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Sketching Page 2

Lesson 16 from: Fast and Effective UX Design: Learn the Process

Jose Caballer

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16. Sketching Page 2

You’ve got your customer in your app for the first time - they’ve found out about it online, they’ve clicked and engaged, and hopefully you’ve ensured they’ll return. It’s time to build out the interaction design; what happens on the next screen when your customer explores deeper? Jose sketches the user’s journey and the team considers different built-in features.

Lesson Info

Sketching Page 2

All right, so what we want to do now is when you click on one of these now you have the detail of it so now you have the travel app in full actually great trouble ops is the list now we have a specific um wei have a specific uh app so that makes sense and I'm keeping time keeping this up here kind of blank uh so now I have uh up a name tell me that complains that you have here on we have the rating way actually also have is a screen here but you know what age appropriateness things like that so age we'd have um descriptor tags about it so if it was great for animals or great for creativity that tackle me on it so how how long is that this is a short, very short description? Is it a longer description this or is there are other things that are part of it like, you know it was more coming like ratings from other sources okay? From what source is amazon are okay if it's a so is that radiance from other sources in aggregate is that an important part of it and it's important to let these gu...

ys know what kind of quality this piece of content it's and we could have a smart feed rating be there um there might be other resources that are important for people to kind of determined quality one thing with every time taking a picture of it is uh one thing that starts to happen is that you start actually adding a lot of information on top and sometimes you want to actually have ah reference to what it was before it got really gonna key so it almost uh so I mean I mean gonna notice so what that is all right so it would be helpful tohave ah um and I think this is on there the really quick sort of like save or dismiss you mean the whole the whole out of that list, right? I mean it's at something that is really sure you can add it to but that that gets into when you start prioritizing development and that's where agile comes in where you're looking at all the features so you can weaken go deep heavy duty on everything that napkin do potentially and then translate all of that into sitting down with the development team and prioritizing and scoring all the things based on time and effort and then looking you guys would then have to say, well, yeah let's actually focus on these and there's processes for those so for the sake of this let's just say for sure that you can actually believe and I can't I don't know whether that is a good thing we're about to make it my own idea like if I've seen it five of my kids played with five out of the ten on this list this list is less you tell us what is it the listeners of the up what is it that you want to add you want creating this from this if this app specifically says the app exactly sexually that's actually like that's a make a new list based out of this after so now that we're in the up you're gonna have the same going faster so you can share just this app so now you're it's very similar to again uh two football where you can have like comes after this's app specific this is a piece of content this could be a film this could be something else so okay and then what you're saying is can we have a uh you want to be able teo to add this permanently to another type of lists? It's basically saved files library so you get your building this repository for your your kids you just save it tio child one or whoever you want to your family's library so this is where these come in handling great. So I guess the question for us is we have more information about the ad than that you know we have where is that school on positive filters where doesn't score on negative filters you how does it match to your child's profile? So if you've taken the time to set up values interest in academics we played back to you this is firing on the three values you said in the two interest you liked and to academics you wanted I like it because you liked soccer and leadership tell me that so there's reviews from other sources what else is there? There's um your attributes your family attributes values, interest curriculum and how does it acquire that you have to put them in so if you've told us that about your profile we've tagged all of the media with a siri's of attributes so we'll tell you the genet the generic ones we can tell you right here if you know anything about you but if we know that you had to they were important to you ohio surface surface that got it so so what we could so basically we would have so what I'm doing here is they see there's a lot of stuff what's unfurled what isn't in the app what it sounds like it said this is a priority your attributes so we can have basically a propofol specifically and this is where I want to get graphic would be interesting that that designates this as your as unique to the platform basically to us whatever that might be so basically here you would have uh whatever that designation wass and whatever that scoring system that we were looking at earlier basically it has it there and it might have more actually um uh all right so these air reviews from other people which might be less important um okay so tell me tell me what else it has what I'll buy it yet so I can't get up that might be right underneath it it has um maybe it's embedded in reviews but it has other smart feeding users who have who have reviewed it well got to say you reviews okay okay so reviews what else? So your attributes I'm trying to figure out how to bring it up here and what are they quantifiable hostesses I went back to here this is a score score what is it? It's there's their different you've selected writes a bunch of rank these tax tags tags it's like so interested might be sports soccer, football whatever it might be values that might be it scores high on stories about leadership um so it's it's more of like is it about this or is it not it's not really right? Not really a score here we would just say add it to your library go get it, create a playlist out of it, share it with a friend that's kind of what we want you to do with that right or set up an account because you haven't so we don't have the attributes about you to match too right? So that's a she she's thiss scenario is not in line with that so uh, encouraged her to share badges. So what we need to add is way need to add the ability for her to actually interact with it. So instead of this being bi, um, return, this is engaged with it. This is it. Comeback. And then this is kind of, like, participate. Um, so instead of making that the buying it's not really, like, pick pain for something, the bias that its's one percent that does this so it's a challenge with these business models that the percentage of people who actually do the ratings and reviews it's so small that you have to have a really huge number for it to make sense in terms of the the, uh, you know what I mean? So we have her I'm sorry could buy just be simply set up profile running because I'm not thinking of participate is you know, how many reviews she generates and all that engagement with community and thinking of it more as she's given us her children's profiles, values and interests told ya and and then we can do a much better job of serving any time. Just call it personalized. Yeah, yeah. So this is her basically filling out her full or part part of it. Makes sense after sign up. Have like cards with interest that you can just top on and select. That brings up, and you can skip it if you don't like it. Really, exactly how it's set up like that that's. What the web this set for sure. So the same way. Yeah, the same with for the moment.

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Love this class and so glad I bought it. I'll be able to refer back to his lessons again and again. His work with an actual client is what really sets this class apart, having provided specifics on how to ask a client a question, how to get them down to what matters most and on and on! Can not express how valuable this will be for me. Thank you Jose and thank you Creative Live!

Karey Covey

Great session. Covered a lot of information. Only suggestion for improvement was at the end, just giving a quick overview of the entire process again just to tie it all back together. Awesome info, well articulated, and very inspirational. Thank you!

Gary Harding

Have already recommended to a few colleagues. I am web designer, but I see great crossover benefit in strategizing with my web design clients. p.s. I was thinking that a Smart Feed rating could become a standard used by Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix so it would gain more power as being ubiquitous and useful.

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