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Lesson 8 from: Introduction to Fantasy Compositing

Renée Robyn

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8. Saving

Save your documents properly for the size of the files.
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1 So now that our image is completed, 2 the last thing we have to do is save it. 3 So, how we do this, how I do this anyways, 4 so this image is 2.01 gigs, 5 largely due to the smart object layer 6 that I have in the smart filter. 7 That definitely makes for a much bigger file sizes. 8 But so, because it's over two gigs, 9 I can't save it as a TIFF, 10 and I can't save it as a PSD file. 11 So if you are ever seeing, 12 oh, this file can't save, because it's too big, 13 don't worry, there is a way around this. 14 So Alt F, so File, Save As, and let's see here. 15 We'll call this Veritas and we can't save it as a TIFF, 16 but we can save it as a PSB file. 17 So, unless some magical thing has changed, 18 and TIFF suddenly allows four gig files, which is possible. 19 I am not the master of knowing everything, 20 but I do save almost all my files as PSBs, 21 as you can see with the files here. 22 So yeah, a large format PSB, basically, 23 you can save this thing up to like 20 gigs or more...

. 24 I've saved massive, massive PSB files. 25 So, this is your sweet spot. Just hit the save there. 26 Yes, I wanna, no, let's actually... 27 No, let's call this dash two. (laughs) 28 All right, now we're gonna go save. 29 And then, here you're gonna see 30 this Photoshop format options 31 where it says Maximize Compatibility. 32 Now if you like your files, 33 and I do believe Lightroom doesn't handle 34 over two gig file sizes, but I could be wrong on that. 35 I don't actually use Lightroom. 36 But, if you have Maximize Compatibility turned on, 37 then it's going to open in a large variety of programs. 38 It's going to open in Lightroom, 39 et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. 40 So if you use a lot of other programs, 41 and you want this PSB file to open in them, 42 keep Maximize Compatibility checked on, 43 I turn off Maximize Compatibility, 44 because I don't open my PSB files 45 in anything other than Photoshop, 46 so that is just my own personal preference. 47 But like I said, if there's any chance 48 of you wanting to open this in another program, 49 definitely leave Maximize Compatibility on. 50 So then I go save, and then we let this save. 51 And it takes however long it's gonna take. (laughs)

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a Creativelive Student

An excellent workthrough of Renee's compositing process. Thoroughly recommended, with lots of really specific, pragmatic and useful tips, along with pointers on style and considerations for working with artists, models and the whole team - Great!

Alvin Lipscomb

She is awesome, This is a great lesson using Photoshop. Seeing the different brushes she used on her mask was an eye-opener and will definitely use for working on a mask's layer. Right there is a reason to watch this lesson. 🔥 Do yourself a favor and watch this lesson.

pat cash

love her I got all her workshops - she is intense and inspiring

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