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Fine Art Portraits

Brooke Shaden

Fine Art Portraits

Brooke Shaden

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Class Description

Forget flashy studios and expensive props. Join award-winning photographer Brooke Shaden to learn inexpensive ways to create elaborate, gallery-style works of art from scratch.

This fine art portrait photography course is dedicated to teaching you how to add fine art sensibility to your portfolio. Through the use of her creative techniques, Brooke shows you how to transform mundane images into dramatic, eye-catching works of art. Intended for motivated beginners and experienced pros alike, this course walks you through everything you need to know to create jaw-dropping fine art portraits and have them hanging on gallery walls in no time. After taking this course with Brooke, you will have mastered new, innovative lighting techniques, Photoshop editing, pitching your images to a gallery rep, and much more.

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Ratings and Reviews

Wesley Carr

Thank you Brooke for an amazing experience. I appreciate your ability to transmit your passion for your art and fantastic ability as a teacher. Even though I was watching online you kept me as fully engaged as if I had been in the studio with you. This is one of the most outstanding courses I have taken. It is rare to find someone who is so genuine and engaging. Fine Art Photography is a difficult subject to teach in a logical and comprehensive manner. Really learned a lot from watching you do the studio shoots and how your technique resulted in easier post-shoot editing. Your presentations were logical and easy to follow, your talent amazing. Thank you for sharing yourself and your art with us. You are a unique and extremely talented artist as well as a gifted and inspiring teacher.

a Creativelive Student

Brook's work is fantastic and I can't wait for her class to begin. This is going to be another class I will be adding to my CreativeLive courses. What a great deal, 3 days for just $99.00. We are so spoiled here at CreativeLive to be given such fantastic Photographers to learn from for such a pittance. Where else could you find prices like these, and get it for free as well! What a Gem CreativeLive is, we must remember to thank them over and over again so that they will keep providing us with such opportunities! We can do this by spreading the word on Facebook, Tweeting it and Pinning it and posting it to Google Plus! Please remember to share the love people, they provide us with the best education on the Internet! So lets pay it forward for CreativeLIve!!!!!

Gallagher Green

I started photography nearly three years ago, and came across Brooke's work a little over a year ago, and loved it. I have been leaning more into Fine Art ever since. I was gifted this course by a friend, and it is outstanding in everyway! Not only does Brooke do a great job in this in every way. But the Creating Live crew does a wonderful job, and the filming is done very well! Even though this was a gift, I am so impressed that I will definitely buy more Creating Live courses in the future, they are worth every cent!!!

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