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Lesson 6 from: Lightroom for Scrapbookers

Jared Platt

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6. Keywording

Lesson Info


We are coming into this segment and we're going to be talking about the process of first off key wording because I want you to understand how to keyword really quickly because it is a task key warning is a task it's, it's, it's, kind of a task that you you you kind of worry about it's like I don't want to start that's, that's, that's a hard thing to do, but I'm going to show you the easiest way to do it and it will make quick work of key wording and if you do your key word incorrectly, then from then on out it's going to be a snap tto find them to organize them to create books to make posts toe look for old stuff for many, many years ago. It's very easy to find s o it it's worthwhile? Do the do the key warning and I'm gonna show you how to do that now. But first I'm actually finishing up my selection so you can see here I s o during lunch, my lunch and then I came back here at ten minutes to and this is a set of four hundred and sixty two photos and you can see where I am in. Ten minut...

es I went from the beginning of these photos all the way to the end almost to the end of these photos in ten minutes I'm almost done with them so so you can make pretty quick work on them because we're using that survey mode and we were talking at lunch some of the some of the girls and I were talking about the the process is selecting and and how you can get better out of training yourself and uh we were talking about that I think it's important to understand that you already have the ability to select because otherwise you wouldn't be a photographer you wouldn't have picked up a camera you wouldn't already be interested in this art so you're already good at selecting it's just a matter of learning to trust that ability that you already have on dh we were talking about the difference between looking at images like we are here we're looking at him in comparison to each other versus looking at him you know, one picture at a time is this picture better than that picture? Is that picture better than this picture like which which picture is better it's hard to tell the difference between the photographs because you're looking at one photograph of the time and as a human you're already geared towards seeing differences towards seeing anomalies in every where you are and and so just utilize that unique ability or that that common ability that all humans have to see uh anomalies and turn it to the survey mode so hit the inky get intothe survey mode and at this point then you'll be able to compare things and once you're comparing then you're going to do a much better job at it so I'm just going to actually finish selecting here and just kind of talking through what I'm doing so I'm looking through the images and I'm looking for, you know, a cute little there's three things that you look for your look for composition, total composition then you look for internal composition and then you look for the smiles and the cute looks and stuff like that so you can immediately kick off a lot of things based on composition based on big things you know, trains and how they fit into the thing or if there's someone in the picture that's not supposed to be in the picture or you could just you could kill those pictures right away. And so then all you're looking for is the shape of the person or the thing inside the photograph that's the internal composition so like for instance, I see that my daughter has kind of kind acutely crumpled onto this leaned on to this bag and so I click on that one and zoom in and see what her face looks like and that's cute so I can pick that one and then I'll look for any other you know? How does what's her body shaped like is there anything cute about the way your body is shaped? Okay, now she's standing up here, this one's cute because she's kind of looking up and holding onto the suitcase so I zoom in there and just make sure that her face is good. So she's got a smile on her face she's looking cute, but I might like this one better of her looking off this way so, you know, I like this one, so I'm gonna go back to this one and pick it and then I'm going to go to the next set of photos. So you see, I only had to really look att two of those photographs of I think maybe twelve or fifteen photographs s o I look at the next set here, see if there's anything I like that one's kind of cute. I like the composition to it let's see if I am sharp that's good and then we move on to the next set. All right, um see, I don't in this one, I kind of have an issue with her. Getting she's got to be in between posts rather than on posts, and so I kind of scanned through here and that's the only one that I see where she's you know, right between the post instead of the post coming out of her head so I'll choose that one on then I'll go a little further here and you can see that there's some additional ones that somehow out of out of sync with everything and I like her kind of moving through with the the uh that's pretty good she kind of looking like she's tromping through the terminal um and then we'll go to the next one you can see that I had already flagged that one where she's waving that's kind of cute um and then we'll go here see if there's anything that's cute like that look zoom in and make sure that sharp it's not so I'm gonna leave it to see how that works, so I let it fall to the cutting room floor even though she looks cute in it he was soft so I'm not going to keep it going keep moving on, I could sharpen it, but I already have a lot of great images so you know why spend all of that? A lot of the times we spin our wheels and spend a lot of time on fixing stuff when we have thirty other shots that are just brilliant, so why do we really need to keep that one, especially when it's personal work just recognize that you've failed on something and move on right you know, sometimes you just got to say I want a failure at this I'm going to move on do something different and that's great um there's no there's no there's no shame in being a failure the shame is in continuing to do the thing that you fail out constantly go find something you're good at, you know that's not to say you shouldn't keep taking pictures but just recognized that that image is a failure um and uh so we're going to scan through this little set here you can see there's two cents here there's I don't know if you were the one that took the pictures and you're selecting him it's pretty easy to know what you've already done I already know I don't like any of these because I shot them and they're not all that great. I was just following them on the way out of the train station thing is the train museum, not a station? These trains weren't actually moving so I could I could set my daughter on any track I wanted it didn't matter because the trains don't move, they don't have engines attached to him and they're they're dead trains very fun little museum and it's actually just really close to my house so we it's a fun place to go um and this one's okay but not all that interesting I did like this of images here where she's looking off the side of the train and so I'll look for something here um maybe that one I'm just looking for a composition itself not really thrilled about the fake smile so I'm gonna keep looking had to be careful because andy might be watching so I don't want to make her think that I don't like her smile hi nd of wonderful smile I love you so the other day I was taking pictures of her and uh and I was working on some lighting you know, it's like testing light and playing around with it, seeing what it would do if I did this that or the other thing and uh and she was just patiently sitting there and I told you not to smile or anything just be just, you know, just be there and and then she would pull camera to try and like, you know, should pose for me and do something korean and then I I took a picture I look at the camera to see what the lighting was doing and I went, oh, that's not gonna work that's what I said because it was about the lighting wasn't about her and she got so sad because she thought because she had done this really great smile and pose and she thought it was going to be great and and then she's like but I smiled and I didn't issue tears and I feel so bad because she thought I was talking about her I was talking about the way the lights were hitting and they just weren't working and I wasn't so anyway then I had to like oh no andy this looks look and I had to show her you know it's a light that was the problem not you so so anyway that's the one I select here and then I'm just going to scan to the end of these and see if there's any additional ones like um no there we go like that I like the yelling she looks like she's calling out good bye so we'll pick that one and then this is india after a long hard photo shoot where she's got chocolate all over her face there we go that's nice sharp chocolate on the face okay so we're done selecting so now we're going to go tab back those panels and now we're simply there were some photos in here remember we kind of separated are rejects and our picks so I'm going to go into the rejects area again and just sort for attributes of pics so now you can see that I've got I found some more photos in there that I like and so I highlight all of those grabem and just now so remember before we write clicked and we created a folder and when we did it we check box this include selected photos and automatically move them, but we can also just grab images and drag them from from one folder to another folder and they just get moved and they've been moved physically on the hard drive too, because this remember this folder area right here specifically looks into the hard drive and actually does whatever you do here is physically done on the actual hard drive, so we now have a entire group of photos here in the rejects that we I don't want anymore and so I want to show you highlight, delete, delete from disc they're gone do you see that? So that's okay, so I'm gonna remove that folder now sin that all we have is the select it's ok, because I've got fifty three really really wonderful photos and we're never even gonna hang fifty three of these we're gonna put, like, five of them on her iphone and then we'll be happy, right? So I have a great bunch of photographs that I can use professionally and just personally. All right. So now, once you've done all of that, now is the time that you get to key word them and I say, get to because I'm trying to psych you up for it, okay, so I know that most people would look at key wording as a professional endeavor something that you know people for if you're selling stock photography, things like that. But key wording is useful almost more useful as a personal tool. So remember, on import, we want toe add keywords. Now I failed on this shoot. I did not enter. Look, there's, no key words over here. So I failed. But that's okay, if you fail, you can always highlight all the images inside of the grid. So command a or control a and look, it looks like one or two of them got some kind of a keyword on him. So I'm going to go into this keyword area here, and I'm gonna add general keywords to everything. So I know that there's a girl in here I know that there's a child in here. I know that it's, uh, portrait. I know that it, uh, is in a train station. I know that it is in chandler and in arizona, so these are all the things that I could've keyword it on the way in because all of it is the same. Now. There's. Two photos at the end of our one photo at the end where she's at home with chocolate on her face so I can always remove those keywords from one photograph so that's not a problem um, you had a question well, you got me excited about key wording when you deleted all those other photos because that cut the work down right? So I don't have to key word for four hundred fifty images I have cured fifty three so it's almost making sense to meet teo you know their basic key words when you import them that's fine, but then after you go through and make your selection then you keyword that's right? Yeah, we always we always wanted do all the selection first before we adjust before we keyword before we rename before we do any photos or anything like that before we even design albums or anything, we we do our selection first because that limits the number of pictures we have which limits the amount of work we have to do. So get rid of those images, get him off the plate and on lee deal with the ones that you really like so now I'm gonna enter so that adds all of those in there oh, uh I think in most cases there's a suitcase but not in all cases so we just want to do that all right? And I don't think there is there a train in all cases well it's his train station so if I search for train, I'll get station so all right, so the on ly one that I need to deal with is this one and that I just need to say okay uh it's still portrait still girl chill it's just not in a train station they're so you can add it the whole paragraph now keywords air interesting things key words or phrases are separated by commas, so if you type in something you type in arizona comma chandler comma that's two key words notice there's no spaces I didn't put a space between arizona comma chandler it will provide the space is up here in the paragraph for easy viewing, but that you don't put a space in your key word you only put a space between two words if it's a key phrase like, for instance, if I wanted to say train station like I did here, you'll see that I have a space train space station that's a key word I mean a key phrase a key phrase is different than a keyword keyword khun b searched for like I only want train not station or only want but aki's phrase khun b I want train station, but I don't want just train on its own it has to station with it and so key phrase khun b a much more useful tool and by the way, if you're worried about search engine optimization a key phrases higher range than a key word because key phrases very targeted that way you know the search engine is able tto look at key phrase and say, well, the key phrase is florida uh florida beach wedding well, I know what that is because it's all three of them are tied together and so if someone searching it has to be there have to be actually searching for the phrase florida beach wedding and you know the search engine really dialed down on that phrase so key phrases air really useful for search and engine optimization but for you they're very useful in searching inside of your, uh images ok so now we've done the bulk now what we can do is go and if I was doing travel then I might search for cities and say okay, this is all rome and then all of this is cnn and then all of this is venice and then all of this is you know and I would go I would follow the travel schedule and just type in this block is here this block is here this block is here for us here I'm going to highlight this and say, you know, like this block here I can hit command k goto the keyword that block right there is uh actually I could just do the whole you know well these down to hear those all have a suitcase in them so I can say suit suit, space case or the suitcase or suitcase and then but notice then I've got more suitcase here so I can click on here and that just think of this is rome, you know, highlight this and type in suitcase, but pretend that that's venice and then pretend this one is sienna highlight this section here with the suitcases in it and type in command hq a suitcase and see how it started to complete it for me light room learns, and so as you work on a catalogue, that catalog will get more and more intelligent as you go, and they'll start suggesting keywords. In fact, at one point, you'll start writing in, uh, portrait, and when you hit comment, it'll automatically put another key word in front of you. It says train, because if you always do your portrait at the train station it's going to go every time he does a portrait sit the train station so I'm gonna put in train because it's probably the right thing, and so it starts to intelligently give you suggestions as to what else you might add to this. Um and it just does that based on the key words that are currently inside the set. Okay, so then then what we can dio once we've done that, then it's a matter of okay, now I want to really target down some key words and say you know like for me professionally when I'm doing a wedding I want to say bride and groom and and flowers and things like that but when I'm doing family I want to do something like the name of my child and sometimes it's more than one kid for instance in this case I can highlight all of these and simply click on here and type indy comma indiana because that's her actual name they're so now I can search into your indiana and get her right but that's everybody but if I were to go say here okay so here is andi's birthday party there's different people inside these shots and so if I wanted to tag all these people right now it's just tagged as her birthday total but if I want to tag all the people and say okay, you know who's in this then I would come down to this little spray can tool and obviously I haven't selected this so there's a lot of images that I'm selecting so I'm just going to show you how to spray this really quickly and then we'll go back to our originals I'm gonna click on the spray can tool and that spray can tool allows me to do a lot of different things but one of the things that allows me to do is spray key words and then I just enter the keywords down here so I would enter in britain that's one of my that's, my oldest son, so now I'm going to just scan through and look for any place where he is, so I'm just scanning and I but there's not a lot, because it was pretty focused on her. So, um, where is he? Well, he's right there, his head's cut off, but he's right there, so if I wanted to spray him in there, I would just click on here and click and drag and see how the two highlighted areas came up so you can see that they've got zoom in so that those on the internet can see that key line tells you that that key word is in there, and then I and then I khun oh, and there's jackson. So then at that point, I can hit, I can type in jackson, and now I would just go and spray in jackson anywhere he happens to exist, he's saying I did that, and then I just kind of scan through and find anywhere that he is, and then I would do the same with everybody, so usually I have three or four to put in because I have three children and my wife and saw a just and I'm never in the photographs, so so there's only four people that I have to put in, and so I'll just put in you know my wife's name and then I'll scan and then I'll put in my son's name and I'll scan and then I'll put in my other son's name and then I'll do any and then once you've done that if you happen out all four kids in there you'll get all four names will be there so then it's very easy to search so then if we go back to our train depot shoot we can look for anything else like for instance, I like always do uh smile so that I know if I'm looking for her with a smile I confined it so she's smiling and it's so I can just scan and I'm really not looking for like just a normal smile in looking for something like you know, super, super cute or super fun I just kind of scan down and look for that's cute there's a big smile there's a big smile, smile and then if I run into something where it's like ok, this has a unique set of key words that I want to add to it but I don't want to have to overwrite my smile because I'm working on that right now then don't click on the picture click on the frame you clear on the frame it just highlights the frame and then I can hit command k to go over to that key word area and then I can say peking um playful and even hide and seek so I'm looking for not only my typing in uh specific like rial ki words but I'm also clicking in concepts because sometimes you're looking for a concept to do something rather than just very specific keywords so you might you might be doing a spread in a scrapbook or a book on you no humor so you can type in humor and then all of these humorous photographs will pop up and then you can choose from you don't have to remember a specific situation one was that june fifteenth of whatever you just type in humor and anything that you ever thought was funny comes up and so I always put humor in there but now I can keep moving down and another smile another smile so I can just keep kind of spraying smile across all these photographs that smile smile okay and then from there I can say humor and now this I think is pretty cute and funny so I go through there and see um oh and here's one that I want to do so now she looks bored so I'm gonna type in uh b o r e d right board that board all right board there we go and then this one this one also has this one I'm in a highlight shift click there and I also want to do train conduct or because she looks like she's the train conductor and just keep kind of scanning through these looking for other humorous photographs. Oh, and then here, here, you can type in reading and book, so see, I added it was reading calm a book, so I'm adding two key words now so I'm in a spray like this, and now all of those have hoops see how I over sprayed she's not reading a book anymore here, so if I hold the option key down, then it turns into an eraser, and I'm erasing anything that's inside of there. So I'm in a race reading and book from there, and now we're set to go. All right, so at this point now we have key word of this to the extent that we can now really, really nail down what we're looking for, um, the only thing that we didn't key word in there that we could have a cz maybe some of the, you know, dress so we could highlight all of these and say, uh, brown dress as a key phrase comma red hat and now, it's really keyword it well, we can find pretty much anything that we're looking for.

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