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Adding Metadata to Your Images in Lightroom Classic

Lesson 7 from: Editing and Organizing your Photography in Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

Adding Metadata to Your Images in Lightroom Classic

Lesson 7 from: Editing and Organizing your Photography in Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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7. Adding Metadata to Your Images in Lightroom Classic

<b>Adding metadata to your images is important when trying to find them. In this lesson you will learn how to add important metadata in Lightroom Classic to help you find your images whenever you need them.&#160; Plus, that metadata can include very useful information when describing your images.</b>


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Adding Metadata to Your Images in Lightroom Classic


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Lesson Info

Adding Metadata to Your Images in Lightroom Classic

1 So we've imported our images, we have selected our images, 2 we've organized our images into specific folders 3 inside of Lightroom, we got rid of the dead weight 4 and now I wanna show you how to add metadata to your images 5 if you didn't add it on import 6 or sometimes you actually have more metadata 7 you need to add to the images after import 8 and I'll show you how to do that now. 9 The first way to do it is by selecting all of the images. 10 So I'm looking at all 240 images 11 and I can go into the metadata area 12 and I can click on the keywords 13 and I can start adding keywords. 14 Now, I've already got things like family portrait 15 and lighting lesson and pro photo and ranch and Arizona, 16 things like that 17 but it looks like ranch was only added to a few of them, 18 Arizona to a few of them and so this is the keywords 19 and then if there's something with a star, 20 it means it's not all of them. 21 So I can delete that star and hit Enter 22 and now it's added to all...

of them 23 'cause I've got 'em all highlighted 24 and I got rid of the star 25 meaning that everything in there now has Arizona 26 and I can do the same thing with the ranch 27 and I could go in and I could say it's also desert 28 except it's not desert 29 because I'm not seeing desert in all of it 30 so I'm not gonna do that. 31 So I've got all of the keywords that I want. 32 So I'm not gonna add any more keywords. 33 But what I am gonna add is more metadata. 34 So I'm gonna go into the metadata 35 and I'm going to add a caption 36 and it's gonna say family portrait in, 37 Arizona, let's see, at, at an Arizona ranch. 38 There. 39 So now I have a caption for this. 40 I could put a title in there. 41 I could also go in and put the GPS for the location. 42 I could come in and put my email or anything like that. 43 So if I, for some reason, 44 my metadata didn't get the email in there 45 or the website in there, I can put that in. 46 If it didn't get my copyright in there, 47 I can go and put that in as well. 48 I can say this is copyrighted. 49 The copyright is 2024, Jared Platt and contact photographer 50 and I can say the URL is 51 So I can add any kind of metadata that didn't get added. 52 Now, on import, we did add this stuff with a preset 53 and you're asking "why didn't it import?" 54 Well, remember, I got rid of that one 55 and I went back to the other one and pulled it in 56 and I told you at the beginning, I hadn't set up my 2024 yet 57 so there we go. 58 So that's probably what's going on there. 59 So anyway, but it was a good opportunity 60 for me to show you how to add this stuff after the fact. 61 All right, so I add my metadata. 62 As long as I have 'em all highlighted then we're good. 63 Now, the other thing that I can do 64 is I can click on sections. 65 So I can click on this section here all the way to here 66 and then I can hit Command K 67 and it takes me to the keyword tags 68 and it allows me to enter a keyword 69 and so I can say barn doors and hit Enter 70 and now that is keyworded on that group right there 71 but I have more barn doors to do 72 so I should have selected more of them 73 but I can also come down to this little spray can tool 74 that's in the toolbar 75 and if I click on that, it asks me what do I wanna spray 76 and I could spray all sorts of things like settings 77 and ratings and flags and labels 78 but I can also spray keywords 79 and I can type in barn doors. 80 And as long as I've got that barn doors, see how it's gray? 81 That means this is filled with barn doors. 82 So this little spray can is filled with barn doors. 83 So now all I have to do is spray across these images 84 and you can see how there's like a key line 85 that's a little bit thicker here than the thin ones here 86 and I can just kinda spray across all of these images. 87 Any image that has barn doors in it, I just spray across it 88 and now I'm going to have all the barn doors are sprayed. 89 Is that right? 90 Looking for any more barn doors. 91 Yeah, I think I got all the barn doors. 92 So now I can go in to the same thing and say horse, right? 93 And I can just go back looking for horses. 94 There's a horse. 95 There's horses. 96 There's horses. 97 More horses. 98 So I'm just looking for anywhere that's got horses. 99 Lots of horses. 100 No horses. 101 There's some horses there. 102 Think I got all the horses. 103 Okay, so you can see how I can 104 put a bunch of keywords into the photos 105 as they come in the door during import. 106 I can highlight the entire set of images 107 and add keywords in general to all the images. 108 I can select a group of images and add keywords 109 or I can add keywords one at a time 110 but the easiest way to add one at a time 111 is to use the spray can tool and just put keywords in 112 and then spray it across all of them. 113 So I could do children, I could do woman and man, 114 I could do fence posts, things like that. 115 But what I'm also going to show you a little bit later 116 in the Finding section of this workshop 117 is how you can also use artificial intelligence 118 to find those types of things as well. 119 So you don't have to do as good a keywording job 120 as you used to have to do. 121 So now, instead of keywording just specific things, 122 the best thing to keyword is things like love 123 or sisters, things like that. 124 So if I were really wanting to keyword this well, 125 I would do things that are a little bit more metaphoric 126 or less obvious to something that's AI. 127 So like these are all sisters here 128 so I would just kinda go through 129 and any photo that I had of a group of sisters, 130 I would spray those. 131 Let's see, there's gonna be some here. 132 There's the sisters again. 133 Another thing that I might wanna put in 134 is like father, daughter. 135 So that's another good thing to put in. 136 Let's see, there's some more sisters right there. 137 And then I'm going to, if I'm gonna do father, daughter, 138 I would do father, daughter 139 and that way when I'm spraying father and daughter, 140 I'm getting both of 'em at the same time. 141 So there's some shots here where there's the father 142 and his daughters are in there 143 and so I'm gonna just spray those 144 and I can do the same thing 145 with the mother and the daughters. 146 So I think I've got all of that. 147 So now, I'm just gonna double click the father 148 and say mother and daughters. 149 That way I can get this little group right here. 150 There. 151 So that is more helpful than woman or horse 152 or desert or something like that 153 because AI can find those kinda things 154 but what it can't find is relationships 155 or it doesn't find metaphoric ideas like love or sweet 156 or timid, things like that. 157 So if you have some kind of metaphoric phrase to throw in 158 that would help you find an image, 159 put it in here as a keyword.

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This is a good class, which includes the most recent Lightroom updates. I've watched plenty of videos on YouTube, but this class is much more thorough and is useful to learn more quickly than other options. I recommend it.

Scott Hicks

Just finished watching the entire course. This is filled with a lot of information and Jared takes his time, and goes into detail for you to understand the process of turning great pictures into fantastic pictures. I look forward to watching the other courses in this series.

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