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LRC Adjustments: The B&W Panel

Lesson 15 from: Editing and Organizing your Photography in Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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15. LRC Adjustments: The B&W Panel

<b>In this lesson you will learn how to use the Black and White Panel in Lightroom Classic to create beautiful black and white images by adjusting the underlying color in your digital images.</b>


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Lesson Info

LRC Adjustments: The B&W Panel

1 All right, let's go on another little adventure, 2 and we're gonna keep going on these adventures 3 and finding new tools to work with. 4 I'm not going straight down in kind of a linear fashion, 5 but we got another tool to talk about 6 and another photo to work on. 7 So I love this photo. 8 I love the relationship between the horse and the guy. 9 I don't think that this is the best for color. 10 I've got too much blossoming back in the background. 11 Its sun is setting, 12 he's in the shade of the barn. 13 I don't like the fact that it's really warm back there 14 and there's a lot of yellow and green, 15 and then here it's very cool. 16 And so the best thing for me to do with this 17 is black and white. 18 And I think it'll look really great in black and white. 19 So the first thing I'm gonna do 20 is I'm gonna go up to the black and white tool and click it. 21 And there we have black and white. 22 Now, the other thing you can do is hit the V key 23 for very cool black and white. ...

24 So click V there. 25 And now it's color again. 26 V for black and white. 27 And that's V as in victory over black and white. 28 Okay, so we have black and white. 29 We now are in the standard Adobe monochrome profile, 30 black and white. 31 I can always click on this quadrant here again. 32 That's gonna bring up my profile browser. 33 And this right now is on camera matching, 34 which is what's giving us that monochrome style. 35 But what I wanna do is go down to my Black and White Art Pro 36 by Jared Platt. 37 And I'm gonna kinda surf around 38 and look at all of the different options that I have here 39 with black and white in my black and white profiles. 40 And I kinda want this to be, yeah, I like that. 41 Contrast One is my favorite. 42 So I'm gonna click on that one. 43 And so then I can go up to the mount slider again 44 and I can go down to nothing or I can go twice as much. 45 So I'm gonna go to, say, about 50. 46 Okay, so I'm at 50. 47 I like the way that looks. 48 I'm gonna hit close. 49 All right, so we now have a black and white image 50 and we've chosen a specific black and white profile. 51 At this point, 52 the color settings change to black and white settings. 53 And you can see that here, 54 and I already mentioned that, 55 but I'm gonna open that up 56 because in this photograph, 57 there's yellows back here. 58 The horse is fairly brown. 59 His coat is like, I forget what his coat was. 60 Let's see what it was. 61 It's kinda grayish. 62 He's got blue jeans, 63 his skin has orange in it. 64 So these are the different sliders 65 that represent all of those colors 66 that are still in the photograph. 67 Now, what I am going to do 68 is just simply grab the orange and bring it up. 69 And you can see that the saddle gets a little brighter, 70 and so does his face. 71 And I like the idea of his face getting a little brighter 72 because it's in the shade. 73 So I'm gonna just increase that a little bit. 74 Don't go crazy 75 because then you get all sorts of weird effects. 76 So just a little bit of brightness in the orange 77 helps out quite a bit. 78 And then I'm gonna go down to the blue, 79 and I can bring that down, 80 and look, his blue jeans are getting a little darker, 81 which is kinda nice. 82 I can take the yellow and play with it, 83 and look what happens in the background. 84 Now, if I go crazy, 85 I get that weird effect, 86 so don't go crazy. 87 But I can bring down a little bit 88 so that I see some more of that tree. 89 I don't need to see all of the tree, 90 but it helps to see a little bit of it. 91 So I can play around with the underlying color 92 that's inside of this photograph. 93 I like what I'm getting out of that. 94 But more importantly that you should know 95 is if you don't know 96 what these colors are in the background, 97 you can always go 98 to what's called the target adjustment tool. 99 This little tool right here, 100 if you click on it, 101 it's going to give you some cross hairs. 102 So you can see right on his forehead, 103 there's a cross hairs, 104 and then there's a little circle with an up and down on it. 105 Let me zoom in so you can see. 106 See, there's a circle and then an up and down on it. 107 So what you do is you hover over something 108 that you don't know what color it is. 109 So let's go down to his blue jeans. 110 Don't know what color the blue jeans are. 111 And I then am going to use my finger 112 and scroll on my mouse down. 113 And that's gonna deepen. 114 And if you look, 115 you can see over on the right hand side 116 in the black and white panel, 117 you can see that the blue is coming down, 118 and so is purple. 119 So this color is a little bit, 120 a lot blue and a little bit purple. 121 So I'm getting exactly the right color 122 by pointing at it and saying, 123 "Whatever that color is, I want it to be darker." 124 And then I can point at his face and say, 125 "Whatever this color is, 126 "I want it to be a little brighter." 127 And so now you can see that it is mostly orange, 128 but a little bit of red. 129 So I'm just kinda brightening that up. 130 Then I can go to the horse and say, 131 "What color is this horse?" 132 And notice that the horse also has orange. 133 And so if I bring the horse's color down, 134 I'm also going to bring down some of the leaves back here 135 and some of his face. 136 So I gotta pay attention 137 that I'm doing a global adjustment to specific colors. 138 Okay, so that's black and white, 139 and that's a great tool to get to know 140 when you are working in black and white.

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This is a good class, which includes the most recent Lightroom updates. I've watched plenty of videos on YouTube, but this class is much more thorough and is useful to learn more quickly than other options. I recommend it.

Scott Hicks

Just finished watching the entire course. This is filled with a lot of information and Jared takes his time, and goes into detail for you to understand the process of turning great pictures into fantastic pictures. I look forward to watching the other courses in this series.

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