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Make a Clear Offer

Lesson 11 from: Marketing for Crafters: Build your Customer Path

Tara Swiger

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11. Make a Clear Offer

Lesson Info

Make a Clear Offer

So I want to tell you that, um, to make a clear offer on what you're doing is you're turning subscribers and readers and the buyers and the reason why people who have like a big audience don't have buyers is usually because they haven't made a clear offer. They haven't made it clear and obvious. And so if you're watching and you think I have so many blogger readers, but nobody ever buys anything it's because it's not clear to them either because you're talking to the wrong person or you haven't asked them ask them it really obvious, and so you want to think about making an offer when you have something new for sale that seems obvious, right? But it's very easy to just keep working and just keep listing things and just forget that you should also be asking people toe look at it too. If they're interested in buying it, you should make it available to the people who want to hear from you. People have told you they want to hear from you by subscribing to your e mails by showing up under bl...

ogged by following you want any of your social media, so one of the easiest ways to kind of get into a marketing flow is when you have something new to make an offer in the places where people have said they want to hear from you you can also make a new offer when someone takes a step towards you, for example, that moment when they sign up for an email, you can, you know, part of your welcome in your opt in can say you confined my shop here or if you enjoyed this, whatever you gave them, you might also enjoy this product and then link them toward, you know exact product. So view did a mini courses your opt in on how to design a sweater that fits you could then at the end of each lesson, link tio, a specific sweater that fits along with a story on that page or something about how it fits that person perfectly. Just one example on and you should also make an offer when you have a solution to your customers problem. So if a solution can be like it's mother's day and people need the mother's day gift it's christmas and people need a really personal christmas gift to wow everybody at the christmas party. But the problem could also be that one of your readers emails you or tweets or in some way, says, I really wish there was and you make that thing would make the offer, so actually I make that, and you can find that here. I have people say to me, you know, I really need to create a marketing plan, but I don't know where to start and I had to get comfortable saying actually wrote a book on creating a marketing plan you can find it here that's that's hard and I mean I talk about share your work and I have a hard time going oh yeah, I should tell you that I have the solution to that problem that I've already like thought everything out in more detail than I could do in an email some people you know, they make no reon action but for a lot of people think oh that's a solution my problem thank you so much you can do that on social media when people post questions or people say they're looking for resource is if you have the answer, share it now the way that you're going to be most trustworthy is if you also share answers to their other questions that aren't about you so you know, like if I'm looking for bridal jewelry and you recommend her bread old stuff that's great, I trust you now more because of that. So when I'm saying I wish I had something to do with all these photos you can actually have you thought about getting a bracelet made, you know and that's um answering my question you're making an offer just by being a real human, listening to what I'm saying, so the aspects of a clear offer let's talk about what exactly means so that you can what, like you were asking joe about how to know if it's a clear offer the first step? Is it that's really obvious? So, like you might need to say, you can find this pattern here so if you link you interlink like you say the I don't even know the name of one year pattern like that erin sweater, and he linked the words erin sweater. You might also say you confined the aaron's better here. I do that a lot. People are more likely to click on the word here or click here. The brain is looking for that, and they realize it's a link, so you've got to make it super obvious. You, of course, have to speak directly to right person you're going to see in this bullet point on everything we talked about in class, because talking directly to the person who needs it is what makes it clear this is for me. This does answer my question, and you're clear offer also clearly states what it is you have to offer and its benefits so now different. Things that you do will need different levels of clarity, like you already talking about this better pattern, so you'll have already talked about some of its benefits or or what is different about it, and then you'll say you can find it here and a tweet, obviously you're not going to go into all the benefits, but you couldn't do something like, you know, if I was going toe tweet about this class and make it clear offer, I could say, terry said that the cross helped her with this, so I've just stated what I have to offer its benefits if you're a small business person. Sign up here, there's a really quick, short way of making a super clear offer. I described the benefits I described to its four I made it obvious and also explain who it's for and who it's not for this, when you have a little more space, like on a sales page or a description, I like to say who things were not for like this crosses for you if you were having these issues in this issues, but it's, not for you if you don't have a business yet or if you have no hopes, you don't have any interest in opening a business, right, so you are. Your jewelry might not be for you if you don't like chunky jewelry, you know, if you don't do anything intricate, you can say things that help the right person recognized herself even more because you don't have to worry about turning off the wrong person, they're already going to be turned off, they're not going to want it. So by getting really specific, it just reinforces I am that person. So actually, I want you guys why you're going to go through page forty and forty one, because I'm going to ask you to practice making a clear offer because all these things we're talking about it's it's kind of theory, but I want you to think about what you how you could take what you're doing and make it a clear offer, and then there's one more point about this, and that has a clear called action, and I'm gonna explain, explain called action. Why you guys work on your practice making offer that's, page forty and forty one in the workbook. So a call to action is that thing that you say when you promise up to the reader or the buyer to take action, right? It seems pretty simple you are saying, do this to buy it, click here, go here and click this in order to buy it that's a clear called action and if your offer say your sales page or your email in which are announcing a new product doesn't clearly tell them what to dio people won't do it and you might think you've been as obvious as you can possibly be you have talked about your new product you've showed pictures you've you know said that benefits who it's for who it's not for but if you don't say in orderto order this click here or send me an email or you you know go here to buy this might be something that you put in an email if you don't tell people what it is why you're giving this all this information they're not they're going to be much less likely to take action a call to action really promised people to actually do the thing you want them to dio and it doesn't just leave it in their hands tio you know figure it out for themselves like what what is she telling you all this you know like he's in an email all about a new pattern and how it fits and you show pictures and you just end it without a call to action I'll be like well that's good information you know I might just think you're being informational versus a good call the action would be the erin sweater just and I just put the aaron's better in my shop you can find it here click here to buy or go here to purchase it or the deadlines coming up for christmas shipping, make your order by december twenty first go here. You know I do that cause my classes often are live like this. So you have you have to go here by this time to do it. You have to make sure and actually tell them, go here and do this. Now they tell you all about this class, but if I didn't say r s v p here, you just think, oh, stone, a class you would really know to take the action, and a lot of people want to skip over this because this is the part that sounds the most sales e it's the most direct? Yeah, just I'm doing a little long, and before it started, I told everyone who I was talking to, um, that I was going to raise the price on the pattern when the net along was over tennis sales. Yeah, and which was fine because it was already there, and I mostly wanted them to participate in the nit along. Um, but I don't think I would have gotten us that probably half of those sales, if I hadn't had a deadline I like at the end of july, the price is going up, I don't even know how much yet yeah that's totally I mean, I always find deadlines and then telling them what they need to do by the deadline because you also get people after the deadline saying like, oh, wait, I didn't know that was you know, because nothing to keep in mind it's not that people are stupid and they're missing out what you're saying but it's that their skimming especially online people there's just skimming they're not seeing everything they don't actually know what the point of your thing is so it's your job to make it so clear and obvious if you build me a beautiful path but you don't then open up your front door and invite me to come in to have dinner with you I'm just going to stand around looking for flowers but like well this is a nice path that led to somewhere pleasant, you know? But I need that you'd actually guide me in through the door and again this is not convincing them this is making it's super obvious so I want to ask you guys where in your business can you make a clearer offer? Is it in your e mails or is it that your description should be a little clearer about what they're getting? Is it in your block post? Perhaps you never linked your products and you should start or is it maybe on twitter you never linked your products and you should start I'm totally not telling people how I'm solving their problem oh it's a good thing to realize yeah, so you could be my main nightmare. I might be doing it in my newsletter or on my block, but I'm not doing it on the sales pages, so yeah, yes, I've got something tio asks the literally go home and get to work, but that's great, because I think that's the reason why I get lots of looks and not right enough purchases and that's the question so many blast me when I get somebody like senate sea and not a lot of purchases now, the answer is going to be different for everyone, but it might be there you're not clearly defining the benefits or, you know, clearly speaking directly to the person who it's for sushi knows it's for her on and like you, I mean, you set this up whenever you have so many skills and expertise that have brought on these benefits, but if you're just hoping she I guess is the benefits should never going to do it, they're going to get it right. So how about in the chopper you have people talking about how they could make a clear offer? I hope you people talking about the offers that they've used what's worked what hasn't one question that came up that a few people were curious about was they want to know this first one came from wanda lopez designs and they want to know how you feel about giveaways? Oh, that's such a good question so well, because it depends on your audience and it depends on your goals, right? You guys wanna laugh every time I say that now over and over? So what I mean by that is that, um, giveaways are good at driving traffic to the giveaway site. They're not necessarily good at driving buyers because there's a few things to keep in mind here, people come to giveaways are interested in free stuff, not necessarily buyers. Secondly, the people who come to give away and don't win now feel sad and not only do they feel sad, but they didn't buy your thing thinking they might win it and they didn't want it so now for them to remember to come back and buy it. So I always say if you're going to do it, give away, make sure that part of entering the giveaway is that you're in some way capturing their name and email address so you can get in touch with him again. So I give away that's tied into your specific business school, it might be that you subscribed to my email and I'll choose next wednesday all choose one of the new subscribers to get a free copy of my book so they've taken the action now you can keep e mailing them about your book because you have their email address but if it did just leave a comment on my blogged all you did was drive up your comments now a lot of blog's who use that technique that's because they're blog's are actually not about selling a product but it's about selling advertising and giveaways drive traffic and in order to sell advertising you need a high amount of traffic so when you see giveaways and you think about that work so good for that platform, keep in mind that their business model might not be your business model and their goals might not be your goals. So if I was talking directly to our I would ask her, what is your goal like what is it that you know if the person isn't ready to buy, what else would you like to dio and then bill to give away around them doing that now a lot of people build giveaways because facebook abs have made it really easy to build giveaways around liking your page like we're saying in the beginning, people who like your page don't even necessarily ever see your stuff again so was that a benefit? Is that a goal of your business to get likes now if you need to get a lot of like so that you can be impressive to somebody else it's, like, you know, an editor or someone who's looking at maybe publishing your work and they want to see that you have x amount of likes absolutely doing giveaway drive that number up, but that is not an indication of people who are actually paying attention to you. And if your goal is to build a sustainable business with people who want to hear from you that's not going to get them just facebook likes and not equal people paying attention to you, I like how you did the contest versus that give away bad that I don't click on yeah, and that you actually got feedback from it with a giveaway, you get more followers more like the ones to give aways over they un follow you, you actually did something that people took the time to enter because they actually cared right? Give was they really don't care unless they win something for free. They don't care about buying your piece or wearing they just write it's free, right, exactly, and the contest referring to is in the first segment. I talked about the month of love where ask for suggestions and you're right because that built now you're like talking to me about your favorite couple, I'm talking to you about mine. You are actually co creating a product with me, and so if you could do something like that, where is that you're not giving it away? But people are just giving you suggestions that's awesome, because, again, that's lined up with the goal of your business to create connection with potential buyers that does that where's, the give away wouldn't built that connection in the same way. Now, how do you feel about a person who so you're at a fair, where you're selling your products and a person comes up to you to check, but there may not be willing to make the purchase now, have you? Do you ever try to turn that conversation into a buy and what's the best way of trying to make that happen without seeming to push it? Okay, so did you say the person's not interested in buying? Well, they're interested in chatting, but they say that is when the chat goes on for too long and that kind of chatter there stops or are you making? So that's what you're saying like so what are you doing here? Move it along no so my favorite thing for this is the practice ahead of time I like well rite apollo script for myself and then practice it in the car on my dog on guy just did a podcast episode about how important it is to practice ahead of time so that when it's really like awkward socially like I'm an awkward person already. So when it's socially awkward aiken just like revert to the script in my head so it's a first step is figure out what you're going to see in practice it but to know what to say so I always like to ask a feeling you out questions so when people would come into my booth I'd say like oh do uniter crow shea because I saw the aren't they would they know? I think ok, well I make urine furniture's incur shares and then they could talk to me about their dog whatever bones I mean else would come in the thing I think also I have to hope that customer and I'm like, change direction if nobody else is coming in and just talk to me forever to keeping me from being bored fine, but I'm not even going to try to convert that person at most I might say so do you know knitters you're crushing because you and I have often said toe like old grumpy men who will come in and just like complaining about the weather complain about their wife, I'll say, like she's really interested in in my urine booth. So do you know anybody who gets in crew shades? And usually those people are never going to buy, but I try to, like, bring back the point that, like, I'm here doing a thing, and you're just like chatting at me so what's going on, dude, but if they do say, you know, if they do seem, like, run of my right people, so, like, if you were really aiming at this whole fashionable mom, look, you might be like, oh, do you have any kids? And if they say no, but I love your scarves or or no, but this is such a great look then you keep chatting with him if they say nobody never wear scarves and you're like, okay, have a good day, he enjoyed the show right now and I mean there's, just a way to be like, cool and just be like, you don't have to keep talking that's actually, one thing I have to practice is just like not keep talking and to say ok and let him know like it's ok if you want to go we don't have tio stand here forever you can just kind of look around but if they are interested if they are like a right person they needed they cochet they are interested in your scarves or jewelry they seem like they want to go on but they're just talking and talking um I will often if another customer comes up go help that customer and kind of walk that customer through the process but I think it's about knowing the process that I craft show attendee actually will go through two by so I would know the question and you'll only know this through practice the questions that they ask the thing they want to know they want to see the price on the tag they don't have to ask for it they want to see all the details I would give him a little spiel about he knows my yarn comes for me differently sources I get this yarn from this woman's coffin and paul I just have a little as they pick something up and say oh that urine comes from a little spiel right? And if they're still standing there and you like so what would you do it with that or are you interested in getting that so it really depends on your product and the kind of questions you can ask to get to know them better so that you figure out what else you should say to them. And then I think part of it, like I was saying, just not talking anymore, it's. Just like letting it happen. You're not going to convince anybody to buy. I mean that's, not what you wanted to. You don't wantto convince somebody. So the matter of leading the conversation with leading questions, it's, especially if they get way off topic me like, ok, so how about, you know, do you wear a lot of jewelry if you saw a jury or have you, you know, are you getting married soon? A question that relates to your product to bring them back and just then let it go if they walk away or they don't seem interested, like it's, not your job to get them interested. That's a long answer. You have cancer because I think a lot of people were wondering that. Yeah, okay, when that's one of the trickiest situations like I just don't it it takes a while to get the hang of what you're going to say and when you're going to say it and, like, have a little patter going, but it helps if you practice and it definitely helps I mean that's its own customer path, the person coming in your booth making a decision, but that'll happen so fast having it, I always liked having a series of questions to ask them, as opposed to having a series of things to tell them I'd be able to talk clearly concisely, maybe three sentences about each of the kind of products they were going to see if they were interested. As soon as they walk in, I'm not going to be like, so this is this, and this is this gonna wait for them to pick it up, and then I'm gonna have questions to kind of keep it going to kind of keep them figure out who they are, figure out what they want and help them guide them to the right place. You know, we usually have a couple of different products that will be good for different people, so you're thinking about what they need to know in order to get to the right place.

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