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iPhone Video Editing

Cielo de la Paz

iPhone Video Editing

Cielo de la Paz

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Class Description

iPhones have made it easier than ever to shoot videos—whether it’s capturing special moments of your family and friends or creating an ad for a client. But for a video to be effective and watchable, you’ve got to know how to edit it. Photographer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur Cielo de la Paz will show you everything you need to know about cutting your videos down to size and making them good enough to share with the world.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the right app to use for your project.
  • Edit your video, including importing and trimming footage, adding music and transitions, and applying visual effects.
  • Manage video storage on your iPhone.

Don’t let your iPhone get weighed down with loads of unedited videos that just occupy space and never get seen. Learn to edit like a pro so you can use your videos for fun and for business.

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Ratings and Reviews

Sparkle Queen

really liked the instructor; super clear and went at a good pace that meant you could follow instructions but also not get bored! Have been trying to get my head around video editing for ages but its hard to find clear instruction and guidance; the discovery last month of 'Creative Live' and its classes has totally de mystified the whole process! Feeling excited to try this out myself now - when i feel i have it nailed will try to remember to post some work in here to show my efforts!


Excellent class but I wish it was longer. I learned so much! Cielo is a natural when it comes to the great work she creates, as well as teaching others. I couldn't recommend this class more!

Stavroula Fotiou

Great instructor and great class. She really breaks it down so you can grasp the small steps that lead to the end result.

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