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Graphic Design Fundamentals: Type

Timothy Samara

Graphic Design Fundamentals: Type

Timothy Samara

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Class Description

Well-organized typography is an integral part of good graphic design. Learn how to do it right in Graphic Design: Type with Timothy Samara.

Timothy will teach you how to work with type so it accurately and beautifully conveys information. You’ll learn about:

  • The mechanics of text
  • Choosing and mixing styles
  • Typographic color
  • Establishing hierarchy

You’ll get all the basics for working with type and get helpful insights on developing layouts, improving legibility, and adding details.

Every designer works with type – learn the rules for getting it right in Graphic Design: Type with Timothy Samara.  

Ratings and Reviews

athina k.

Great class! The lecturer was so detail...and at the same time so relaxed and funny. I loved him and understood better things that i' ve heard before, but never cared that much to paid attention to...!

Deb Green

Excellent! I will never look at typeface and daily examples of typography design the same way again! Brilliant teacher who animates the 'deliciousness of an optimal text setting experience' in such a hilarious and engaging manner.


Wonderful class. I have a much better understanding of how to use text in my work. I will be revisiting this class, I am sure! Highly recommend it.

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