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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Introduction to Fantasy Compositing

Renée Robyn

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Quick introduction and overview of the class.

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

1 (soft music) 2 (soft upbeat music) 3 Hi, I am Renee Robyn, and welcome to my introduction 4 to Fantasy Compositing Class. 5 In this class, we're gonna cover dodge and burning, 6 frequency separation, masking, background replacement, 7 and color grading. 8 Fantasy compositing, for me, is very freeing 9 because it means that everything that I'm making 10 can just come out of nowhere, right? 11 So I don't have to pay attention to practical costuming. 12 You know, the costuming can be totally unrealistic 13 and over the top and crazy. 14 And, you know, the worlds in post-production can get crazy. 15 You can ignore the rules of gravity. 16 You can ignore the rules of, you know, "Oh, 17 "normal skin tone looks like this," 18 and you're like, "You can make purple skin 19 "if you wanted to." 20 And that's really fun for me. 21 And I definitely can thank growing up 22 on a very healthy diet of video games 23 and fantasy novels for those ideas being planted in my head 24 that now, technology...

allows me to create for myself. 25 Plus, it's super fun. 26 (Narrator giggles)

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a Creativelive Student

An excellent workthrough of Renee's compositing process. Thoroughly recommended, with lots of really specific, pragmatic and useful tips, along with pointers on style and considerations for working with artists, models and the whole team - Great!

Alvin Lipscomb

She is awesome, This is a great lesson using Photoshop. Seeing the different brushes she used on her mask was an eye-opener and will definitely use for working on a mask's layer. Right there is a reason to watch this lesson. 🔥 Do yourself a favor and watch this lesson.

pat cash

love her I got all her workshops - she is intense and inspiring

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