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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Lead and Attend Effective Meetings

Jason W Womack

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

What we'll do over this session, is we'll take a look at what meetings mean to you. I'm gonna unpack some of the bad feelings that people have, and we'll replace those with good feelings. I'll share with you from the get go, I believe a meeting is two people, or more, coming together. And one person, or more, leading with the to do, a task, I'm gonna. That probably is a great place to start, is just wondering what does the word meeting, was is a meeting, what does that mean to you? And in this course, we're gonna take a look at several bullet points of the table of contents behind me, or in front of you. I wanna take a look, throughout the course, at these ideas around building agendas. I remember reading that book, Alice and a Wonderland. And there was that one scene when she's talking to Cheshire Cat, and it's one of the ideas of, hey will you give me some advice, And the cat basically says, well what advice do you want? And she says, well it doesn't much matter. And the cat says, we...

ll just keep going anywhere you want. That's not the way to run a meeting. We'll talk about different ideas around agendas. I've really got two specific areas that I'm gonna look at there. What do I do when I'm building an agenda for a group, and maybe more specifically, what do I do when I'm working through an agenda of a one to one? A mentoring, or a coaching session. I wanna take a look at the three different kinds of conversations that we have. And knowing, when I'm in a conversation, how do I direct it if it's not going in a direction I want it to go in? Or how do I deepen, or magnify if it is going in a direction that I want to go in. For those of you who have different kinds of roles in your organization, or for those of you who want to bring some of this information back to your home or community volunteer life, what types of meetings to do you attend? Good news is, there's not dozens of different kinds of meetings. The other side of the coin, you've really gotta know what kind of a meeting you're in, to know where to direct your focus. We'll end with taking a look at two specific areas. Facilitating meetings, for those of you who are in that role. If you're inviting people to come together, if you're making phone calls, if you happen to talk to people in line waiting for coffee. Yeah, if two or more people come together, and one or more people walks away with a task, you just had a meeting. And then we'll do a little bit of work through this course in building custom, or what I like to say, bespoke checklists. The things that I wanna do before a meeting, during a meeting, and then after a meeting. And, speaking of after a meeting, I truly believe that a place that you can differentiate yourself as a leader, as a manager, as an individual contributor, where you can differentiate yourself as a friend, a colleague, a mentor, a spouse, is in the follow up. When I have a conversation with somebody, it's those 24 to 48 hours after the conversation, when I can really rise to the surface, or I can fall away and be too busy for a follow up. So let's dive in. I can say the word meeting, or meetings, to an audience and generally there's not just a wide array of smiles and happiness that happens. And I wonder why. And so maybe we could just start there, and kind of a free flow word association. I'll get a few from the audience here in the room, and then if anybody wants to share online. But what I'd like to do, is let's start off. And if I were to say the word, meetings. What kinds of associations, what kinds of words come to mind for you? So let's just get a couple of these up here on the flip chart. A gathering of like minded individuals. A gathering. I love when I love for one or two words, and they give me a whole sentence. Sorry That's okay. Of like minded individuals. Great, and then, Tom. (muffled speaking) Exchange. We'll get four more of these. [Audience Member #2] Opportunity to ask questions. Opportunity to ask questions. Questions. What else? Meetings, or meeting. (muffled speaking) A check in. Anybody in the room do mid day or end of the day check in, with either a staff member, a partner, or a spouse? It's amazing how quickly that conversation can go in one way or another. Because I'm always wondering, what kind of a check in is this? Are they checking in with me to see if I did the task or the to do? Are they checking in with me to build the relationship, and see how they can help me? Are they checking in with me because of an opportunity that came our way? And so, I love being able to unpack these kind of concepts or ideas. And for those of you online, if you wanna join us in the conversation, you can type away the kinds of things that come to your mind when you think of the word meeting, or meetings. So how you define meeting is going to go a long way in what your meetings are like. And for those of you who work in a small office, or my solo-preneurs watching this from their home office, or as I like to say, on the train on your way into the city. And for those of you working in a large organization, that you took some time away from work to be here today, or to be here today. How you as a community define meetings is gonna go a long way in the value you get from those. And, I'll give you some tips and ideas for the course today, but I really encourage you to start off with that definition, that defining of what that word means. And so, with all my work, I always like to start with context before I dive into content. Lemme ask you to go through the same process. There in your notebooks, or the printout, if you have that from the website. For those of you sitting in here in the studio, whether you wanna use the workbook that we gave, or your own journals. I'm gonna take about 30 seconds, I'm gonna ask you to go inside. Look at that woman or man in the mirror, and ask yourself, how would I define the word meeting? Now, the moment you start to do this, you're gonna build context around it. You might define a good meeting. You might define meetings you wish you had more of. Whatever it is, lemme ask you to take about 30 seconds, giving yourself the gift of your own attention, and defining that word for yourself, meeting. Through the course, we're gonna take a look at how you can both lead and attend effective meetings. And what I found is that it's important to put those together. Cause I don't want to exclude anyone. For those of you who are beginning your careers, those of you who are in a new job, those of you who might not be inviting a lot of people to meeting, but sitting in them, you're going to walk away with some ideas today. For those of you who are in a leadership management role, we want you to leave this course with specific tools that you can use that will get you from here to where you wanna be, a little it easier, a little bit faster.

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Ratings and Reviews

Deb Boone

This was a wonderful class that completely delivered in content coupled with the strategic tools that have helped me to start the process of creating a totally new infrastructure for the meetings I facilitate. All of the steps that Jason focuses on for this class are easy to implement and I know will promote positive results on many levels of my professional business and my personal life. This class is a must take for anyone who wants to me an effective and efficient meeting master!


Fantastic class! Highly recommend- Jason has such positive energy and enthusiasm, all his courses have been fun to watch and very informative.

Riva Robinson

This class was AMAZING! I went into this class not thinking that it might not get as much out of it because I'm not a part of an organization where meetings are a regular part of my day. But I left realizing that SO MUCH of my day, I'm in meetings: at the gym, coffee shop, co-working name it! Knowing how to direct meetings to expedite getting what I want is going to be a game-changer for my business!

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