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From Photo to Film

Andrew Scrivani

From Photo to Film

Andrew Scrivani

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Class Description


  • Understand the terminology and roles within the film world
  • Learn how to translate your photography knowledge into video
  • Master the different camera movements and visual effects
  • Understand the different roles on the film crew from production manager to assistant director
  • Utilize best practices on set through the filmmaking process
  • Make informed creative decisions as you move to film
  • Determine what gear you need for filmmaking
  • Understand blocking maps, the shot list, call sheets, and other filmmaking organization tools
  • Get started with your film career immediately


The transition from photography to filmmaking is easier than you think -- and it opens a world of opportunities in your career. Apply your still photography know-how and add in a few essentials to get started on creating a movie, a commercial, short films, independent films, and other types of video, for your existing clients or for a new position within a production company.

In this course, food-photographer-turned-executive-producer Andrew Scrivani navigates the similarities and differences between the two art forms and explains the terminology, technical differences, supporting crew, software and everything in between.

Many photographers are being asked to shoot and produce video, yet struggle because video is like a different language. This course navigates the challenges of making the transition, using Andrew’s personal experiences to explore the options that photographers have in making a jump into the film world. Don't start from scratch at film school -- build on your existing photography skills to learn film production essentials to learn filmmaking faster.


  • Photographers interested in filmmaking
  • Beginning videographers with a basic understanding of photography
  • Creatives that want to shoot both stills and video


Andrew Scrivani is a New York-based freelance commercial and editorial photographer, food stylist, writer that made the jump into filmmaking. Building on a long career in photography, his first feature film, Team Marco, is expected out in 2019. Scrivani is the executive director of the upcoming movie.

Andrew's photography has been seen in magazines and newspapers worldwide including, The New York Times, Eating Well Magazine, La Cucina Italiana, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek. Andrew has recently done the photography for Melissa Clark Eat This Now and two NY Times Bestsellers, ABC TV’s The Chew Cookbook and Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen Cookbook.

Ratings and Reviews

Nev Steer

A very well explained class on starting in film production from the viewpoint of a person with a successful photography background. Thanks Andrew.


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