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Pelvic Power

Lesson 10 from: Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby

Jill Miller

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Lesson Info

10. Pelvic Power

Lesson Info

Pelvic Power

I was wonderful to hear what happened to you overnight the insights the sleep checks the posture checks the self care reminder all right I probably need to do this every day I did have abdominal surgery I'm clear for movement now it's time to get in there and do some self care self care is health care so one of the biggest things that I just want all of you to take away and welcome katie thank you for being here ah one of the things that the biggest thing I just want you to take away from this is that you have the power to change the course of your pregnancy now you don't have to let it wear you down you don't have to let it rip you to shreds you don't have to let it become a malady you can make it become more complicated and more painful by not addressing the basics and really the basic they kept getting reiterated yesterday how do you stand how you breathe how you sit and today we're gonna address how you sleep and we already saw that yesterday doing some of the movement medicine usi...

ng the painter racers the yoga tuna balls and some of the movement exercises that we learned that your sleep already improved because these things are all connected they're all interconnected you're you can't really extract oh here's just this thing and here's this this thing all of them impact one another I was having a conversation last night at dinner, and one of my colleagues said, you know, this is what I have heard, that in order to really have a balanced life, these are the two things you need to master you need to master, why eat and how you sleep and I said, well, from my perspective, you also really need tto add into that position because if you are not wearing yourself well, if you're not standing up for yourself, nobody else is gonna stand up correctly for you. They can do patchwork on you, somebody can put a screw in here, they can give you a pill there, they can try to massage this or need this thing out of you, but you're the one that actually literally has to take a stand for yourself. And when you're carrying a baby, there is no better time to stand up for yourself, your baby and the future of your momma hood. Does that make sense? So that's what we're here to do, we're here to do some movement medicine, more movement medicine today, more breath strategies, mohr in depth specific sleep strategies this morning, we're also going to learn a little bit more about how we're holding ourselves with esther go clay who's going to be talking about the primal spine carrying your baby on the inside and on the outside, which is really helpful, and this afternoon we'll also have a call in with dr eden fromberg, an o b g y n from new york city. She'll be taking your hard core medical questions that you may be having that we haven't been able to get to yet in the course. So please save those for later this afternoon. This morning, I'm gonna teach you all I've renamed my pelvic power session pelvic promises because it just seems more sort of like a butterfly and and awesome, but you will create a lot of power in your pelvis with how we're going to use the yoga to nut balls. I promised a self massage for the pelvic floor that's coming and some really valuable stretches that are going to help you to master the squat which we kept hearing about again and again yesterday as well. So we'll be doing that with me this morning than esther go clay will come in this afternoon sleeps strategies also a neck and jaw release that will tranquilize you will put you to sleep dr bromberg. And then finally our grand finale is dessert. We have a cooking, a demonstration and lecture from an anti inflammation specialist, sarah fragos o will be here and there, while there will be some desert, there will also be free food but I'm kind of a dessert person, so I'm looking forward to there's something in her presentation that has the word balls in it and, well, you know, I love balls, so I am looking forward to a power filled day, some of the pieces of equipment that are helpful tohave around, which is gonna run through some of these these things that we have on set, if you don't have any of the things that you see up here, you can swap things out, and I'll let you know exactly what that is, but today we're gonna be using a variety of the yoga tuna balls, and these are my product, they're grippy, pliable rubber balls, you khun swap out tennis balls for these, but you want to have something that has a way, a lot of yield to it that's got cushioning to it. Um, we're also offering a coupon, as we mentioned yesterday, for those will also be using some yoga block or yoga brick, and if you don't have a yoga breaker block, you can do the same thing that we're gonna be doing with like a stack of books this morning. I actually did some of the practice that we're about to do, and I had I didn't have a block in my hotel room I just used a bunch of books, a lot of anatomy books I travel with them I'm not a kindle person I like these sort of like, oh archival pages falling out strange books, but I'll put my pelvis on them and, you know, do what I need to dio also some type of blanket uh, this is a really great baton will blanket from manduca, but you can use cotton blanket you can use any type of blanket or even a stack of towels will be helpful and also a yoga strap, so this is a strap that has loops at the end and you'll see how we use them. This is also a strap that my husband made and, well, still we have I think that is it to other things that will be really helpful actually, three other things a yoga mat you don't need to use yoga mat you can use your floor a chair or some of some firm rooted thing like a couch or a love seat and then a blank wall and you'll see how we use the blank wall today wouldn't have a wall that there's enough room where you can stick your body against it so that's the kind that's the equipment that we be using today and that's about it, so what I'd like is lauren, can I have your body up here and let's put a yoga mat down. We're going to start with some pelvic power and squat till it drops. Before we do that. Let me just, uh, let me just throw up a slide here that we want to make sure that everybody at home sees, which is that the information that we're providing in this course is extremely valuable. But we can't make any claims that this is going tio not put you at risk in any way, shape or form. You need toe. Always consult with your own physician first about any program. So please be responsible with yourself before you enter any exercise program, we have to legally alert you to that. So let's, get rolling. Um, brian, can you help me out here with two chairs and then tia, I'm gonna have you actually let's. See what we can double up and help me out here to grab another yoga mat. So I'm gonna have tia do some of this stuff on the floor. So let's media, like, stagger this mount here and just have on hand, cool. And to you when you can, you grab your, um alfa and you're gonna fall and come on over here, sit next to me, bring up, bring this chair over here. So for this really what you're going to have handy and you'll you can concentrate just on the mat area then were to come and join you down there in a moment so go and sit down right there and here's the ball we show you where we're gonna go this is this is our pelvic model and when I came to the studio the other day they they my lovely producers had named this elvis the pelvis but I need to tell you this is not a male pelvis thiss we should rename it l ve I mean if you're really into the elvis thing but it's szell v the pelvis and we know it's a female because of its shape first of all a male pelvis the ilia the pelvic bones would be higher this's also wider there's more of a flare and look inside that's uterus on ly females have uterus right and that uterus is sitting right on top of the bladder but what's less interesting for us this morning because as promised we're going to massage out the pelvic floor is this part so if you are if you have any issues with looking at female gentle teyla uh this is your moment to just close your eyes turn away but this is a model of the female pelvic floor here and when we end up using the opportunity balls you want to make sure that you're not going after any holes. Any perforations? Right? So we're not gonna roll a ball on the anal sphincter. Where's the ball gone on the anal sphincter. We're not gonna roll the ball on the vaginal openings here either. We're going to look for the space in between. And that's, based in between, is known as the parent eel tendon. Uh, or the parent? Nobody. When we look at the muscles of the pelvic floor and they're layered here and unfortunately kind of other all shellacked in here, I can't get them out. We think about the muscles of maybe to put it, let me start at the abdomen. Your abdomen has muscles that go in every direction. You have muscles that go across if which is called the trans verse abdominal. Interestingly enough, which means side decide. Then we have the up and down the rectus, which is about wrecked up rightness, right? Direct us. Record rectus abdominal muscles. Then we also have mussels that are at an angle. They are oblique it. So we have muscles literally in every possible direction. On the admiral on the core. Also, you have them on your back to your crap. You really well wrapped. Pelvic floor is the same, you have muscles that go s away. You have muscles, they go that a way and then you have muscles that have angular ations to them and so we want to bear that in mind when we place the ball and was literally going to place the ball on the what effectually called that taint right? They don't want the other and massage ourselves not to irritate but to actually find muscle tissue all right, so there's your warning there's a location where that ball there here's the location and there's literally a perfect fit even if you have scar tissue down here there's a perfect thing so thank you very much your contribution so where we're going to go first with the ball, huh? Here we go is we take a look? Hopefully guys can see the sort of the mini male skeleton here that we have is the yoga to nutball is going to be looking for all the mass of musculature that surrounds the issue all too ferocity so if you're sitting right now you're sitting on a chair lorne you're sitting on your heels right now you guys are sitting on the ground you can probably stick your hand underneath your tush and you're looking for the hard bone yeah, you can find your issued to ferocity on one side of the other opportunity ball is gonna nuzzle its way all across all around these soft tissues when we place the yoga tune up ball in between that at that para neil tendon what you want to be very conscious is a conscious of of course is that you're not rolling into the anal sphincter and that you're definitely not trying to grind the ball into the cock six all right, this is like another big warning your cock six is breakable and one of my dear dear friends and ah yoga tune up teachers and mama just she's a mama and then she just had another baby last week she actually during birth she broker cox six which isn't it's not uncommon and there are ways teo to fix that up but we don't want to break our cock six for no reason anybody who's ever fallen on the tail bone you're concerned I see your face like I know it could happen s so we're not going to be going hard at all against the cock six itself but there's a perfect fit look at that it just fits right here too so the ball is literally gonna be between your tuition to ferocity is when we find the pelvic floor and in front of the cock six and then we'll do some really cool stuff there uh so we'll circle the thing we're going to try to pry the and fluff the buttocks and then we'll go to a muscle will come down to the floor and we'll go to a muscle that on the upper side of your pelvis and this is called the glorious medias actually it's on the entire side of the pelvic bone and it connects it to your femur yeah and it's one of your chief abductors it raises your leg out to the side and I'd like to say that it's where the mom gene pocket is right so if you've got you where britney jeans your pocket is down here when I say britney jeans I mean, you know you find those in them you know? Well, you'll find everything in the mall won't you anyway? But the mom jeans, old school mom jeans waste up here pockets up here so you guys can actually palpate right now that mom jean pocket area on the skinny on the side of that pelvic bone not fully behind it but we actually can access the tendon there and then if you move your leg out to the side, you'll feel that muscle pop the reason we're here a massaging that out is those of you that are I'm so exhausted and you lean into one hip or the other you can end up doing a lot of tissue damage or wear and tear just from sitting and leaning or you're trying to you're over over stiff this is a muscle that will prevent your hips from swaying your hips should sway when you move from side to side so the massage that stuff out and we're also gonna go right into the inner thigh and there's just so many muscles here and we're going be a little bit general about that so you just touch your inner thigh right now and give it a good palm ing and I'm gonna bring the big ball in there, okay? So without further ado, let us take one ball and bring it to the right side of your tush so we're not on the issue to veracity were just to the right of it yes and he was going to show this on the floor and she keeps her knee bent and the reason she keeps her knee bent is there is there's a lot of that only muscle tissue here but we are in the neighbourhood of the psychotic nerd and so when that nia straight it's really easy too actually across the nerve wallets in a stretch position and it's really uncomfortable and you'll know you hit a nerve because literally it will feel like somebody's acting with electricity. So what I first wanted to just perimeter that is shell to brasi you're gonna take the ball and orbited around you and your fine on the floor there to meghan right? So using the ball like a little rubber scalpel to trace the shape of the bone and if that cushion is really awkward katie and jasmine you can take the cushion away so that the wood has a little bit more slide to it so you could moderate your pressure you can use your arms so that you're not dropping full body weight in there yeah while you're on the chair and by the way this is something I do do on the airplane however only when it's somebody I know sitting next to me I am that woman on the plane doing various what is she doing over there she's pleasing herself I am not pleased and all the women and children and run to the back of the plane as they see me doing this all right so now stayed to the side of that right buttock and I want you to think about I can't stand this term but there's that saddlebag area right this is this fat pocket that is part of the convergence of the gaudiest maximus into the I t band I want to think about trying to pry it off so think about the seam of the herel attachment of that bloodiest maximus and you're literally just don't you know wipe the wipe your touch off your tush were wiping anything else mom was wiping the toes off the touch the side of the tush and it probably feels good ish to get in their house that feeling lauren do you feel appropriate just one of those things um the other connection that you're interfacing with here is the outer hamstring so you have actually four soft tissues that comprise the hamstring groups. You have two heads of the biceps, glamorous. You have the semi remember noses and tender noses, and right now you're on going back and forth between that biceps families tendon and the bloodiest maximus, I just love the way that I could do this forever. All right? And then just for fun, go ahead and externally rotate so that we plopped that tissue into the ball even more and again giving ah, hello, katie. So we find something new and interesting, and can you dazzle the ball down on the side of the high a little bit now? So not only are we just prying that buttock off, but we're a little bit trying to fluff some of the outer quadricep, which is covered by a very thick connective tissue sheath called the ilia tibial band. Aurilia tibial track the lateral fashion of the leg, meryl. Oh, my goodness. So this is most needy of needing? Yes, yes, and I'm looking the massage therapist over there and she's, just like I can't have this happen. People must not know how to massage themselves. And if they do, I will be out of luck. You won't be out of business because what's gonna happen is your student, you're going to give them homework right, your client should give them homework and then when they come back to you, you get to work on the really cool stuff like the you know, inter nasal and intra oral stuff you don't have to just keep rubbing their crops I'm saying that would be awesome. Thank you ok let's go to the other side so we're basically creating a little a little heat around the tush and you don't have to necessarily know all the names of the muscles and everything that they do, but what you're look you're on the hunt for stiffness and stickiness I often get asked by people there was a question yesterday about stretch marks and I was thinking about it this morning when I woke up um and while I don't have a really clear answer to stretch mark the stretch marks is a part of the overtaxing of the this more superficial layer of connective tissue the spongy layer and the college and fibres are there literally being stretched to the hilt and then it just starts to affect not only the discoloration but you get a sort of a ah pickling read this way venous in there in some ways it's sort of like cellulite but it's not because it's a different striations, but this is a way to actually fluff and rehydrate your tushy tissues one of the reasons why we get a lot of cellulite although people say, oh, it's genetics, genetic one of my feelings that you did a lot of damage from sitting hours and hours and hours a day, every single day without getting good perfusion into your connective tissues because you're sitting on them all the time. Kelly has a little mobility what he says you're making basically a grilled cheese sandwich out of your butt by sitting on it all day and so when you're a squatter in a walker, your tissues are constantly being fed the nutrients it needs. But if I'm sitting, I'm just creating a damn all day and that damn dries out the the flow of fluids of the proper exchange of fluids. Um, it's like you sit down, you sit on a wet sponge and over the course of a that sponge loses more and more water by the end of the day it's shellacked to itself. And so the analogy is not completely far off with your own bottom. Okay. Oh, my gosh, I want to spend more time on the left side right, then let's cross over. Uh, you guys feel a difference on one side versus the other? Right? And so then again thinking about prying that that outer hamstring away from that quadricep and finding that partition, I like to think of the fashions of the body, the connected to shoes as seems structures they connect things, but they also suits your things so they're like partitions and we're tryingto part the seams here not to see not teo separate to tear away but to actually help induce mohr ability for sliding glide because when your tissues are able to slide and glide on a big level on on a microscopic level, you have more force production and more reactivity and that's what we want on our body to behave you wanted to do what we say to do we're trying to reposition our spine try to reposition our rib cage we have to be able to give it options if we don't destroy defy the tissues that are in the way of movement then we're in trouble for those people who are joining us today and weren't here yesterday just want to remind them where they can get these balls. Yoga tuneup dot com is my website and there's a few retailers nationwide equal knox fitness clubs actually internationally uh they're gonna be carrying him soon in london and toronto, I believe also and then there's yoga studios all over the country small mom and pops and larger chains like yoga works that carry the balls and then petey office is a lot of chiropractic offices, fitness facilities I know of a lot of different cross fits that actually carried the yo between up balls now, but you'll just have to call around and ask, and we have the cape on. Of course, they created life cape on for ten percent off its creative life that time, creative, live one zero doesn't that feel really personal? Like nobody knows what's going on in the side of your hip, except for you, katie, right? And nobody can really get in there like that, except for you, because here you can modulate and moderate how much sensation you can bear or not there. Um, let's, try something, let's, stay here on this side and I just want youto actually activate the external rotated three hip, so we're sitting like like we're just being polite. Nobody knows that there's a ball underneath the side of our hip, and by the way, this is stuff you could do it. You know, when you're sitting in the mexican restaurant, I want you to try to push your knee down towards the ground so you're actually activating the external rotator is while you're externally rotated, by the way, this is gonna help us with our squad leader, and you want to try toe, sort of inject that ball deeper into that and then release, activate it and release, activate and release just a little little fun things that you can do to stimulate all right now. The ball yes, yes, they come in different sizes and we have some questions about which size to use for this exercise when when I'm going well because we're about to do the pelvic floor I'm saving time I'm using the yoga tune up the thing about the smallest one which is smaller than a tennis ball by the way uh to go around those shell to barasa teas and teo really be like a rebel well tool toe pick at the soft tissues the alfa ball is the largest and the yoga tune up plus size that therapy ball plus is the medium size so hopefully you can see the different size they're all made of grippy pliable rubber and the color doesn't matter the color you know you get him in different colors the rubber is all the same they do tend to collect hair this is somebody's lovely hair on this but the pressure of the smallest ball feels like the pressure of a thumb going into your body the plus size because it's a little bit larger feels like somebody's elbows pressure and then the alfa is like somebody's fist and then I like to say the corgis ball which we're not gonna be using today is like somebody's paw doing a transitional grip and shift move like that yeah, it all feels good but you could do that what we just did on the outside of the buttocks with any size ball but now we're going to go right to the pelvic floor how we have the smaller ball so ladies gentlemen, those of you at home you want to be delicate because I can almost guarantee you you're going to find ah hole before you find the before you find that I am sorry it's they're down there right um before you find that perennial body that parent eel attendant so sneaking underneath and don't throw all of your depression and keep your legs crossed there tia yep and you just want toe snake around here like oh, I'm not on the one I'm not on the other I'm right in between and when you first do this you may feel the discomfort of stretch but you shouldn't feel pinching you shouldn't feel um well like something's going up the wrong hole the wrong way on whatever you want to dio outside of the creative live webinar is this fine? Okay, so I've actually personally feel like the wider I go this is a little bit more comfortable for me and what's so great is literally I will do this at the restaurant on the airplane I have to make sure that my seatmate has gone to the bathroom because I don't want them I just don't want them same it's naked underneath there but I'd like you guys to attempt to find your best sit positions you wanna have your brain over the rib cage? The rib cage like we discussed yesterday like a giant bony periscope yngling down and staring down into that bony funnel and we're gonna do some abdominal breathing here and when you do abdominal breathing as you inhale the diaphragm contracts it pushes down and as it pushes down you'll actually feel the pelvic floor. Say, hey, I get to push down too but there's a ball in the way you guys feel that on exhale everything slides back up because it follows the path of the relaxation of the diaphragm and so everything slid there's a little bit up on the ball talks itself up a little bit more just like we did yesterday we also played around with something called contract relax technique so we do a few breaths just to sort of test the waters the contract relax technique is going to actually help to get rid of some of the discomfort of stretch that you may be feeling. So what I'd like you to do is take a big breath in hold your breath try not to breathe in the up there and then I want you to tighten your pelvic floor around the ball literally like a hand mit around the ball your pelvic floor like hand grip on the ball and then exhale let it go it should feel better and like it it's able to actually stretch and deep in its way into you breathe in hold your breath some light hold you're not trying to like contract I think also about contracting the buttock muscles at the same time so if you could do that too so add that in and then exhale let go okay meghan okay what's keep doing that what's so awesome about this and this is what I think of when I'm working on this is oh in four months it's gonna be coming the opposite way right and there's no way teo, I can't practice this literally from inside out I can't get on the inside of my pelvic floor right now and attempt to do this sort of massive stretch the baby's head is what's going to create that massive stretch but what I can do is come from reverse and at a minimum start talking to the elasticity and the pliability of that pelvic floor and what I understand is that you know because mine one of my biggest fears is tearing and is let me real drag if that ends up happening but at a minimum what I can do right now is connect with the elasticity of that and help teo um be able to let it go at will not all of us are aware of when we're gripping our sphincters when we're able to let go this happens this happens deep in the amygdala this is like a lot of our fear responses are completely wrapped around our sphincter muscles her eyes our ears or mouth or gullet deep pelvic floor tissues and so this is one way that I can start to train that response yeah questions I just thought you'd be interested to know that there are quite a few people watching at home and doing this for the kids as well because you're sitting on the bottom line is I love the garden anywhere man says men do this of course meant thank you first you have the same tissues you also have a prostate gland and this is like giving yourself prostate massage from uh inside out and nobody's gotta go up you know up your anal sphincter to do that you khun get this from outside in jill is saying my six year old of my three year old a rolling right along with me and amy wyss has his five year old daughter is absolutely glued to the seven eyes so she was here yesterday she watched the entire day with me yesterday was really worried the brakes man it was over is that a real pelvis? I need a five year old would like tonight that's so it's the model of the pelvis amy it's a model of a pelvis so this is made of plastic and those are all plastic organs on the inside just so that can you hand the hand l ve to me again right just like it's literally like it's like a doll it's like a a doll and anatomical doll and I like playing with anatomical dolls and I also like playing with dolls on uh actually one of the biggest losses I ever had was my uh my family's from new orleans originally and I had a barbie van remember the barbie van I am forty one party van and it was loaded with all my barbies from childhood I'll continue the story in a moment but I want you to do now is bali the ball from side to side so talk to the inside of the issue to barasa he's one of the deep external rotator zahra lot of the deep external rotator sze they have fashioned connections down down here and so this is just one way again that we can connect with the external rotator of the butt from inside which is nice so hurricane katrina my barbie van was whatever her name was lost in the in the hurricane so I don't have my barbie than to give it to my daughter I went on ebay the other day and I started looking at barbie dolls I almost made a huge purchase was like well you know I can't do that yet but I can I honestly think I might be one of those mothers look out oh come on by her dolls all right gosh, I like those dogs all right? But some of the other things that will play around with here is crying little spin this is only if it is tolerable and comfortable and by the way I do this with a layer of clothing on this this I don't do this in the buff I do a lot of rolling literally on my birthday suit on the pelvic floor just out of hygiene I absolutely prefer to have one or two layers of clothing all right since you're the one that introduced this to me do you have another technique around this that you want to throw down um another one is just uh creating a little bit of till so I can hear your post you're tilting of the pelvis as well okay and so when you're doing that ante or post terrier tilting you of course it's not that you're not trying to dodge the ball lodged volunteer your re throw in that urinal spektor sees your small movements will depending on on the cabin space you have down there that feels awesome right and also I feel that sort of having a little discussion with the with the cock six so there is a there's a little bit of movement happening down there okay great urgh now take this out gingerly gingerly course these balls are yours to keep ladies hang on to that uh and let's sit for a moment and one of the first things that you may senses the sort the natural hydraulic of that before you feel that its elasticity seo I'm kind of ah trampoline on the hammock yes, but if you're sitting on what if you're sitting on the cushion you actually might feel a little bit of softening into the cushion itself but those of us sitting on the wood you can really feel the, um the the bounce back to spring back of that pelvic floor now take a deep breath into your gut all the way down abdominal breath hold your breath and then god forbid we're going to a kagel squeeze the pelvic floor all at once and then exhale let go do you feel the unity of that? The completeness of that again deep breath in hold the belly a hold the breath rather give it a little squeeze and exhale mako pretty cool, isn't it? So those of you who are kagel mistresses and cable masters this is another way that you can actually learn to do that action? Of course we're gonna integrate that action into broader movements of the buttocks and pelvis is well, this is not something that we're doing in isolation katie brought up a so many points about that yesterday, but this is actually an action that really happens automatically when we're activating correctly the squat position so let's go down to the ground and work on that oh move slowly on dh try to bring that rib cage and pelvis together as you stand up and let's talk this out of the way and let's move teo let's move teo a plus sized ball for you and you know what? Use that one yeah go ahead use that one remember your mom jean pocket so that mom jean pocket is literally the highest point of your palate in fact you could find your pelvic bone just by finding the top the back of your waist finding the back of your waist and then pushing down hard now this is called the iliac crest we're not going to be there we're not gonna be in the lower back per se or to be just below it where the bone crests and so you come down onto the floor and you lay down placing that ball directly on your I'm on my left side would pick aside any side ladies now I'm using the plus sized ball you can also use the two yoga to nut balls together here which sometimes is a little friendly or kate you might want to do that two balls is a little bit friendlier than one the alfa inouye is actually friendlier in some ways because of the larger and I'll straighten that left leg you have the right foot on the floor that right, fergus slightly behind you and I'm up on me although although you're more than welcome to put your head down on a brick here and rest and just like we did before so we're using the opportunities to locate two shoes but now we're going to activate the tissues and see if we can tryto open up some of the uh some of the soft tissues there take a deep breath in, hold your breath temporarily and then push that left leg into the floor hard so this is called abduction you're creating a contraction where the ball is and then exhale let go and oh yes and make it feel better ish meghan space never lies we should just have like a meghan cam just like I feel truth deep breath in, hold your breath, push the side of that left foot down hard and then exhale let go and do that one more time you breathe in, you hold press activate uh back in college and in my early twenties was a dancer. I was a lot of modern dance I was taught toe like mask my face so it it only had one expression, which was this so I learned how not indicate and now I don't have to do that anymore I can let all the feelings I'm feeling in my toe push percolate into my eyes and you remind me of you remind me of that it's very honest all right then uh anterior and post here tilt in other words make a humping action with your pelvis that's what got us here in the first place right ladies so you wanna talk an untucked is that too much? You created life too much no it's never enough we are on balls after all and it is as one of my dear friends and your baton of teachers more barclay says when you working with balls it's never not funny it's not funny right then find the rainbow shape my gosh of that top of the pelvic bone and so obviously we're laying on the ball it buried none of you in the world wide web can see where the ball is going but it's trying to trace this rainbow shape here does not feel wonderful dish is gonna help your squat I promise squat till it drops lastly keep that leg street find a place on the side of the pelvis for the ball now bind you we already fluffed lower buttocks so this is really the upper buttock territory that we're going after and we also fluff the inter buttock here on the lateral buttock lift and lower leg lift and lower that leg all right and then do a little psychic bicycling take yourself on a mini torta toward a tush toward a tushy very good other side sort of spending about two to three minutes on each side here and adjust the mic pack how's it feeling uh katie it's good yeah it's intense one of the things that were going to breathe in hold the breath push the leg down so you tone up you firm up and then you'll exhale let go to do that three times if you're and we discussed this yesterday when you're introducing different tissues on your body too deep touch, which is what the opportunity balls are, there really are a deep touch deep stretch maneuverer as well as a grippy pain eraser if you're not used to deep touch in certain areas and the tissue at the tissue is has trigger points or it has stiffness or even some dis continuity in there, such as I am an old injury or scar tissue, you're going to feel the pain in the tissue is not that the balls and do pain it's that they find where pain has been lurking that you've been that's been a blind spot for your body, so we're literally getting to see inside the balls are helping us to locate pain and actually do something about it today tracing that rainbow shape and visit different on this side than the other meghan yes different how feels here on the other one feels like there's like a dullness through the whole area so we're gonna we're gonna have like a totally different array of sensation from one side to the other different flavor notes as it were and it depends a lot of it depends on how much we use one side of our body versus another what one side is typically stronger like literally one side of our jaw is stronger than the other did you know you chew more on one side of your mouth and the other yeah do you know what side you chew on marie osmond ugo do you know what side you spend more time leaning into when you're on when you're working on your clients a massage table yeah so as as a teacher of movement I'm always trying to be hyper aware of how my demo ing and my demo ing with my right leg always in my right shoulder always or can I flip it around can I switch it up and this is true for you uh for those of you in in real life too out there when you're cooking do you find yourself meaning into one side versus the other when you bend down teo pick up your baby in the cradle do you find that you sort of twist in one direction all the time as you lean over? Are you taking turns with which our miss scooping are that as you take turns with just like you take turns with uh breast which breast you're using what did we skip here? We didn't do the talking on talk, talk, talk, and again, if this is taxing on the shoulder of the neck, you just put the block underneath your head and you lay down or, like the blink it, tuck it in tuck, and then sweet, that leg up to the sky. Any questions from viewers at home while we finish up this little last outer buti think, come on, then, I can promise you a little tour to toshi. Yes, toward hitoshi, told her. She is right toward the tushie, feels good. So those of you that ride bikes, those of you that are, you know, athletes, triathletes, those that walk, those who that have stairs in your house, any of you, you need to do a little bit of tuning in your tushy.

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so useful, so helpful. Loved the guests. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about becoming pregnant or working with prenatal clients. Great posture & alignment knowledge bombs

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I do definitely recommend this course, though I wish there were room for a bit more nuance in the "of course"/"no thanks" model creativelive offers for reviews. This course is really helpful for thinking through movement and posture issues during pregnancy, and I think I'll take a lot of the lessons I learned here into my daily life even after my baby is born. It's worth sitting through all the lessons, and I am confident that most people will come away with new and useful information. d That said, this course contains a LOT of chitchat, which can be frustrating at times. All of the presenters know each other, and there's a lot of back and forth about their relationships, etc. It gets pretty tiresome. And there's quite a bit of in-course advertising for Jill Miller's products, which I haven't found so much in other classes. Also, I found the advertising for this class just a tiny bit deceptive. There aren't as many "classes" as listed in the description, because some of them are introductions, wrap-ups, and credits. I recommend just skipping those classes and focusing on the ones that specifically name what content they will address. Despite those limitations, I found this class worthwhile...just know what you're getting into!

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