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How Big is Your Venue?

Lesson 33 from: Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

33. How Big is Your Venue?

Lesson Info

How Big is Your Venue?

Way back in our very first segment are very, very first segment I said this is the kind of reception I want you to see for your next big thing I want you to feel like there are thousands of screaming raving fans out there I want you to feel like you're a rock star on the stage, I want you to feel like you're the center of attention and I want to want you to feel like you're giving people exactly what they want because it's not all about you, right, but it's about the experience those people come tto have had a big concert like this, but here's, the other thing I also told you you can create the feeling and results of that reception without the tour bus, the groupies or the smoke machine we get really, really caught up in all the bells and whistles of launching today. If you read other online marketers, if you read the blog's of internet marketing gurus, they'll tell you all about their fancy tactics. They're analytics tools there millions of subscribers and you will hear just tactic af...

ter tactic after tactic that you can employ tohave a bigger, better lunch right and you may feel and you probably feel overwhelmed by all of those ideas, but my sincere hope is that over the last three days you've learned that well, bigger isn't better you've learned that you can craft a launch that you can craft marketing and sales systems that are specifically geared to the type of business you have the type of business you want to run the amount of time that you want to invest in your business the kind of people that you want to reach. Tiffany and I have been having a great discussion over the last three days kind of off camera about how you khun run a great business in less than twenty hours a week tiffany as a new mom to twins and her business has kept rolling on less than twenty hours a week you don't have to have all the time in the world you don't have to have a huge support staff to pull off a launch that brings in the money you want to make that gives you working capital for your business so that you're not just paying the bills but that you're reinvesting in your business you khun do that without having to go bigger because bigger isn't always better. So how big is the venue you want fell? Are you going for a huge stadium concert or you may be trying to fill a living room concert? Would you like to invite five, six, ten twelve of your closest friends were people that could be your closest friends into your living room and create an amazing personal, intimate experience for them or you looking for more like a concert in the park? You know, maybe some bleachers, some benches cem deck chairs, some lawn chairs, blankets on the on the grass we're looking to fill a concert in the park maybe it's a small theater maybe want to bring in enough people that you know there's not smoke machines and groupies and tour buses but there is just a full theater of people with rapt attention waiting for the experience that you're creating in that theatre on stage maybe it's a college auditorium maybe we're going a little bit bigger and of course maybe it really is a stadium maybe this is your time to fill the stadium just cause bigger isn't better doesn't mean bigger might not be the choice for you but what I want to tell you is that there's no difference it's in success between the living room concert and the and the stadium concert so if you choose the living room concert if that's the business that you want tohave if that's the best way to deliver the offer that you have to deliver baby go for it go for it and be okay with filling the living room here's the thing there are different strategies you can use well there's different tactics you can use really to fill the concert then you that you want to fill with your next big thing but first I want to ask how big is the venue you want to fill? I want to start and get just a couple quick we're more than a couple would really like to get a lot of quick answers from our studio audience here I want to hear from you guys your next what's your next big thing and how big a venue do you need? Bridget you start my next big thing are going to be these cooking um and meal plans and I think for the beginning the living room strategy is probably enough for me on ben I congrats from there awesome beautiful who's next atsuko how big's your venue what's your next big thing I'm imagine like a kind of corner ve any of the restaurants like a you know, private room with something that one room in a restaurant I love that that is beautiful karen since my next big thing has been out for a while I would love to take it to the concert in the park beautiful I love it, whitney so I've been working with individuals and with teams for a while and I'm ready to go much bigger, so I stink. My next big thing belongs in the college auditorium love it wonderful michelle, how big's your venue my venue isn't very big but the tickets are expense civ hey, maybe that is the way teo do it yeah I guess the living moving larger than our living room. Maybe a coffee house. A coffeehouse? Oh, I missed that one, didn't I? That's. Fantastic. Meghan, I'm going to go with the living room. I want an intimate, special space and event for people. Awesome. Sasha, I think it's both the living room intimacy and the college auditorium stage. Yeah, I agree. Jessica. Living room, huh? Product based. I see college auditorium. And with our new workshops, I see college in the part concert in the park concert in the park. Beautiful. Bridget what's your next big thing. What venue do you want to fill? Oh, gosh. What a question. I think a concert in the park sounds pretty good to me. Top? Yeah, absolutely. And tiffany concert in the park. Fantastic. Do you have any venue ideas from online? Let's? See, here we've we've got specifics. Natalie says I only want to work with six clients per year, but I still want to provide value and building relationships with others through my blogged kris with a k says I'm in the living room right now and I'm getting ready to go to the cunt certain in the park and in cocoa in las vegas as living room trunk show. Toe las vegas hotel banquet room trunk show with collaborations I love it and I love kind of the special imagery that people have started to create. This is an amazing way to set goals for your next launch what's the venue that you want to fill it doesn't have to be one of the ones I chose the private room in a restaurant brilliant las vegas banquet hall really keep coming up with these figure out what venue is going to move your heart so that then your head can move second, you can create the strategy with your head that fills the venue that you've attached to with your heart all right, just like we've do sales pages heads for our hearts first head second wonderful on I love the diversity that we heard here teo and I loved to the point about creating a business with the living room strategy but with marketing that reaches a stadium that's a lot of what I actually do in my own business. My signature program ten thousand feet is moving from a living room strategy to a concert in the park strategy, but I also have a stadium strategy for when it comes to reaching you on creative live or when it comes to building my email list or writing my blogged I am trying to fill a stadium and I will tell you more about that in just a little bit so depending on the size of your venue, as I said, your marketing and launching efforts should look different, they should always, as should the ways you connect with influencers. If you want to fill a living room, do you need to be on cnn? Probably nice. It may be much better for you to go to a local media. It may be much better for you to find that one strategic partner who can help you fill your programme or get your products sold or get them in stores. There are lots of opportunities, so depending on the size of the venue you want to fill, you can personalize individualize the set of tactics that you're going to use to make your launching and marketing efforts really related to your aspirations at this point, just like the way you're changing or that you're adjusting the way you connect with influencers. So let's, take a look at some of these let's talk about living room strategy. First, um, living room strategy is all about bringing in a small group of people, as I said, maybe six to twelve fifteen it's a twenty tops, um, and it's, not so much the numbers that are important what's, really important is that living room strategy is all about creating an exc, inclusive, intimate, personal experience for the people that you're inviting in and so those are kind of the words I want you to think about if you're crafting ah living room strategy because it's not just the product the program the offer that's going to be personal and intimate and individualized it's also going to be your launching and marketing efforts you don't need to create a huge ah speakers siri's like jeanne marie and I were talking about earlier you don't need to create a huge speakers siri's you don't have to grow your list too many thousands I forget who said karen said in a previous session that well this means you don't need a big list exactly you don't you need personal intimate connections relationships with the people you're going to fill the living room with so I want to give you a case I'm gonna give you a case study for each of these strategies in the first case study is my own because I want to show you how it's it's not the living room strategy isn't about thinking small and it's not about playing a small game the living room strategy is about identifying what you need for success of what you want for success so ten thousand feet is a business coaching program that started as an email invitation for quite a while I've been backing off on doing one toe one business coaching in fact it's not available with me working with me one on one to grow your business um but I wass having people come and do one ofthe sessions with me they were called insight intensive some of the ladies in the room here have done them with me before where I spent seventy five minutes lee's air focusing with people the number one question people ask to the end of the insight intensive was how can we do this again? How can I work with yume or like you know what? I'm really kind of backing off on that if you'd like to do a follow up it was the most wishy washy like non sales pitch ever why? Because I didn't actually want to sell it which is fine but I did start thinking all right, what am I how am I going to start supporting these women these entrepreneurs in building sustainable businesses over the long haul and not just giving them the advice they need now to take a tactical or a strategic step up? And so I realized that over years of one on one work I had kind of developed a methodology inadvertently and what I could d'oh was systematized that methodology, write it down, come up with the curriculum and coach people through what I would normally coach with them one on one so what I did was made email invitations to many of the people that I loved working with in an insight intensive and I said guys, this is what I have in mind these are the questions I want to answer for you. This is the kind of support I want to offer to you. Not exactly sure what the curriculum is gonna look like. I think it's going to be about four weeks, four months long I think the form that's going to be three weeks on one week off we're gonna group calls I'm gonna give you individualized feedback by email how's that sound I made that invitation twenty five times twenty one of those people signed up for that program the first time through I had never had that kind of success before. I've had plenty of success. I was making plenty of money generating plenty of revenue, but to have that many people say yes because of the approach I took was very new and it was completely eye opening if you want to fill living room, think about that kind of personalized, intentional experience that you can create not just in the product but in your approach to the launch and the marketing well, I kept filling that program. I started with those initial twenty one decided I really only wanted to take fifteen and three times launched that program sold out to fifteen, people. This product from email invitation to this day has not just generated one hundred thousand dollars in sales but has generated well over one hundred thirty thousand dollars in sales I'm now training coaches on how to deliver that programme on this fall I'm inviting forty people in and it's still going to be an intimate personal experience and as well the launch because that's just how we build out the program that I feel very strongly about filling the living room for ten thousand feet let's look at the concert in the park strategy filling a concert in the park is pretty fun because you get to use some of these other tactics that we've started doing maybe you you create a prelaunch list for the program so instead of just handpicking people you start letting people self select you start talking about what you're doing instead of keeping it under wraps so with the living room strategy no one knew I launched ten thousand feet except those twenty five people I invited with the concert in the park strategy you can start talking about what you're doing you can get excited and share your passion for what it is that you're creating and what it is that you're thinking about you can invite people into that passion and I think one of the beautiful parts of the concert in the park strategy is that you can let them in on a little bit of the messy I'm making this up as I go I'm figuring these things out real nous of the product development process let me introduce you teo a friend of mine marie pollan and she has a brand new product launching next year in twenty fifteen called the digital strategy school, where she's going to teach web designers how to create war strategic, more systematized businesses it's essentially going to be almost a business in a box for web designers, I know it's going to be fantastic because she is fantastic, so and you can find this a digital strategy school, dot com, it's it's that simple she's very strategic, very proud of her she's setting herself up for success, though she's not just launching this program, but she had such good luck in building out her concert in the park strategy for this program, letting people know it was coming, giving an opportunity to sign up for a pre launch list, talking things out, showing that messiness that she had people begging her to start mentoring with them now now, so she made them an offer they couldn't refuse. And she took those people into a mentoring program now, so that as she is working on her concert in the park strategy she's making money, actually creating and delivering the content for a group of absolutely right clients right now, how cool is that it's so cool and the beautiful thing is it's going to help her fill her concert in the park? All right, the next thing we're going to talk about is the college auditorium strategy these air not technical terms by the way so this is a college in the college auditorium strategy this starts to bring in things like affiliate marketing have you noticed that we've not talked about affiliate marketing at all that's because it doesn't apply to most of you but if you want to fill a college auditorium I suggest you look into it what affiliate marketing is is paying a referral fee just people that you partner with who were going to send traffic and sales your way we could also call this joint venture marketing so you know you could do I could do a call with bridget to help her fill her next program like we could do a tele class and I could help her fill her next program or her next offer get her a few more clients and she can pay me back a kickback which is great I love the idea of affiliate marketing not everyone does I love it that said I don't really do much of it right now it's not fitting in my business model right now because I don't have a college auditorium strategy right now I'm okay with that are you okay with that? Yeah, but if you're looking to fill this kind of venue it might be one of the things you start thinking about you might start thinking about some of the bigger list building tactics like doing joint venture calls with people our joint venture webinars you might think about mohr guest posting on bigger blog's you might think about bigger toe bigger time media you might get on cnn you might get a article on forbes or fast company or whatever the industry presses in your particular field and that way you you start building more funnels you start systematize ng more, you start automating more well. Speaking of systems, the college auditorium case study I want to share is with my dear friend natasha veron pou confined her its systems rock dot com she created a program called the systematic success guide the systematic success guide and her idea was that she wanted to help entrepreneurs build out systems that they needed to run their businesses more efficiently mohr effectively and make more money with less time. Natasha and I have very synergistic goals, so she created this guide. It was again just like ten thousand feet is for me it's very much aa program about offering her one on one work in a much more leveraged way. Well, because natasha has such a mind for systems she was able to very early on create a much bigger launch through things like affiliate marketing and joint ventures and list building then she otherwise would have would have done she was willing to put in the time in the organizational power and know how to make that happen and her launch did amazingly well. Do you remember melissa mccreary is case study from the first session? How I said melissa went from, you know, a launch that didn't perform to a launch out of the blue that made her ten thousand dollars in no time? Well, the systematic success guide also came out of a flopped launch. She reframed everything she rhea pro ched the marketing and instead sold forty thousand dollars in product amazing, right? Awesome that's the college auditorium strategy now let's talk about the stadium strategy. The stadium strategy is basically everything that you can think of. It is using social media, it's using email marketing, it's using joint ventures, it's using affiliate marketing, it's using strategic partnerships in every aspect of the launch. You know what else it is it's getting a lot of help it's having a project manager, it's having an assistant it's having people who could help you create the value that you're creating as part of the product, it takes a team, whether that team is all people you pay or just a team of your community and the people are who are helping you out, it takes a team to build a stadium strategy that's a really beautiful thing, so let's, talk about how I launch for creative live because this is a stadium strategy right here I want to fill a stadium with the people who are watching online, so first of all, creative live itself is a huge part of my stadium strategy. They have a reach that is exponentially larger than mine alone coming in and partnering with this platform has been a game changer for me. I'm pretty good at outreach. I have a nice sized audience. A lot of people would like to have the audience that I have, but for me being able to partner with with platforms like creative live and create a partnership over time, like what we've developed here is absolutely huge. So I get in front of people that I've never been in front of before so that's one thing, because it's not just my audience coming it's a whole bunch of people like I didn't know rachelle before creative live with sheldon and know me before creative live not this time, but the first time creative live brought her to me amazing, then it's about creating content, that's going to give people an experience of what they're going to get if they invest, in this case, the time and energy toe watch. So I created prelaunch videos that gave away secrets that I on ly have been telling to clients to this point, I gave away some of my best stuff in our rs bp videos and I took the time to go to seattle and work with the creative life team there to make those videos happen. I emailed them out to my audience creative live put them on their blog's I enlisted my support network to talk about those r s v p video's bridget talked about them, natasha talked about them, marie talked about them, all those people we just talked about talked about those videos online. I also made an effort to use social media of course you know, email is nothing trumps email, but social media's great for enhancing a sales message, so I used all of my social media resource is instagram, facebook, twitter to build the urgency in anticipation of this event to fill the stadium. From what I hear, we've been very successful we've also you know we've also used kind of sort of an affiliate marketing joint venture thing within creative live you might have noticed how jean marie is talking about michael ports upcoming workshop how she's talking about vanessa van edwards of coming workshop I hope someone was talking about my upcoming workshop and I know they were because my friends are here also doing workshops and so within the platform we were enlisting mohr and more help to build and fill this stadium so we've absolutely possible you can create marketing and launch lot marketing, launching and sales efforts that air specifically geared to the venue that you want to fill for your particular offer for your next big thing. All right, fist to five. Do we understand filling the venue that you want to fill? Fantastic.

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