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Lesson 10 from: Introduction to Figure Drawing: Essential Gesture & Structure

Amy Wynne

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10. Outro

Review all the valuable knowledge shared in this course and which points to incorporate moving forward. Happy figure sketching, artists!

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this is the animated sequence. This is putting it together with the structure with the volume with the gesture and really practicing it in the round is such an incredible way to work with all of these ideas. So we've started with core essential gesture, finding that flow in the body right from there. We moved into tracking points in space, constellation drawing. How do we create this dynamic structure on top of the essential gesture from there? We started to work into this idea of core volumes. You know, being aware that you know, artists throughout the centuries have used essential gesture to really create drawings with life and fluidity. There's so much to do just with this starting point and I really believe that this is the most essential core way to start figure drawing. You know, you could sign up for an anatomy class, you could um you know go to a drawing group where that's like one hour poses. But I would recommend really getting your feet wet with short poses, Gestural poses. ...

Finding the feet, feeling the pose, taking the pose, drawing the body with your body. This is really the way that you're going to create energy and excitement to your figure drawing. You can always learn the proportion, You can always learn the anatomy. But there are a lot of really dry anatomical drawings out there. There are a lot of really like highly realized drawings that don't have the heartbeat there. They don't have that core gesture that we've been talking about throughout this entire course. So I highly recommend even if you walk into a figure drawing session where it's a long post, move around, move around the figure, make a whole bunch of short poses for yourself. So I'd really go after that. And in addition to that, I'd recommend, you know, other courses on Creative Live um introduction to drawing. We also have a course where you're drawing on location so that you can really take this out into the world and sketch and cafes or sketch at home. So I would just have a sketchbook with you all the time and really work in this dynamic way with moving figures and combine that with longer poses, combine that over time. But it's really just such an exciting way to draw and just so happy to have the chance to introduce you to this in my studio. Thanks for watching.

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