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Designing Your Ad

Lesson 7 from: Keep them Coming Back: The Secret to Repeat Sales

Mei Pak

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7. Designing Your Ad

Lesson Info

Designing Your Ad

Let's talk about designing your ad pick an amazing product photo off your of your product and this is kind of a no brainer but really make it the best product product photo that you can make it that you can choose bright colors really worked better getting people's attention on facebook so if you can have something in bright colors, definitely choose that over something with muted colors. I've also heard that if you have people in the picture of an ad that works better, that converts into better results than just pictures without people so that's something that you contest out and use text overlays to really grab attention with your red. So if you're doing a fifteen percent coupon code, put that and insert that as a text overly on your graphic so some great aps that you can use for that. I like to use iphone app smartphone aps because they're so easy. There's word swag, there's fun candy, their studio um, I believe those are the ones that I like to use, but these are mostly free and if...

not there really low costs just a couple of dollars and it's a lot easier than trying to figure out how to use photo shop or pick monkey or can vote even though those air also really easy, I wanted to be easier and if you're totally not tech savvy savvy definitely try out these smartphone aps but use text overlays to aunt on top of your graphic to really grab people's attention because when people are scrolling through news feeds, they're not going to read all that text descriptions so you want to make it really clear that this is the promotion that is happening fifty percent off or free shipping or this is a bundle buy one get one free the thing to note with facebook ads is that only twenty percent of your ad can be text there is an kind of ah a website on facebook kind of a page on facebook where you go and upload your you're a picture to test if you've passed this rule and if you haven't then they would just tell you that you just need to edit we edit your graphic but so your text can't be like all of the photo it has to be just a teeny tiny portion ofthe that graphic so when you're designing your ad when you're creating your ad you also want to use short and concise copy where you're going to find out when we go through this walk through is that because a lot of these as air shown on mobile there's not really a lot of space to really go on and on and talk about stuff so it will start to truncate and there is a character limit to how many letters you can type in and always include a call to action. What do you want people to do? Come over to my site and shop now by this now, before this coupon expires, be very direct with people, sometimes people just need you to tell them what to do that always and I can guarantee you if you have a call to action versus no call to action, the one with the call to action is going to perform a lot better. So in terms of your graphic size of your doing facebook ads specifically, you want to make it twelve hundred pixels wide by six hundred and twenty eight pixels tall, so here's an example of potential ad that you can make put together a collage of all for different products and there's, as you can see there's not really a promotion going on here. I'm just reiterating I'm telling people what this product is, it scented food, jewelry, and I'm adding a little bit of credibility there by telling people this was seen on parks and recreation just to get people to trust me, get it gets people to be like, wow, this wasn't parks and recreation. I need to check this out so it's something really simple, it doesn't have to be complicated and here's another one that I'm going to be using in our walk crew and this one does have a coupon code, so this is a bacon necklace and it says fifteen percent off scented bacon necklace use code yummy. So it's, so simple you just take a picture of your product that you already have and then put some text overly on it. So when we go into facebook, you're going to find a bunch of different fields that you need to add text into the first one is going to be your headline. So this is the most prominent text that's going to appear in your ad. This is the biggest font that will be on your ads, so make it catchy, make it really grab attention. The next thing that they're going to ask you to type in is the text. So this is where you describe that promotion tell people what it is there's also what's called a call to action button, and this you can select this from facebook's predefined called to action buttons, and I'll show you in a while and I'll show you really soon. What that looks like. It will give you the option to not select any call to action button, but it's always a good idea to just choose one, and you're linked description what are people going to see when they click on the link and go to your website? One thing I want to mention with facebook as is it will ask you if you want to display this on the desktop right column if it if you want to display on your desk top news feed or your mobile news feed so you the general rule is you always want to include it in your general news in your in your newsfeed mobile new seed and desktop desk cotton newsfeed is thie way to go the desktop right column is kind of that sidebar on the right that you see with little ad sprinkled there those pictures air really small and for a lot of us create isthe you're not going to see the product that you're trying to promote so just turn that off because if you don't facebook is going to show ads in those places and it's going toe cost you money so here is what that looks like once we actually go in to do this ad as you can see the headlines here and this is the headline the biggest text that you see the texas really does the description that appears above thie image and this call to action but earnest a little button that appears over there and then the news feet link description is just another part at the bottom ofthe that image that just describes this a little bit more if you want you can get really specific with your retargeting and on ly show this bacon ad two people who have visited this bacon product listing so remember how I talked about the tracking pixel? If you want, you can take that track and pixel and on lee put it on this specific product listing and then you can tell facebook to show this ad on on ly these people who have landed on this but on this page so I'm going to show you how to do this manually yourself with a live walk through, but if you're using, if you're if you have your own web site, there is a tool called ad rule that you can sign up for that does this for you? Men are almost automatically there's still a little bit of a process behind that, but it makes it a little bit easier for you to do and what you can basically do then is you can re market too not just facebook, but you can show it to you almost every site out there. So if you're thinking of like some of those big news sites huffington post buzzfeed if they post ads on their web site, your ad can be your ad can be shown on those websites as well. So you're really grabbing people in places that base surf and that they browse and so it goes beyond facebook so that's what's nice about admiral is that their network is a lot larger than just facebook if you're on shopify, there are a few aps that you can install to make this really easy for you, so you don't have to worry about how to do all of this re marketing stuff and how to create ads on your own how'd install these tracking pixels, shopify zaps can do this for you automatically so there's one called mama ayo there's, another that's called shoe lace and retarget app. So all of these aps kind of function a little bit differently in their own ways to definitely take the time to go in and check it out and see how they're different see how they might suit your needs let's, do a live walk through and let me show you how to do the the how to actually create the ad on facebook so we're here on my personal profile and if you're not from the familiar with creating ads, all you need to do is go to this down arrow on the top right corner and go to manage ads and I'll show you really quickly. If you have a spread sheet off all of your email addresses from past customers or from email subscribers this's where you you'll go in to do that, just go to tools and click on audiences and you can create audience and create a custom audience, so from here you can see you can upload a customer list you can upload a file or you can import from milch in and all it needs is email addresses from people who bought from you in the past or from if you want you you don't have if you're not using mel chin if you're using a weber on that meanie you khun import information you can import their email addresses and upload the file manually through here I'm gonna go back you can also create a custom audience based on your website traffic so if you click on that it will ask you for does do you want it to show do you want it to track visitors who have just visited your your website in general or do you want it to show to people who on lee I have visited specific pages on your web site I normally just do for anyone who visits the website will ask you for the custom domain is optional and in the last thirty days you could do sixty days if you wanted to any more than that will start to might be too long. So if someone who saw your website ninety days ago three months ago might even forget who you were and you were trying to target those people it may not convert as well so we want to work we want to show our at two people who have just come to our website recently and get them where they're still kind of hot and fresh with just finding out your about your product and you can call this something like my websites visitors so what you can do once you're there is click on that and go here and click on view pixel make sure your audience is checked and go to view pixel and it's going to show you all of this code up here you don't have to worry about what that all means, but you can take all of that information and then go to your website and copy and paste this in between the head section of your website code and so this does sound a little bit technical, so if you need help with how to do how to find the page on your web site or how to find that file on your website that has that head cold, you can't figure that out that something really easy that you can outsource to someone else who knows how to do that it's like a two minute job it is very fast to do so if you do end up paying someone to do this just know it's a really fast job, so don't let someone con you into paying them like a thousand dollars to do this for you and what's nice about this is you can just email that pixel code to whoever it issue want help with to help you put this into your web site so let's create an ad, and I have always this and all of the ad information already on my computer here don't worry about this red error, this red arrow warning message this just says that I have a kn ad blockers set up on my browser, and this this is a plug in that I use on my browser to prevent ads from showing up, and the only reason I do that is because I'm really susceptible to ads, and I like to turn them off, so I don't spend all my money and buying things I don't need. So for the most part, I think most people don't have ad blockers, so they are seeing ends, but you can ignore that warning message, and you want to go down to increase conversions on your website. If you want, you can just send people to your website, but what this does is you will start to pay for clicks to your website, and the goal is facebook is going to show your ad to people who are most likely wanting to click on over to your website. Increase conversions on your website is more specific of a goal it tracks, and you only pay for when conversions actually happened, so when sales actually happened, I take that that you only pay for impressions, but they they optimize your ad and show it to people who are most likely to buy from you. So this, I think, is more along the lines of a re marketing and that you want to do you want people to come back and buy from you so I would choose this over send people to your website, and then you can type in the u r l that you want to promote, and now it's going to ask you to choose a conversion. So a conversion is really when someone takes a specific action on your website, so it could be when someone sends you a an email message from your contact form, that could be a conversion if you wanted it to be, for example, for those of us who are doing commission work, or if you're trying to find leads for client work, for example, that could be a conversion you want to track ah, conversion could also be when someone is signing up for your email list that is considered a conversion. Ah, conversion can also be when someone makes a purchase on your website so that's the one we want so you could create a new conversion right here, and then you will tell let's, just walk through that now I can show you actually how to do that so you can create a pixel right here. And I'll ask you what type of action do you want to measure? So as I just mentioned you contract leads to contract contact form emails you contract you can track checkouts and that's what we're going to do and you can name this pixel name anything you want so I could say purchased tiny hands and click on create pixel and then you can click on view pixel cold and they'll give you instructions on what you need to do with this so this is a specific pixel code that you only want to put on your thank you confirmation order page so you don't want this showing up everywhere on your website you on ly wanted existing on that last page that appears after someone has checked out with your product so this way facebook comptel success someone has made a purchase so going back to creating her ad I've already taken the time to set up a tiny hands purchase pixel and by the way this might take time for you two for it to start tracking it will show us inactive for a while until it starts seeing activity and it sees activity the moment someone hits that check out page so if you want you can just create a test test order just so you hit that success order confirmation page and once you land on that this will be become active and you can see it's active with this little creen circle icon on the left of this so click on that and click continue so now you have all of this information on who you want to reach who you want to target to and because this is a re marketing app it's really easy you only want to show your ad to people who are either your past customers people who are in your mailing list or people who if you have had if you've added that tracking pixel to say that bacon product with sting you can only show us at two people who have who are those people who only have seen that bacon necklace so go up here and click on custom audience and I'll show you a bunch of all of thes custom audiences you've created so for example customer pressed a shop emails so this wass impressed the shop was my old shopping cart and these were all of the e mails from past customers who have bought for me so I can click on that and at this point everything else is kind of optional for you to do if you want you can expand it and say canada and australia and wherever else you think your customers might be coming from for their age if you want sometimes I like to increase this to something like twenty three just so that I'm sure that these people who are targeting half purchasing power have disposable income to shop with me so there's there's an argument to be made there with yeah, thirteen year old kids have a lot of power over the things that that their parents buy for them, right? So if you want you could re target two kids and then maybe the kids to your ad and they're like mom, can you buy this for me? I'd rather not I'll just go straight to someone who has money to buy my stuff and your daily budget I wouldn't spend any more than ten dollars a day if you want you can spend less than that five dollars a day is fine, you can go slow and easy and nice thing about facebook ads is they don't always spend your entire daily budget, so even if you say you want to spend five dollars, it might spend just three dollars or four dollars off occasionally might spend up to a maximum but not all the time. So you just put in ten dollars and if you want you can set an end date for this. So if your coupon code expires in forty eight hours, then you definitely want to go in here and set that date for that, so the text here says that you will be charged for impressions so for every one thousand impressions that you've had, so for every one thousand times that someone has seen your ad and this will be different people they will hardly show it to the same person twice and when they do that's kind of a good thing because there again they're senior at again that's the second or third impression they have of your product that makes them that much more likely to come and shop from you so you're paying by how many people see your ad you're not paying by how many people click on it and you can scroll down a little bit more and here is where you can upload your images so facebook's advertising has released this new multiple images in one ad where you can show kind of a carousel of five different images so the dimensions are going to be different but I'm going to show you how to do it with just one single image I would encourage you to test it out with this carousel ads it's I've heard it works really well at converting as well I haven't tested it for myself so I can't speak from experience you can also do video ads which I found to really really well but creating a video takes a long time so let's just stick with photos because they're easy to do so make sure you're connected to the correct facebook page and I have all this information stored away here fifteen percent off bacon necklace and it's a great idea for you to just brainstorm this ahead of time and saved this information somewhere show it fancy options and shoes buttons and this is what the ad will look like the bottom here and this button that shows up looks like this on this corner here think it might be loading right here? It pops up this little shop now button, which I think helps with conversions. So remember, I talked about how facebook will try to show your ad on all of these different places, so you only want to turn it on for the news feats. So go down here and remove desktop, right column and remove audience network, and you're pretty much set, so if you want, you can review the order or you can just go ahead and place the order for your re marketing ad and it's. A simple is that so your conversion pixel it's important to have it on your check out page or that check out confirmation page? Because if you don't have that in there, you don't know what your ad is really working for you. You want that data to see how effective your ad is working, how effective it is. Is it bringing you results? And you want to know, are you actually making a profit from these ads? If you spend one dollar to make thirty dollars that's a great profit that's something that you would do more often off that's that's a great result so sometimes that can be hard depending on your shopping cart to figure out what that confirmation page is so what I normally would do is to kind of pretend I'm the customer I go in there and create a test order and once I complete my purchase that page that I land on I can see the girl and that will give me a hint for whether where that file is and where I can find it to edit and insert that cold if you're using a website builder like shop of fire weeks or three d card or wordpress it's a lot easier to figure out where that is and if you need to you can just google it like order confirmation page where is it because you know you're not the only person was asking where to put this cold there other people out there who who don't know how to do it either and once you find that page at that conversion pixel us I just showed you at that to that page in between the head cold so a few tips on using facebook ads is you want to always be testing facebook advertising is not the sort of thing that you just want to set it up and forget about it if possible go in there and create that bacon ad create a second one but change it up a little bit maybe changed the picture maybe you can change the text overly it's really like a science experiment where you're kind, you kind of have a hypotheses off what is going to convert better? What element of your ad is going to get people to come back and buy from you getting what is really going to trigger psychologically for them to come back and buy from you? So create two ads make them almost the same. The only thing you want to change is just one thing. Change the photo, maybe changed the headline to some different text and really test it out and after three to four days, go in there and check it again and look at the statistics, which one is doing better free which one is performing better? Then you take the one that's not doing so well, and you turn it off and then you create a new ad, bring another ad and you always want to be comparing it. And if you don't it's fine the only thing the great thing with doing this kind of with it's called split testing the great thing about doing it is your really optimizing for best results and optimizing means you're lowering your cost so potentially. Instead of paying one dollars, to make thirty dollars, you could be paying fifty cents to make thirty dollars, so this is something if you don't want to spend the time doing for me it's kind of fun, but if you don't want to spend the time on angling with all of this, outsource it out to someone who can do it for you who can manage it for you. So you want to be monitoring your ads closely, check in every few days to see how it's working out and then turn off the one that isn't doing as well. Yeah, yeah, I was just going to ask, is it a pixel that you're using to figure out which ad work better? How are you figuring out which oh, good question. Ok, so how do we figure out which ad works better? Eso facebook's really nice is it will give you all the information. So you go back in to manage and it's, where you kind of created the ed there's, like all of thes graphs that it can show you and all of the statistics on how many times that show the ad, how many times people clicked on it, how many times people converted so all of that there will be in your manage adds dash board, so the pixel is just a cold it's it's, kind of the same thing for a code that you take and put on to your website so that it can track visitors does that? Does that make sense? It's a little technical and it's sort of been sort of makes sense when you actually go in and do it, it will make it will make more sense, yet you had a question from I do may in terms of trying similar ads or two different ads, I'm wondering in terms of, like percentage offer discounts off, I've heard sometimes people say, you know, it's better to do a percentage off, like fifteen to twenty percent, as opposed to five to ten dollars off because fifteen to twenty is a bigger number. Yes, then I've heard other people say it's better to do five to ten dollars off because people don't have to do the math on their head because some of the percentages they get scared by doing the extra step of having the math wondering what's what you do in your opinion what's, what you found has been better, I found the first has been better, so what you said initially, so this is really interesting, so let me talk a little bit about that, so if you're doing discount offs, you could potentially do fifteen to twenty percent off or you could say five to ten dollars off, so if you compare those two numbers fifteen to twenty percent off is a bigger number, so I would use that instead if and this it changes depending on how much of a discount you're giving and what price point you're giving so if say you had a thousand dollars product and you're giving a ten percent off that is equivalent to one hundred dollars off I would say one hundred dollars off instead of saying ten percent off because one hundred dollars off seems like it's more the same thing but it's a bigger number I love that you brought that out thank you yeah so to wrap up just some final words here encouraging repeat sales is something that you have to actively keep doing I want you to think after this workshop what reasons can you give your customers to recommend you to their friends? Why should they talk about you give them a reason to talk about you so really listed out you know just because you're awesome that may not be a great reason but really concrete reasons why they should buy from you so to answer that question this might help prompt you water the two one, two two things that you can be the best at the best at compared to everyone else you are the best at this one thing so an exercise I like toe I like to give people is to answer this question or to fill in this blank your brand is the blank so tiny hands is the cubist centered food jewelry for example, so this is actually great exercise for you to answer to figure out what your unique selling proposition is, and this really goes back and kind of figuring out what makes you unique, what makes your business different from everyone else out there. But once you're known as that one or two things, people are going to keep coming back to you as that person who sells assented food jewelry as the person who makes the gorgeous wedding paper flowers right. As the person who who sells divorce gifts, we just I mean, like, you're the only person you are the only person that I have seen that self, that kind of product, as I mentioned, this is an ongoing process. It is just like marketing the time you spend on social media the time you spend blogging or writing e mails to your customers, encouraging repeat sales. The good thing about this is you can make it part of your marketing and at your marketing plan and your strategy. So all of that what I mentioned with the packaging and the packing slips and the order confirmation emails, the websites all of that is part of the process is part of our systems, so it makes it easy it's, automatic, but because all of these things we've taken the time to set up from the get go it's all set up right so it pretty much works automatically for you but you absolutely do need to take the time to set it up and whenever you can create systems and automate this so I did talk about a few aps that you can use if you want to do facebook we marketing there are agencies out there there are contractors out there freelancers out there who you can work with to manage those ads for you if you don't want to do it yourself but re marketing is a great way to spend your money if you have money to spend on marketing because it converts so well so to wrap up if you guys want to follow me and social media of you want to chat about marketing you can find me on instagram at creative hive cole you can also talk to me on twitter at may underscore park or find some really cool inspirational quotes and posts on facebook at facebook dot com slash creative high of coal and if you have questions about this process I know I kind of walked through that re marketing walk through really quickly but if you want if you watched through all of that again and if you have some questions feel free to join us at the private mastermind facebook group to ask questions and to get additional support on anything at all in your business and you can find that at bit lee slash maker mastermind. Well, we've covered so much great stuff, it's an awesome, so many learnings, and I wanted to thank you may for being here, as well as all of you in the in studio audience and everyone at home for joining us. This was keep them coming back. A secret to repeat sales. Thank you so much for joining us again, thanks to you all and to may, for being here with us, a creative, live well, we hope to see you next time back here in creative live.

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