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Lesson 6 from: Editing and Retouching in Lightroom Mobile

Jared Platt

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6. Optics

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Now we're going to go into the optics section and the optics section is really important. Let me, uh, go to an image that would be appropriate for it. So inside of the optic section, you have two options here inside of light room Mobile. Um, there's MAWR options inside of light from classic, uh, and in light room desktop, which is the newer version of light room that's on the desktop. But here, inside of Lighter Mobile, you have two options. One is to remove chromatic aberration, and the other is to enable lens corrections. So I'm shooting a fairly wide shot here, and if you can see that, there's a little bit of a curvature here along that window and a little bit of a curvature here. So I'm going to use the lens correction option. Turn that on just to straighten out the photograph a little bit. You can see how it bends because of the lens, so that's off. That's on at the same time as it's fixing the lens. It's also fixing the natural vignette ing that's happening, and when you get back...

into light room, classic or in light of desktop, you can actually adjust that a little bit, especially in light room classic, you have the ability to really fine tune. In fact, you can say I want it to correct the, uh, the vignette ing, but I don't want it to correct the natural Boeing of the lens or vice versa. Now the other thing that's here is the chromatic aberration, and chromatic aberration appears in very specific circumstances. So I'm gonna zoom in here so you can see Do you see that purplish thing, that line right here, that right along that black iron work there is a spill of purple light, and that purple light is from chromatic aberrations. So that is ugly in our photographs, and especially if that shows up on someone's face or shows up somewhere on their shoulder when they especially when someone's wearing like a dark suit against the light sky or a white background, you can oftentimes see that there, and basically it's extreme contrast Edges is where it shows up, and so we want to get rid of that, and I'm going to remove it with chromatic aberration. I'm just gonna turn on the chromatic aberration so you can see like right up here. Okay, We're watching for those little purple lines to disappear, so I'm gonna turn it on, and you can see how it limits them. It didn't make them completely difference. Appear because those air really bad. Was there tough ones? Um, but if I go then into light room classic or I go to light from desktop later, I can further home that and I can actually make those completely disappear. But not here, at least right now, this version of light room, uh, mobile. We're still at a point where it's just on on off switch. But the when we goto light room on our computer, we can actually further home that most time. Most of the time, this will actually take care of those issues. For instance, if I go to this photograph here, I can see that there's some chromatic aberration right along the edge of this cross. And if I turn on the chromatic aberration, it completely removes that line of of color. So in most cases, it actually works perfectly. But in this case, that's some pretty severe chromatic aberration. But we can take care of inside of our other versions of light room

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