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Lighting & Posing Large Groups

Lesson 8 of 8

Shoot: Large Group Photo

Lindsay Adler

Lighting & Posing Large Groups

Lindsay Adler

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8. Shoot: Large Group Photo


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Lesson Info

Shoot: Large Group Photo

Okay, so I'm just gonna start pointing and go "one, two, three," and we'll build on our triangles. So, I also decide by people's body types as well. Somebody that is a bit bigger, fuller-figured, I'm not gonna sit them in the front. Not because I'm like, "Let's hide the bigger person," but when someone's bigger, they actually just don't look good sitting most of the time, because everything gathers. So, I want to give them the ability to stand in the back, so that they can lean forward, chin out and down. Whereas sitting it's harder to do that. So, not hiding anybody, just using their bodies appropriately. Okay, so, will you come this way? I'm gonna sit you again 'cause you're tall, sorry. Okay, will you stand right here, or sit right there? Words, yeah. Words, gotta use 'em. Okay, so turn this way for me. And you're gonna stand right behind her. Okay. All right, so I've got one, two. So, he could either go up here or he can sit down here. So, I'm gonna make it more interesting, I gues...

s. I'm gonna sit you down here, but rest your hand on her... We're pretending they're real close. Sitting down? Yeah, sit down. You can sit on an apple box sideways. Or maybe low-- Yeah, exactly. So, a low apple box. So, see how the apple boxes are nice? Perfect. Put your elbow on her thigh. Good, turn this way. They don't know each other, so I'm being... Like family. Yeah, it's cool. Yeah, you're family. Keep turning, keep turning. Great, and then put out one leg so you're more comfortable. Okay, good. So, now the problem I have is I got a triangle, but it's a line. Mmm, need to fill in the triangle. Someone's gotta come up here to close my triangle. So, I'm gonna bring you up to your husband. Stand right behind him. Okay, great, perfect. All right, so that's lookin' good, 'cause I've got... Come in a little closer. One, two, three, all triangles. Perfect, so, the next person could either go over here, or they could go down here. So, maybe I'll sit somebody on the floor. Do you mind sitting on the floor? Sure. Okay, cool. So, come take a seat right here, but turn out. Kneel, or... Whatever you're comfortable with is fine. Perfect, you're so cute. Great. Okay, so I'll just take a shot of that so you can see. (laughing) Oh, wow! That's great! (clicking) Okay, you're gettin' the idea. Okay, building on my triangles so you can see. As it maybe loads... There ya go. Oh, so adorable, but I see in the top right-hand corner, you look like you're like, "I like them but ehhh." Great, all right, perfect. So, whoever I can have, will you just come stand up. Whoever's willing to vol... I need at least two people. Great, thank you. Perfect. All right, so then next person could be, you know, the person that always likes to sprawl out on the ground in the group shots. They could technically do that there, but we're not going to. (laughing) I'm gonna sit someone else over here. Right there's perfect. Great. That looks great, and then I'm gonna have you come fit in around here. Perfect, okay, now she's lookin', you're lookin' a little lost, so I'm actually gonna rotate you behind. You might have to put your feet there, yeah. Great, and then you're gonna fit in between the two, so, perfect, okay. So, let's take one more shot and then I'll wrap this up. Great, now. (clicking) I like that she's like, "Oh, I don't know." (laughing) And so, she makes a great point, just to wrap this up. She goes, "Okay, what do you do with the hands?" So, this is where the who-are-these-people-how-do-they-know-each-other thing comes into play, because if it's a husband and wife, I'm gonna snuggle them closer or put hands in different places than if they're brother and sister or if they're friends. So, let me just say, don't lean quite as hard on your arm. Put your hands on your thigh there, perfect. I'm gonna have you put your arm around her, so you guys are a couple, okay? Lean in a little bit more. But, you two are brother and sister, but this is your husband, so you put your hand on his, yeah. Okay, great, and then... Yeah, sorry, you're her mom in this case. You're gonna put your arm around her, okay? Whatever, and then, I don't know. Sorry. (laughs) Okay, so we'll wrap that up. But, so the body language is helping determine (clicking) And then, you look a little scrunched. Pull up the top of your head and relax your shoulders. Great. (clicking) All right, perfect everybody. So, that wraps up... Let me show you guys so you can see your family photo. (chattering and laughing) We're such a nice family! You're so cute! So, typically what I would do is once I have this all set up, then I'm looking for the hands, and I'm payin' attention to the very last thing I'm looking for is posture and expression. That's yeah... So, pull up the top of your head, lean... I do those tweaks 'cause if I do it early, they're not gonna be able to hold it. Then at the end, am I going for happy... Making fun of someone, we're laughing, or we're serious or whatever. So, posture at the end. It's usually pose, hands, posture, expression.

Class Description

If you've photographed groups before you know it can be a challenge! This class will answer your questions and cover the most important considerations to keep in mind for your next group session. You'll learn depth of field, lens choice, posing, focus considerations, light modifiers, light position and more.


joanne duncan

I got do much out of this course, not just for shooting, but posing myself! I’m getting old, it’s hard to get a good selfie! Seriously though, this starts with epuipment, goes through settings, clearly shows what doesn’t work and why, and what does work and why. This is the second Lindsay course I’ve watched this week, and I’m anazed by what I’m retaining. Lindsay spells it out for anyone to understand, I highly recommend this class, and any class Lindsay teaches. I already have another lined up to watch! Simply brilliant, value for money even if it wasn’t on sale.

Dave Hogan

I have several of Lindsay's course and was lucky enough to see her at the Photography show in Birmingham (UK) earlier this year. I think this course is one of my favorites and has so many "group" shot tips & explanations that it's a no-brainier to any photographer to buy this it. It's great 10/10.

Rebecca George

What a brilliant, fast, well-organized, packed-with-useful-info class!! Lindsay is amazing.