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Fix It In The Mix

Kurt Ballou

Fix It In The Mix

Kurt Ballou

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1 Intro and Overview Duration:14:53
2 General Techniques Duration:13:03
3 Kick Drum Techniques Duration:31:02
4 Kick Drum Questions Duration:18:11
5 Tom Drum Techniques Duration:22:44
6 Snare and Tom Q&A Duration:22:02
7 Overhead Mic Techniques Duration:25:21
8 Room Mic Techniques Duration:23:21
9 Overhead and Room Mic Q&A Duration:04:01
10 Bass Guitar Techniques Duration:19:50
11 Guitar Techniques Duration:10:16
12 Vocal Techniques Duration:11:52
13 Master Bus Techniques Duration:07:47
14 Drumatom Techniques Duration:08:14
15 Snare Drum Techniques Duration:34:13
16 Kick Drum Techniques II Duration:15:55
17 Snare Drum Techniques II Duration:13:37

Class Description

The best way to get a great recording is to start with great source material, but that’s not always possible. Occasionally you are stuck with a less-than-perfect recording and the only thing you can do is to try and clean it up. 

Lucky for you, there are reliable techniques for restoring poorly recorded audio, and Kurt Ballou will teach you everything you need to know in Fix it in the Mix. 

While replacing drums with samples and reamping guitars are often effective ways to rebuild a sub-par recording, they are time-consuming and can diminish the uniqueness of the original recording. 

Fix it in the Mix will explore organic approaches to recovering and enhancing the natural tones from the original performances. Kurt will use recordings from real-world scenarios and walk you through, in detail, the audio restoration process. 

In Fix it in the Mix, Kurt will show you how to think outside of the box to come up with creative solutions to audio restoration problems every engineer has faced. 



An absolutely fantastic course for anyone who is new (or even experienced) on how to use very innovative techniques to help bring some life to an otherwise poorly recorded demo. Thank you Kurt!


another fantastic course in the creative live audio section, kurt kills it,!! thank you!

Ashton Thebault

Definitely some handy tips in here that are useful for mixing live music, poorly recorded tracks and anything else that couldn't be rectified during recording. Kurt gave some tips I had never thought of and there were some valuable insights that came out from his discussions with people in the room. Very valuable if you deal with any sub-standard recordings and if you just want to get some tips.