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Q & A with Students

Lesson 9 from: Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

9. Q & A with Students

Lesson Info

Q & A with Students

That we did have ah five walk in the park five five five four point seven five a four a four but they came in late so they're still there still kind of getting it good I'm god yeah yeah and then you know, we are getting a little bit of conflicting opinions about flooding or not flooding time capsule says don't flood the market too much you don't want to annoy people but jonah wilson says good advice flooded with a new message is that what you're saying is yeah, I mean, so maybe two different concerns there one is that you don't want to like give them one message one week in a different message the next week yes, space some things out and maybe, you know, take some time to regroup in terms of the numbers of, you know, the amount that you're messaging people, the amount that you're sending them things, the number of e mails you send, the number of tweets you send the number of facebook updates, the number of sales conversations you have on the phone I hate to say it but more is better li...

ke I said earlier attention span today is about the same length is an ants and most people are not paying attention to most of what you d'oh so let's get riel on numbers here for a minute email marketing I'm gonna give you a ton of data on why email marketing is important tomorrow, but let's get real about what email actually is. My goal for any campaign is a thirty percent open rape that means that seventy percent of my audience does not read my message from week to week. Okay, now, it's not always the same thirty percent obviously it's a different thirty percent every time, but that means that if I only send one message out or if I only sent two messages out or even if I only send three mentions is message is out, there is no way everyone on my list just knows about whatever I'm doing, and I'm going to do something especially like a creative live where I'm putting together some amazing content you can access for free. I want to make sure every single person on that email list knows about this thing and not require sending a lot of messages and it's always more messages than you think, yeah, tomorrow we're going to get way more into actually communicating with your people specifically through email, but I think that that's a huge mistake that people make is confusing flooding, someone's inbox with just clear communication. Oh questions, can I answer from you guys about building a lead? We're going to dive mohr into this in the next segment and we're going to bring someone up at least one person up for a hot seat, but I'd love to clear up any questions that you have now while we have time. Yeah, megan, to have any thoughts around testing the small nuggets when you don't have a huge audience like you don't have a huge list you have huge social media following yet yes, so I would do what you've been doing, which is guest posting elsewhere. So this is a great time to guest or a great reason to guest post, and so will we mean by guest posting is writing an article writing a block post, writing something and having it posted on someone else's site. So megan's got in a couple of pieces published on mind body green, which was great placement for someone who's just building her business and she's using in his list lead list generation, so she's creating a called action have people come back into her own audience, but her work is getting in front of an audience of tens or hundreds of thousands on a big name site. Obviously, in that case, you don't have access to all the kind of data that you might like to have, which would be like how many people have viewed the post versus how many people who shared it, but still, you know, looking at comments, looking at facebook shares, you know, even direct. People in your network to that article and seeing what their response is is a really good way to test things out, you know, the other thing that I think people don't do enough of is actually have really conversations with people that they already know. So now what I'm not suggesting is you take your google contacts list and stick it into an email list on your gmail account, okay? But what you can do is pick out ten fifteen people that you've known through your own experiences and sae hee, I'm working on this message, or you don't even have to say that I wrote this and I thought you might like it because you haven't established relationship with them already and see what their feedback iss you don't need lots of numbers if you have a really quality in the people who are giving you feedback and that's what you have right now, which is something that beginners like that's ah that's um uh, it's a real asset for someone who's just beginning their business because you can target and like, you can forget anyone who's, not a perfect fit you could name those twenty people are those hundred people, right? I can't do that right? I've got a list of save nine thousand or ten thousand and within that there may be a thousand really, really right people I don't know who they all are I have a good idea you know who my virtual focus group is? There are people in my mind that I refer teo day in and day out when I'm planning but I don't I don't know all of them right now you know all of them and you can go to them and you have a real relationship with them I have a marketer's relationship with them and as much as they might love what I do and b into my community and my movement I still have a marketer's relationship with them you have a personal close personal relationship with these people and so by all means enlist their help that's part of building a team as faras I I'm concerned in the new economy and especially with micro businesses you've got to be willing to call on your community to support you the help okay good good gut other questions I got one from the chat room if is so this is a little bit it's not exactly on topic but it sure general question on a lot of people want to know the answer to it so let's go uh martine and many others want say mike problem is I have way too many ideas and I cannot seem to pick one and run with it how dowe I narrow down my choices to the mvp that will really add value to the world sure, so just to define terms, m v p is minimum viable product, which is one of the things that I talked about in the three bonus videos that we put out ahead of time. How do you narrow down ideas? It kind of depends on where you are at in your business. What I would suggest is you don't try tio fix the world with your first mvp or even your second m v p mbps really aren't for fixing the world they grow into products that change the world envy piece are for solving an acute problem that someone is experiencing right now, or creating a a thing that people wants god, but they don't have right now, it's, not for you, um, it's, not for wholesale change, right? So you're going to start with something that you are one hundred percent sure that you can fix the problem and that you know who's going to buy it because that's kind of the other part of an m v p is you have to sell it, you have to sell it, someone has got to be willing to trade money or, at the very least, an email address or a lot of time and feedback to you for okay, so you you have to be able to sell it, which means you need to know the three people, the five people who have this problem and are looking to change it. And I think if you really dug down deep, your many, many ideas would not be that many when you put that kind of those kind of constraints on it, when it comes down to it from there, if you don't already have a big harry brand that you're kind of limited by or that you're kind of even supporting with your m v p, you have to just pick something you pick something and start doing it, and I find that the excuse of having too many ideas ends up being an excuse for not wanting to act. And so I'll tell it to you straight tiffany's nodding her head to get support from the life coaches in the audience. You need toe, act and just pick something it doesn't have to be right. My first products are not on the market anymore, right? I am not immune to this a particular thing. You don't have to pick something that's going to stay with you for the rest of your life. For the rest of your business, you need to pick something that's going to get you the information you need to do, then take the next step.

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Linda Makes Impressions

The timing of this course was perfect. I am in the middle of a launch and able to immediately apply what I am learning to my sales page. I have confidence that I can use the tools to catapult my next big thing to even higher levels. I am grateful for Tara's bonus gift, free month in her Kick Start Labs. I am taking advantage of the knowledge and resources there as well. Tara is a role model of action, authenticity and clarity, that I aspire to be. Thanks! Linda Germain

a Creativelive Student

I'm so disappointed I didn't have this information years ago!! Just the sales page information alone is more than worth the price of this course. I finally have a structure and a sense of how it works and ties into a bigger picture. I have a clearer sense of how the pieces fit together. Writing sales pages has always felt like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Now that I know what I know, I'm pleasantly surprised I've had the sales I've had and I'm so excited to now be able convey my message more clearly so I can help more people and generate more income. Thanks so much for shedding light on how this all works, Tara. Your clear and grounded approach are incredibly helpful. After having spent A LOT of money on various online marketing courses, and not gotten nearly as much from them as I have from this course, it was incredibly refreshing to take a hype-free, sleaze free course on marketing, sales and product development. Thank you! Lisa Gillispie


Took this course and followed along in order to get my new product launched. Wow was I surprised at the amount of sales I had right away. Doing the work is paramount. You have to want to create, edit, rehash and be persistent. (Guess that is called discipline!) Tara is well spoken, methodical and full of the business advice I was lacking. Got a product to get out into the world? Tara's course will be a great help in your success. Do it.

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