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Lesson 16 from: Logo Design Fundamentals

Mark Sposato

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16. Doodles

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this lesson is all about doodles. We're going to take the words you just wrote and turn them into imagery. I'm going to show you my process, but feel free to do it your own way. The important thing is that you shift your thinking from cognitive concepts and thoughts into tangible visual imagery. You don't need to know how to draw to make doodles. Scrawls and rudimentary markings are just fine. Start by drawing the words you've already written in your lists in your mind map, then continue to doodle, keep your mind loose and try to act on instinct rather than analytically thinking. Here are some examples of doodles I've done for milestones, spend 5 to 10 minutes on these drawings, then step back and assess. Look for connections between separate word lists or clusters and the doodles. You've just made look for common themes and associations. Also look for repetition and commonalities. You can circle or place a checkmark next to some of these ideas that are beginning to coalesce and take s...

hape. The third exercise is really simple. You're just going to take the words you wrote in the previous exercise and turn them into doodles. You can do it your own way, feel free to experiment. You can even start some doodles that didn't come from words. But the important thing is that you start to draw and you don't have to be an artist, You don't have to know how to draw. You just have to make some markings on the page that start to begin to convey an idea that are eventually going to become your logo

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