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Shooting Creatively

Lesson 11 from: iPhone Filmmaking: From Shoot Through Edit

Cielo de la Paz

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Lesson Info

11. Shooting Creatively

The iPhone is so small, that you can put the camera in tiny places for a unique perspective and special effects. In this lesson, beef up your creativity by learning iPhone video tricks, from using gaffers tape to keep the iPhone in place to using the Apple Watch as a remote trigger. Work with time-lapse in the Hyperlapse app and other creative iPhone filming techniques.

Lesson Info

Shooting Creatively

And so now we're going to go into creative shots. So let's watch that, but you. So now we're going to do some creative shots. The advantage of using the IPhone is that you can put it in the random, is places in the smallest look and cranny and get some really, really creative shots. And so some of the shots that I'm thinking about capturing today after having looked around our maybe shooting through the books on a bookshelf and showing them working or maybe using the vantage point of their tools. So showing them from the tools perspective as they grab the tool or use a tool like the sewing machine downstairs, maybe show Phanom from the perspective of the sewing machine needle. So there's some really creative shots that we can come up with here and the tools that I typically used to capture these shots very. But usually I try to keep it a smallest possible so that I can put the phone in really small places. So I usually go with a smaller tripod like this, or a lot of the times, because ...

the IPhone is super light. I'm just using gaffer tape, so I have taped my phone to the wall to the feeling to chairs. And that's how I can get these really creative shots could see the profile. This is really small, and it's really thin, and it can fit in a lot of really interesting places. All right, so in this shot here, I have the phone place behind the books and so that you have a shot kind of shooting between the book. So I'm gonna have Phanom actually take a book out from the bookshelf. In that way, you can tell that it's actually bookshelf and that she's not going to start reading with these books. So let's see. I'm gonna put this in here and block it. And for this shot I'm actually using my phone is there because I can't see what's on the screen? So I'm using my watch as a remote, so I'll have you kind of come in and just pull out a book and then walk off that way. Okay, so I'm gonna hit record. Perfect. So we actually have an opportunity here to capture the three d printer in action. So what I'm gonna do is a time lapse as its printing to show the progression of the printing. So what I have here is a gorilla pod that has this fluid head mouth so that I can position it just right. So I'm going to put my phone in here and for time lapses. You know, there I'm pretty casual about them, and I really like the app hyper laps because you can change the speed after you shoot a C can choose whether it should be a x or to X or whatever. So I like that flexibility. So I'm gonna launch high prolapse and then just let it run as we capture the progression of this printing, Just find the ideal spot. So this is the ideal spot, like this height, and now you can see the actual needle printing out. So that's really good detail there. All right, so we'll see how that looks in at our. So what we're gonna do right here is we're gonna do something really fun, and I think it's a good way to showcase some of the products that they have designed. And so I'm gonna have each one of them kind of pop in frame pop out. Just gonna be two seconds each each and they're going Teoh, use the different products and hold it the way it's supposed to be held or where it the way it's supposed to be warned. And they're just gonna just be still they're wearing their peace and maybe smile or something and then swap out with the products. So this one's gonna be like a pretty quick kind of shoot. Um, and nothing fancy. What's gonna make it look really cool is when we finally edited it down and have the different shots one after the other in quick succession. So now I'm going to try to get the shot from behind the needle and maybe looking up at Phanom, I don't know if it's gonna work out, so I'm actually just gonna test it out and frame it. So I have the selfie camera lens on right now, and I'm going to see if, um, if we'll even work. So here I see him the needle and see if I can see her. So I think that might be worth while. So if I point it this way, is there any way from Yeah, if you could just I know might be awkward but screwed. I deliver more so we can see part of your face. Yeah, perfect something. There's something I can use to prop it up a little bit. Okay. And I want to try that shot, so go ahead. Cool. That's really also that's good of one more because of that shot. Looks really good. So I kind of see Excellent. I think that is one word. Doesn't hurt. Great. Thank you. Excellent. And now we're gonna have Martus in the other room using one of the tools. So let's see how we can position the phone creatively there. It's OK if it's not super straits, always something you can correct when you add it. So no need to get super. You know about it. Um, so that looks good. So I am going to have you. What's a tool you typically use? Something like needle inspires. Okay, he's a lot. Okay, great. So what I'll do is let's see how this looks, So I think Okay, I'm gonna have a really close to here so that when your hand goes there, you kind of cover the leads and then actually grab at this eyes their way to like hook this on or uh, yes, probably. Luckily, there's pegboard there. Yeah, Let's see Here. You, too. There you go. Something like that. Yeah. It's perfect. Okay, so I can grab it again. Ready? Perfect. Actually. Come in this way. A little bit more, Uh, towards me. Yes. So you're that in the frame? More? A little bit more perfect. So now you're in the center and is shooting at your chest. So it's recording, so go ahead. Nice. Oh, that was really good. Okay, one more time. Do you like the look down? Yeah, actually, Maybe work on something like thinking things sound we think hammer. So these together, Ideally, if you could, it's gonna feel awkward, but so lean over a little bit so that you can cut or I can move it So your face is in the shot. Um, and we'll shoot and they see your hands. So actually, gonna switch it like this So that their lenses closer. Okay. Before we start, let me hit. Let me get out of shot and let me hit record. And I'm gonna have you pause because I just thought so. That light is super bright and wonder if I can position What? Can we turn that yet? Another way. Oh, thank you. Okay, so that's perfect. That's perfect. Cool. I think it's good. Right? So we got some really good creative shots from really creative angles that you really can only get with the phone like this was super flat. And so I always try to take advantage of the form factor of the phone. And so now I think I can nicely tie all that in with all the other shots that I got and really tell Ah, very good story and give a different vantage point to telling that story. That's so that was a lot of fun. Um, what I want to add to that is don't be afraid. Um, So, like, since my next light, um, take a moment to think and look for those creative shots, cause those didn't come to me right away. That was the last thing that I did, and I really had to set. Think about Okay. What can we do creatively? That makes sense. And I can tie in with all of the other b roll that I captured. So as I'm shooting a lot of these things I'm always thinking about the edit, and there's that term shoot for the edit. So you are always shooting for the edit so that, um you get the shots you need. You saw me filming them, holding the products. Already had an idea in my head how it was going to edit that together. So that's how I came up with that idea. So, yes, the take away here is that don't be afraid to take a moment to really be creative and to think about that shot. So take a break if you have to look around. If you need Teoh, um, and try things out, they won't always work out. I think one of them, almost in a workout to the phone, just wouldn't stand up. But luckily did. So even if it doesn't work out, it's always worth a try. That's how you can get really creative. It's going, um, and then the other thing was another way to add creativity to your shots is to use time lapse and slow motion. So you saw that, um, with the three d printer, we did that time lapse. That one took a little bit of planning, and I had to ask them. Was there something that they needed to print out? And I knew I wanted to include that. So the night before, they started printing out something so that you could kind of see that there was something in there, so that took a little bit of planning to get that time lapse in. But definitely use that on the phone. It's so much easier to do things in slow motion. Even in the native camera, it's just a swipe away and you're in slow motion. Same thing with the time lapse. I like using hyper laps because, like I said in the video, you can choose what speed you want. You can watch and see. Oh, that's not fast enough that can do it. 12 x The cool thing about high prolapse as well is that it's got if you're walking around, it does some stabilization. So that's one bonus

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Being a beginner in all things video, watching this live class left me excited to try out a lot of things on my iPhone, not to mention I learned loads. Cielo showed us the full process from shot listing to gear to preparing the shoot and then shooting and editing, which was very enlightening, also I want to thank the people who were on the chat, because sharing tips and tricks was great too! Thank you for the awesome work!


This class was great! Cielo offered really good information. It was probably more than I needed since I am a beginner, but it inspired me to try and use it for the simple reasons I took the course. But it also showed me what is possible and how I can eventually upgrade what I am doing. It's good for people who are really into photography and telling the story of entrepreneurs (which is so important these days) can use their photography skills to help business owners stand out whether it's your side hustle or main career.

Greg Bird

I just finished the class and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It is perfect for someone like me just starting out and I recommend this class to anyone interested in making mobile videos. I look forward to diving into the more extensive editing course next. Thank you!

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