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Selling Presets

Lesson 6 from: How To Develop and Sell Your Own Lightroom Classic Editing Presets

Ben Willmore

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6. Selling Presets

Set up a simple web site with ecommerce capabilities that allow you to offer your presets for sale. Once set up, the sales and delivery process will be completely automated, so it requires minimal maintenance.
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Lesson Info

Selling Presets

(upbeat music) Now that you know how to create presets and save them, all we need to do is be able to get that on a website, so we can offer it for sale. There are many different options for different e-commerce platforms, where you can host your digital download, and charge people to purchase it. I'm gonna look at only one, to give you an example of how simple it can be. And then afterwards, we can talk about the various feature sets you might wanna look for, when shopping for an e-commerce website. Here, I happen to choose Gumroad. I'm not endorsing them in any way whatsoever. I'm just giving you an idea of how simple it can be to set up your selling. The thing that I liked about gumroad is, they don't charge monthly fees. So if you happen to have a few months, where you don't have any sales, it's not like you have a bunch of fees adding up. So I'm gonna come over here, and just choose start selling. And we're gonna set up an account. And I'm gonna do this by just connecting this t...

o my Facebook account. And here, it's just asking me for access. I'll continue as me. Here it's showing me things I've already purchased on Gumroad, but I'm gonna go on the left side, to this column. And you can see the choice of start selling. So I'll click here, and all we have to do is set this up. I'll put in my username, just make one up, gotta be unique. I'll choose a photograph for my profile, and name my profile, and then put in a biography, and a little zip code. And we'll start that off. Now. I'm gonna tell it I want a digital product here, and I'll name my product. And then right there, I'll choose digital, and define a price. And let's just pick one at random in this case. We'll discuss that more later. We're gonna customize. Then, here we can put in a description for our product, and the name, above. And below is a custom web address, where you can customize that ending part. I might as well shorten it though, to just presets one. And then I'll copy that so that I can use it elsewhere. And now let's make a graphic. And this template actually comes with the class. And here you can see me in Photoshop just quickly replacing some text. I'd usually also replace the photos above with your own, although you're welcome to use that photograph if you'd like, and apply your preset to it. And now let's upload that file, just a JPEG. Then below that we need a thumbnail. That should be 600 by 600 pixels. I'll just go adapt that preset we used before, and I'll make it a square layout. But I'll actually give you a square layout, just in case you need one. So you wouldn't need to do exactly this one. Now I'm gonna export this one. Anytime all you have is graphics with no photographs, I wouldn't use JPEG, I would use PNG. This doesn't have any transparency. So I could turn that off, and then export this. This is just our thumbnail, head back over right there, grab our computer file, thumbnail. Then it can come down here, and choose what the buy button should say, and what the text should be directly below it. And now, we've set up the general sales page, but what we haven't done is upload the actual presets yet. So over here we have the choice of content, and that's where we end up putting our files. I'll just hit upload your files. We can tell it, it is a computer file. And I'm gonna go on my desktop, where I saved out my Lightroom presets, that zip file that we actually created from Lightroom. All we did was right click on our set of presets, and there was a choice to export it. I'm gonna hit upload. And so then it actually has our product attached to this. Let's save our changes, and then let's publish this, so it's ready for sale. Now I'm going to test this. So let's come up here, and I'm just gonna paste in that link that I copied earlier. Here is what other people are gonna see when they run into an advertisement, or promotion, or email, for my product. And it looks nice and professional. You have a template for creating this top section that comes with this class. You're welcome to modify with your own photos, and your own text. And then down here, I'm gonna say, I wanna buy it. but since I'm logged in, as myself, it's not actually gonna charge me. And so here, I'm gonna say I wanna use Apple Pay. And it thinks it's gonna charge me $49, but it's not. And, now I can view my content. So if I click that, now is when I can download the preset, with a simple click of the download button. Also, if I were to go to my email, whoever purchased is going to get an email that says that they purchased, and they could view their content, meaning they could download it from this email. You'll also receive a similar email, and that one will tell you that you actually made a purchase. And so you can see how simple it can be on some of these websites. When you're doing research about presets, in looking at other people that sell presets online, you might end up running into some websites, and wonder, what is this website built with? What is their e-commerce setup? What plugins have they added, to add different functionality to their site? Well, oftentimes you can find that out. And all you need to do, is go to a website called, and type in the web address you're thinking about. And when you do, you can scroll down, and it gives you a list of all the different web technologies being used to assemble that website. And the main area I'd probably end up looking at is the area called e-commerce. So you can see what sales platform they're using. But you might also get other hints through the other listings that are on that site. Here's a short list of some of the other e-commerce websites you might want to investigate. This is by no means a complete list. You should do a good amount of research before you decide what to use. Although if you start with a website, like the one I did of Gumroad, that doesn't have a monthly fee, you could always start with one provider, and then when you notice you need something more sophisticated, you can always switch to something else. Now that we have a sales page for our product, and we've tested it, we know we can actually receive the product, if we were to make a purchase, now it's time to think about marketing that product, to let other people know it exists, and generate some sales.

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