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Finding The Visual Narrative

Lesson 6 from: Mastering the Art of Photography

Chris Weston

Finding The Visual Narrative

Lesson 6 from: Mastering the Art of Photography

Chris Weston

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6. Finding The Visual Narrative

To find the story, you have to get involved. You have to invest time and energy and immerse yourself in your subject. Stepping way outside his photographic comfort zone, Chris heads to Naples, in Italy, to see whether he can capture on camera its people and culture, and reveals the benefits of knowing your subject.


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Finding The Visual Narrative


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Finding The Visual Narrative

in and of themselves. Objects such as people, animals, landmarks or buildings aren't stories. What they do, how they work, why they're there. They yard and their history and their experiences. Those are stories, and that means you've got to go further than simply turning up. A while ago, I was in Naples, in Italy. On my first day I did what I usually do, which is leave my camera behind and go for a walk. I went to all the beautiful places. Napoli is known for the harbour Piazza del Sito, the cathedral Castello. Over. I walked all day and covered 15 kilometers and couldn't find anything. Not a single subject I wanted to photograph. Sure, there were the usual postcard shots. But as you know, by now, I don't really do postcards. Yeah, so Day two, I instigated Plan B. I met up with a local guide and she acquainted me with the real Naples. The people. She introduced me to fishermen and fishmongers, bakers and pizza, roller wine makers and baristas. I listened to their stories, what they lov...

e about their city, how the city works on a social level, the camera and the church last Anita and possibly po and why they'd never leave even if Mount Vesuvius erupted again after a day spent wandering meeting the people and getting to know the authentic Napoli. The next day I headed out with my camera. I filled an entire memory card and drained a battery mentoring no more than 200 m from my hotel. To find the story, you have to get involved. You have to invest time and energy and immerse yourself in the subject, and you have to ask questions. Sometimes it takes stepping outside your comfort zone, letting go of attachments. Napoli was way outside mind, but I let go of my attachment to being uncomfortable interacting with strangers. And that's part of growing both as a photographer and as a person. If you let it, your camera opens doors to worlds beyond your normal vision, and if they're beyond your vision, there probably beyond most other people's, too. That's where original images are found beyond normal beyond everyday sites, and that, for me, is the purpose of photography. It's a doorway into world's most people never get to see, and you have the key

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Gary Hook

Wow, what a wonderful journey. I love the concept of telling a story with one's photos and as I go through past images, I'm seeing them in a much different perspective. That's the good news, The bad? The lost opportunities I never 'saw' before; however that is a good thing. There is so much to internalize with the material so that it can get out of the head and into the 'heart'. I also found the concept really helps me with composition, both in camera and post. Biggest take away, as Chris underscored in his closing, is to slooooow down, take the time and feel it. Don't be so quick to leave one scene as there remain other aspects, yet to be discovered. A great experience that I truly enjoyed Thank you


I loved this course - in particular the latter part of it in which he demonstrated how post processing lets you really tell the story of the image. Another fabulous course. Thanks Chris & thanks Creative Live.

Abdullah Alahmari

Thanks a lot to mr. Chris Weston This course is great and It is a 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 course for me. Beside the other course ( mastering photographic composition and visual storytelling) both courses are Complementing to each other and highly recommended.

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