks um, basically, what we'll do is just bounce everything that we did into little groups, so, um, way have four tracks of global, so that will make up their own. Yeah, we like the way the global drones, the individual elements that make up the bull drone we like the way that they sit relative to each other. We're gonna group those in rather than delivering all of the separate elements were gonna group is in the one stand one drone and with the same thing with the impact then way have several impacts, those will all become one impact sound, so when you do your stems, are you doing it for the full length? Or you're going to send the q exactly where to drop it? We don't both ways you have sometimes we don't buy it. If the film is is split into rials, sometimes we'll do the entire real all at once this last time we did, we're so back and forth with swapping out cues that we just kept it e...

very q got its own bounce, so h q had maybe ten, twelve stems um, because we're swapping so many elements out and now blue room was broken into five, rials. Five different, uh, you know, twenty five minute chunks. Basically, we're kind of bounced that whole rial, and one has what is the fourth fourth stem I miss with bad the impact's impact global there. Maybe the reign of this year. And we'll put the ramp together. Yeah, I do like ramps. Um, way. Jump into this and actually do it right now. Basically, you just record. Enable all these, um, you know, route each group to each of these new tracks. Um, once you've done that, then you would just export each of those waves out of the session, and usually everyone has different ways to name. Sometimes you'd include the time code of where the file head is. That's. One thing it's helpful or doing the whole session, you just have to pop with the beginning. Just some place where there's a hard sink that, you know, it's moving between different sessions that editors sound designers, everyone's locking in on the same same place and that's always different. Depending on projects, you know, kind of changes. He's gonna have to work with whatever inside is going to be the work flow.

Class Description

A film’s score is so much more than background music. It creates a mood, shapes the story, and influences the way viewers interpret the action. In Modern Film Composing, Will and Brooke Blair ("The Blair Brothers") will examine the art and illuminate the science of scoring moving media.

You can hear The Blair Brothers’ work in award-winning features (from indie films to Disney), documentaries, commercials, and television shows. 

In this class, they’ll share their expertise and help you:

  • Find the style and tone of music that best suits your film 
  • Create dynamic musical elements that fall within your budget 
  • Improve your collaboration with composers
During the class, Will and Brooke will also score two CreativeLive student films – one prepared in advance and one scored live on air – to lend an artistic insider's view to the film scoring process and results. The Blair Brothers will also discuss their professional trajectory and how they maintain careers as composers. 

Composing music for a film can be an intimidating process for both filmmakers and composers, in this class you’ll learn practical strategies for approaching your project and producing a final product that fits your artistic intention.


Will Blair

Thanks to everyone at CreativeLive for helping produce our workshop - and thanks for everyone at home for taking a look!