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Voice Over

Lesson 18 from: iPhone Filmmaking: From Shoot Through Edit

Cielo de la Paz

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Lesson Info

18. Voice Over

Adding voice can help tie the story together. Learn how to record a voice over from iOS devices, from simple tricks like recording in a closet when you don't have a sound room, to using a mic. Then, learn how to add the voice over to the video inside the video editing software.

Lesson Info

Voice Over

so voiceover. I don't always use voice over, but sometimes it's a good way to bring the story together. This is especially useful for when you didn't quite get good intros or Segways into one subject to the next. And, um, you you want your story to make a little bit more sense. So sometimes you do need a little bit of a voiceover to just kind of explain or intro whatever is happening in the story. So I did that in this video. Um, now we'll go over how to add the voiceover everything super simple. So that one's not gonna take a long time. So now let's go into the voiceover, uh, voice of So here, see this line here? That is like it says voiceover. Um, so that is one of the voiceovers that I added, Um, the thing with how do you add voice over and have it sound good gets tricky. I definitely use a mic for this one. Use the mic me, l and I made. I was in my closet so that either echo and there's no outside. Nor is I don't have a sound booth. I have a closet full of clothes so that works rea...

lly well. Eso That's what I did. I was in a dark closet narrating, inventing my phone. Um, but it's good toe, have audio that's clean and clear. And you definitely using Mike, I put in the I put the wind muff on, actually, so that, um, my peas, You know, just so, like, some of the wind that doesn't get caught because I was fairly close to the mic. Uh, how do you add a voiceover? So let's go here. Um and I time it. So I add the voice of her last and I usually watch whatever is happening. The story. And then I time it and I move my, um my play head to the part where I want to start the voiceover. So here, let's say I wanted to add some things. Let's see what's happening here in the studio environment locally on many places. So, actually, what I'll do is I'll I'll delete this so here, or go here through here. Okay, so this is kind of think is a good place to put an intro, right? And two, Okay. Oh, you know, we're in San Francisco and global law the way to add a voice overs. He hit that plus over there and make sure your play head is at the right place because that's where the voiceover is going to start. And then you hit voiceover, and then you see, there's, um, circle. So if I hit circle, which I won't, um, it's going to start recording, and then you just talk, talk, and then when you're done, you hit Stop and then you can listen to it and see if you're happy with it. And if you decide to keep it, you check and say, Okay, I'll keep it, Um, so, yeah, it's really easy. And then if you find that you know what, I don't like the voiceover. You can delete it or even move it around like you would anything else. So let's listen to the voice over that I did here. When you first walk into Phanom and Marta's studio, you're struck by the eclectic mix of rooms. But that's exactly why they've been so successful as an industrial design studio. What led us to start it was good Segway into them talking about studio, so like I said, you can move it, so I think did it start too early? Too late So I can move it around and put it wherever I want. Or I could also delete it if I want to redo it. I redid this several times. Um, and I What will make life easier is if you write down what you're going to say, Um and then to the voiceover, Um And then I did it. Over here is well, so Phanom is talking about are exposed to the world of luxury phenoms, exposure to luxury and her sense of style and branding can be found in her own line of handmade leather goods as well as in all the products she helps design. So that was kind of explaining some of that. So that's the voice over.

Ratings and Reviews

Chrystelle Hadjikakou

Being a beginner in all things video, watching this live class left me excited to try out a lot of things on my iPhone, not to mention I learned loads. Cielo showed us the full process from shot listing to gear to preparing the shoot and then shooting and editing, which was very enlightening, also I want to thank the people who were on the chat, because sharing tips and tricks was great too! Thank you for the awesome work!


This class was great! Cielo offered really good information. It was probably more than I needed since I am a beginner, but it inspired me to try and use it for the simple reasons I took the course. But it also showed me what is possible and how I can eventually upgrade what I am doing. It's good for people who are really into photography and telling the story of entrepreneurs (which is so important these days) can use their photography skills to help business owners stand out whether it's your side hustle or main career.

Greg Bird

I just finished the class and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It is perfect for someone like me just starting out and I recommend this class to anyone interested in making mobile videos. I look forward to diving into the more extensive editing course next. Thank you!

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