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Launch Lab Exercise

Lesson 16 from: Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

16. Launch Lab Exercise

Lesson Info

Launch Lab Exercise

We're going to dio a little activity that I'm calling a launch lab today, and I need my four helpers in the front row to come up, so I need you two stand here, but now with this out, okay? And I need you to stand here, uh, with this out and I need you to stand here with this out, and I need you to stand here with this out, and I'm going to figure out how where I'm going to stand. Okay, so what I've done is using an example of launch from one of my clients, dr samantha brody confined her doctor, samantha dot com, and she was launching a product called gluten free vitality, which is a five week course on getting to the root causes of what makes you feel less energetic ok, makes sense great, these are the four pieces of content she used to launch her program, and so what I'd like for you to dio is figure out what order these launch pieces should go at now I'm just going to say right now, there's, no reason you should get this right, but I want to I want to see what we can dio what kind of...

what kind of results we get here. And then I'll explain what each of these are and why we put them in the order that we then eventually put them in and then in the next segment I'm going to unpack it so that you can write all of those same pieces for yourself. Okay, sound good. So our first let me just read these off for everyone our first one up here is gluten free may make you feel better but it won't make you feel well our second option is it's been too long since you felt great, our third option is feeling better. Feeling versus feeling well, do you know the difference? And the third option here is energy infusion seven days, tomb or energy and vitality. So, um, from the studio audience here, which one of these do you think goes first, which is the one that kicks off the launch conversation? Bridget has an idea. The second one it's been too long since it felt okay, so, jessica, I'm gonna have you go this way. We're going to shuffle alright, who thinks they know the second one? Whitney feeling better versus feeling well, do you know the difference? Okay, you to shuffle it is just getting shuffled to the end of the lad, all right, what's the third piece, I think anna's in the right spot, okay and so that would mean you guys think tiffany's in the right spot you guys that's amazing okay, so now I need you guys to flip your signs over well these four pieces of the system that I use to create launch conversations so the challenge piece it's been too long since you felt great is all about kind of jarring people into taking me into taking notice right into getting attention so, uh that challenge piece busts a misconception it busts an assumption that people have in this case it's kind of a implied assumption like because they no one well know plenty of people sit around thinking that they don't feel good, but a lot of dr samantha's audience are people who are looking toe optimize their health right? So they're already feeling better but are they feeling completely well and so she sent out an email that said it's been too long since you felt great and that's kind of jarring in a really good way, right? So even if you hadn't read any of dr samantha's previous emails, there was a much better chance that you were going to read that email and also things that jar us like that things that cause us to take notice and pay attention are often things that also are very share a ble because if we haven't felt great in a while maybe our friends and family also haven't felt great in a while right. So that's, the challenge. Peace, the expand piece is feeling better. Feeling versus feeling well, do you know the difference? It's? The idea of the expand piece is to accept band the vision of what's possible for people. So if you remember yesterday, I mentioned that the after is really interesting because our clients are customers are prospects in this case often have an idea of what after results they want, but we know it can be even better, right? So even something like a piece of jewelry. So, like my meghan almond jewelry that I almost always wear right? You almost always see me in this stuff. I I you know, I might go into a jewelry buying decision thinking I want a nice piece of jewelry, or I want a piece of jewelry that goes with everything, which is generally how I think about jewelry, and but instead, megan tells me I can make a statement every day with her jewelry, so not only will it go with everything, but it'll do, it won't just be that little locket that everybody wears. It will be a big statement piece I can wear every day. That's, expanded vision, that's what happens in the second piece of this puzzle? All right, and so dr samantha's post here was about actually defining what feeling well means and the idea of getting to root causes of the things that we've just learned to live with and that you know we've made choices before but there are more choices that we can make really itemize our health too really feel great on a daily basis not just maybe once a year okay, so that's the expand piece we get to the analyze peace with added down here on dh that one was a gluten free man make you feel better but it won't make you feel well because she was launching a product that was specific to people who were either gluten free or wanting to go gluten free she wanted to at this point kind of segment out that audience and say hey guys you've made the change to make to go gluten free I think that's a great idea and it's not the end all be all to your health concerns so what else can we do? Why is that the case all right and then finally the deliver step it was a seven day energy infusion it was seven e mails sent over a week that each step was just one really simple thing that you could do to bring more energy and vitality into your life on a daily basis the idea of the deliver peace being that you deliver a particular result so that people have an experience of the after before they even decide to buy the program so that they know that when they invest in that program or they invest in the piece of jewelry or that they invest in some home goods or whatever it might be that there that they know what they're getting, they trust you, they trust us an idea person as a creator, as the guide for them, right? So we've busted a misconception we've expanded their vision of what's possible, we've analyzed all the different ways that people get blocked between before and after, and then we've delivered a result, okay, one thing that was very interesting that happened in this particular launch is that dr samantha's, open rates on her emails, never dropped off, they actually improved in here and never dropped off in the delivering piece, and that was seven days of emails. That was an extraordinary result, and it was it was really good. It was just a visitor with a really great result for her lunch, knowing that people were really interested in what she was putting out and that she could create ah, conversation that kept people engaged. Now, like I said, I'm not unpacked this and give you all the questions you need to ask yourself to write, to kind of figure these things out for yourself, but for you guys in the audience, any questions about any of these pieces now, daphne hi, I'm daphne and you can find me at engagement for schools dot or ge s o we're trying to launch a public education collective and I was just wondering, is there a connection between the before and after and the key insights and you're going to plug them, help us plug what we did into these difference, okay, yes, absolutely so what happens here is the key insight becomes the a theme for the whole launch conversation. So what do you think, let's reverse engineer it? What do you think? Dr samantha's? Key insight wass for this lodge that feeling good isn't the same is feeling well that was the key inside yes, so that was that was the piece of expertise it was so as a naturopath iq physician, her goal isn't just to treat symptoms, but to look for root causes of what is keeping people from feeling completely well. So not only is dr samantha my client, but I'm her patient and I can tell you it is a phenomenal process of her digging and digging and digging and listening and listening and looking for I mean, exactly what I do in business right is looking for that root cause why isn't this working and on dh it's just obviously I'm amazed by this right s o you know, if you were amazed by how we built you know leads for sales pages yesterday is the same thing when I'm sitting in a session with her is like whoa what is happening here so that was the key insight is that in this programme we weren't just going to treat your symptoms were gonna look for the root causes that are keeping you from feeling completely well okay so that was the overall theme here which meant that then it end of the seven day energy infusion she could say hey, I've got a program that over five weeks we're going to break down what all these root causes are so that you can so that it's not just these great tips for getting mohr energy but that you actually create an individualized plan for making changes in your own fundamental changes in your own lifestyle that result in more energy does that make sense yep ok cool so that was the key insight just a simple question these came over seven days thes e mails no these came over about two weeks those get went over seven days but so the product was a seven day long product or no that would be kind of the launch event oh, I see. Okay, so the goal it up? Yes. So the goal here wass teo in each of these emails like I kind of mentioned this earlier was to drive people to the landing page for this but then built an interest list so that instead of her emailing her whole list a gazillion times after the launch event, she could focus her act of selling on the people who signed up for the energy infusion because those were the people who buy far were most likely to buy s o that smaller list got the seven energy, so that smaller list got the seven females of the energy infusion and they got most of the act of selling like the direct pitch emails during the like open cart period. Okay, so yes so that was one, two, three, four, five, six, seven emails the eighth email was open cart and in these emails we weren't talking a lot about gluten free vitality it was more just a p s and we did a ps I think I'd like day three day four day six and a seven hey, this is going to be opening on such and such a date just just wanted to let you know like not pushy, not even suggesting that we're not suggesting they go check out a sales paige because we didn't want them checking out of sales page we wanted them doing the thing right the skin brushing were the cutting back on coffee or that was what we wanted to concentrate their action on, not them thinking about the sea sail by virtue of them getting those results, they were thinking about making a purchase makes sense, so it's still direct it's still focused, it's still singular but it's not that pushy. Kiki, I want you to think about buying because don't you always think about buying from me? Because I think that's kind of where our brains go is we think people are always thinking about purchasing from us, they're not so we give them something else to focus on, because that that's what they really want, right? And then it just so happens that to get mohr of what they really want, which is what happens in the delivering peace, people say, oh, I've gotten this much already give me where is where? Give me more of that where that came from, right? And then the only barrier that there is a price tag and really a price time is a pretty small barrier, almost no matter how big the price tag, says it's, just money, right? It's, just money. And so if you've given people seven days of mme or energy probably had toe exponential effect, that price tag at the end is just money. It's not something that seems unsurmountable it, you'll find, if that's what you want more of you will find the money to take the program, and you'll also understand why it's worth what is being charged for it, etsuko so the during the seven day email, she created the aha moments for them. Yes, yeah, uh many, ah ha seven ah ha, moments there were probably ah ha moments in here, too, you know, just even the idea of like, oh, my gosh, she's, right, I have been living with insomnia for the last three years, and I thought that it was just that was just where I am right now, but I could fix that, actually, dr samantha did that for me, she said, hey, terry, you're not sleeping. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? Guess what? I cut back to one cup of coffee, and I don't not sleep anymore. I don't bridge it's like, gosh, tara.

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