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Lesson 24 from: Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

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24. S.A.N.E. FAQs

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So we do have a lot of amazing questions still left and groups we still have some time wanted to start their way. We have been getting a number of questions jonathan or baylor sounds like everybody calls you baylor is that correct? When I was in college that's what people call me call me jonathan but that's never anyhow so we've had a lot of questions about supplements coming in whether it's this supplement or that supplement um what do you think about supplements in general? General quick soundbite answer is there is no pill powder a potion in the world that will do a fraction of what eating saintly and exercising eccentrically will do for you not even scratch the surface there's no way I think about that of course there are things that are supplements which can be useful but I would just urge people because there's so much of this in the media right? Like what about this magic thing I saw in this talk show and this magic thing like smoke will always damage the respiratory system that...

's it like the cause of smoking is inhaling excuse me the cause of lung cancer is inhaling low quality air. The cause of metabolic dysfunction is ingesting low quality food. There is no substance nor will there ever be a substance that makes the whites in these cookies which air preferred over cocaine in rats to not damage you? The answer is not to take a broken metabolism and to come continue to subject it to this insanity while medicating it it's to free yourself from the insanity that said there are some supplements which can be very helpful one example would be cod liver oil cod liver oil is really not a supplement actually a lot of things will hear that I recommend are just their food so cod liver oil is the lawyer the oil from the liver of cod it is very high in mega three fats and the most useful form of omega three fats as well as vitamin d which many people are short on but again it's not a pill it's not something synthetic it's it's a food derivative I also very much enjoy powdered greens so these are this is a whole food so you have things like spirulina or wheat grass or blue green algae which like if you're traveling and you don't have access to green leafy vegetables, simply dehydrating them and buying them in powdered form could be a convenience. We don't have it up here and it sounds really delicious but there's beef liver is one of the most nutrient dense insane substances in the world and you can actually buy what is called desiccated beef liver tablets who wants desiccated beef liver tablets for breakfast I d'oh but what it is again is it's just beef liver which is against super nutrient dense with all the connective tissue water fat everything processed out so it's just shrunk down and what you get is what looks like a vitamin pill but it's just it's food it's just food with all the water taken out. So I'm really a fan. Of course we talked about way protein can be used. Protein powders can be used really focus on food and if you're going to use a supplement first, could a whole food derivatives such as a cod liver oil or a spirulina powder do the trick? If you want to use a multi vitamin, I personally use a multi vitamin called nutrients, which is a patented formula that allows vitamins and minerals to non compete or not compete with each other and maximize absorption. I think using a multi vitamin is good, but I would really urge you to keep things simple. Remember every single pill powder a potion that exist today didn't exist before we had this problem. So how could they be required to solve it? I hope that's really helpful. Thank you. And people kind of had similar questions around. You can use this you can use this supplement. What about this diet? What about this type of exercise program, so in particular, what about p ninety x insanity crossfit same kind of vain there's always option so there's all these diet and there's all these exercise routine so I'll do the diets first because I lied to on day one remember sanity is a framework that's all it is so if there is a diet that you really like or you want to try to the extent that it can be saying it is good for you to the extent that it encourages you to be insane it is bad for you. So for example, if becoming a vegetarian enables you to eat a massive amount of non starchy vegetables and then you start eating a bunch of plant based whole food fats and you enjoy healthy plant based proteins that's an extremely healthy insane vegetarian diet and you would achieve dramatically wonderful health outcomes if you decided to take on a vegetarian diet and your calories came from sugar which is plant based and a gravity which is plant based and pasta which is plant based and bread which is plant based then that would be insane and wouldn't be good for you so just look a tte any diet and say can I sanitize this and if you can it will help you and if it's insane it will hurt you and then with exercise routines same kind of thing applies look at the principles we talked about right? Can I do this? Can I add resistance easily is it safe? Is it sustainable? Is it something that I can keep up? What like will I get injured? Will I enjoy it? Doesn't make me feel better or worse. So rather than saying it, will it work all of my muscle fibers? So if someone were to say to me like jonathan, what do think about marathon running? I think if you're running a marathon because of something you always do want to do, and it will make you feel better about yourself as a person, that obviously I would support you running a marathon if you were to say, jonathan, would you recommend that I do p ninety x or the exercise routine you just outlined? I would say, will you tell me which one reflects working all of your muscle fibers in a safe, slow, consistent and sustainable fashion? More that's the one I would recommend love that thank you so much. We have a cool b and others who were asking about sleep. You know, we've talked a little bit about sleep during the workshop, but can you talk a little bit more about how to get a good night's sleep? How important sleep is things people can do to make that an important part of our lives, thank you so much for asking that question a sleep we have not talked about, but if there's if there's one thing regarding your health that is more important than saying eating campbell even going to say this but it's sleep because like literally and it's intuitive right imagine you have a person who's getting two hours of sleep per night and is eating a saying lifestyle and is exercising eccentrically like obviously that person's gonna be horribly miserable on unhealthy in fact, the more research that's it done on sleep deprivation, the more nefarious we see it becoming and nothing is more convincing than studies done, which actually show that even so, we talk about becoming metabolically dis regulated and this neurological disruption this gastrointestinal disruption in the hormonal disruption at the heart of obesity and diabetes studies air now showing that even after one night of sleep deprivation, you essentially catch a mild case off all of those things it's it's like you catch a cold it's not sleeping enough can essentially give you a light case off metabolic dis regulation, so it is so critical to sleep. In fact, I've been known to say that if you wake up early in the morning to do traditional exercise, that is one of the like earlier than you normally would that's potentially one of the more unhealthy choices you could ever make because you're trading sleep, which is so metabolically healthy for an activity like if you're jogging on pavement, that is can be quite metabolically harmful, so please don't ever wake up early or trade sleep for almost any other activity. Sleep is critical as much time as you dedicates, like going to the gym, I would recommend trading some of that and sleeping. Oh, I know that sounds a little bit silly. You're too good to be true, but I promise you that if you exercise smarter and the research supports and you take the ten additional hours that gives you back and you spend three of them in the kitchen and then you take the remaining seven and add an additional hour of sleep to your nightly dose, you will achieve dramatically better results and you're sleeping and eating more, which is amazing. So some ways to actually do that. First and foremost, living a sane lifestyle will help you sleep like having metabolic dysfunction causes sleep apnea. It causes bowel problems, it causes pain, which makes it difficult to sleep. So a healthy body is a body that khun sleep quite well. Also, as you, this is going to get a little bit more metaphysical, but as you start to meet thes thes personal challenges head on and you make these smart choices and you practice smarter exercise and you start to see yourself growing and developing as a person, yeah. A lot of those thoughts that may keep you up at night well go away so you're a lot less likely to have sleep this night's because you'll be a lot more happy with your days and then of course staying active doing the e centric exercise those all help with lee won supplement plug that I will give because I use it personal and it's been amazingly helpful for me is if you do have trouble sleeping melatonin and valerian root used in conjunction has been very effective for me there seems to be some research supporting that so sleep incredibly important please treat yourself to it don't trade it for almost anything if you need additional help melatonin and valerian have been affected for me I love that on just a sec quick follow up and we've talked a lot about working out about how to eat around it but do you have a recognition of when like at night in the morning during the day I know don't lose sleep to do it but do you have a recommendation of assuming someone khun fitted into their schedule which I'm sure is the best answer whenever you can fit it in but ideally what's what's the best time to work out when you're most focused so for example, if you're a morning person and you're dialed in in the morning because remember think about it like yoga like if you're gonna be doing some pot's right? You need to make sure your mind is fully engaged this is not just mindless running on the treadmill you want to make sure you're fully there and can fully dial yourself into your exercise. So for some people that's immediately after work for some people it's right before work for some people it's that lunch whenever you khun b most president and most commit yourself to the exercise because that's going to drop your likelihood of injury because you're focused your minds there that's when you should exercise awesome um we have so many more questions coming in do we have any questions from the studio audience before we go back to the internet? All right, cool we want to know about you. Oh, what do you eat and how do you exercise? So we've talked a little bit this morning about you make your soups and what kind of what are the on sundays? And you talked a little bit about your exercise, but give it to us again. All right? So I'm going to do less food group based on actual meal babe because my food group is essentially in the order you see described here so mostly non starchy vegetables baba baba baba but concretely, if I'm really really rushed in the morning, I will have a derivation of carrie's chia seed serial that she shared with us today so it's a it's, a combination of coconut flour, powdered egg whites, guar gum, chia seeds, vanilla zyla, tall lo han go and vanilla. I think that's everything that I put in the vita mix with some ice that make up the night before a drink at the morning of when I know I'm gonna be very busy, as well as with a green smoothie, and my green smoothies are not nearly as tasty as carries green smoothies I usedto as we talked about in day one, I used to be into bodybuilding, so I developed a aptitude for consuming things that are not tasty, because when you need to eat six thousand calories, you sometimes do some weird things to do that. So my green smoothies air literally just green vegetables. They're just green vegetables blended together, so they're not particularly tasty. But I drink one of those on days where have more time I do something that's, egg and vegetable base we therefore tada on let's scramble. My favorite combinations are so eggs and then ham. As an additional protein, sources also gives a great salty flavor. I love to put onions and let's put peppers. I love to put mushrooms, and I love to put kale in those as well when I have a bit more time. So generally something that's, more of a serial based, I actually drink it out of a container, so I have two containers, my green container in my car and then my oatmeal shake thing saying container in my car, drinking that force for snacks. I often don't need to snack because when you eat a lot of food, you don't have cravings, but the closest thing I really like quest bars, they're delicious. I like eating macadamia nuts a lot. So, like when I travel, I basically take a bunch of quest bars, a bunch of macadamia nuts and a bunch of powdered green goodness, and I've got my non starchy vegetables. I got my source of protein, I've got my source of fiber, and I've got my source of healthy fats, so that would be the closest thing to a snack. Lunch is now always carry soups always. Yeah, I just I love him. The way I do carry soups, though, is I kind of a bastardization of them, I just just her soup as an inspiration and make a bunch of the base and then I take seafood that otherwise can be difficult to eat like how do you cook clams or how do you cook oysters which are incredibly good for you like melis cts are some of the most nutrient dense foods in the world so clams for example purchased in bulk canned oysters and I put him in my soup so I've got a base of soup and then I pick my protein sometimes they put salmon instantly put chickens and as I put two and uh sometimes I put in seafood that is otherwise hard to eat so that's ready for lunch dinner is often now carry soups because it is so good but prior to carry changing my life with her soups it would almost always be either a salmon filet or a grass fed beef fillet or some other kind of just meat or fish with a bunch of sauteed vegetables and then I would have one of our same desserts so often eh putting or a one of the cakes or pies that we make so that's right? Awesome thank you I like it eso we've had some questions about kids about people with kids who want teo said kittens weigh about a very important part about kids about people with families who want teo introduce the same lifestyle to them do you recommend changing that in any way uh, four kids for people who are growing say meeting is even more important for kids and it is for adults, right? If you think about and this is, um that I hold myself back a little bit here, but people who are like their brain is growing their their growth like they need nutrition, it's non optional and we live in a society we're like children's food is designed is is the most insane food in the world like do you want to find insane food? Look at children's food, right? There's there's like the adult chicken strips, which are chicken and maybe a few other ingredients and then there's the dino children nuggets, which are just a chemical insane crap storm sanity. What is appropriate for homo sapien consumption does not vary by age and does not vary by gender. There may be some subtle nuance based on preexisting medical conditions, but in general, non starchy vegetables and nutrient dense protein, whole food fats and low fructose fruits making up all or as many of your calories as possible is even more important for growing people than it is for people that are already grown and something people ask what kids don't they need more calories and that's absolutely true, and the easiest way to get your kids the calories they need to function is through hopeful whole food fats easily have a bowl of academia that's just sitting on the counter, right? Whole food fats are a great, healthy source of calories you do not need kids do not need to eat sugar starch to get energy fat will provide all the energy they need. Fantastic. Yes, from the studio. We've been here for two days and no one has asked this question. What is your percent body fat? I actually don't know, but I can tell you so and anecdotally, I am wearing the same pants I wore yesterday. I brought two pair of pants the last time there was a black pair of slacks, I actually couldn't wear them because they were falling off. So, like, I've been doing this for years and years and years, and I'm obviously already fairly lean, but just to put in perspective, how this can help anyone at any stage. Back when I was a personal trainer, I weighed two hundred pounds and I had a thirty four inch waist and I was six feet tall, I'm still six feet tall. Now I and that was me eating dramatically different high start exercising six times per week, at least, like living in the gym, I go on vacation and not be able to enjoy myself because I'm like where's the gym like I have to be going to the gym, I measure my food right cause I thought calories were the be all end all and after all that effort, it wasn't as if I was out of shape. I was in good shape. I was two hundred pounds thirty four inch waist six feet tall today which is twelve years later and you know, I've crossed the thirty year old threshold, which apparently everything is supposed to fall apart at thirty as some of my friends have have told me I still way right on two hundred pounds I have ah thirty inch waist and I exercise one day a week and I sleep better than I ever have and I eat as much as I want whenever I want is long is it saying so I too have been actually had another funny incident last time my wife and I went on vacation, we went down to mexico and I put on my bathing suit, which I wore the year prior, which I don't wear very often because we live in seattle and it was really excited when he got to the resort, so I had my my bathing suit which again I wore the year prior and I see the ocean water that's beautiful and I'm sprinting towards the ocean sprint towards the ocean I'm in the water, I'm running in the water, the first wave hits me and my bathing suit goes there s o so the point? I don't know my body fat percentage, but I can tell you that I too even have a hard time believing how this can work as well as it does with my own personal experience. So john, and before we get some testimonials going, which I'm really excited to hear, what let's talk about now that we've sat here, we've been here for two days. We've taken in the science we've taken in the cooking, the answer who's programs. What is the first thing that you would recommend somebody do to start living a sane life? If there perhaps a little bit overwhelmed? Well besides sleep in water, which apparently everyone's on top of water like that's? Awesome. I should've bought stock in dishonesty or something before this presentation, but so yeah, water and sleep for very important, but but besides that non starchy vegetables figure out how to eat more vegetables. A lot of people find it easy to eat more protein. That's cool, they find it easy to eat more whole food fats, they find it incredibly easy. Tio eat carrie's, amazing sweet treat because they're so freaking delicious, but sometimes we continue to forget the single most important component of a sane lifestyle, and that is double digit servings of non starchy vegetables and I'm going to say it again and I wrote it in the forward for carrie's book, but I've literally never found a more delicious way to eat vegetables eat them in soup form that's absolutely fabulous and you can accidentally what you should generally try to do personally is figure out how to get at least three servings of vegetables at breakfast, lunch and dinner and with breakfast it's either with an egg scramble or just a green smoothie, then at lunch it's sometimes easy because you've got a salad or you just, you know, do another green smoothie or do ah carry soup on the side and dinners often easiest because you would normally serve a vegetable with dinner already, I just want you to serve even more of it, and I just can't tell you the transformation, the abundance of nutrients that that abundance of vegetables will do for your health immediately like skin problems. Clearing up your nails, your hair, your eyes, your sex drive, the bathroom like literally you are giving your body. Many of our viewers probably have nutrient deficiencies like they're literally do not have enough of a substance that is required for life that's what a nutrient deficiency means, so they're not they're actually not living therefore life, and they may never have experienced what it really feels to be the most alive version of themselves, the easiest way to feel more alive is to eat mohr, non starchy vegetables. So please use oops. You smoothies. Do whatever you can. Cover him in butter, cover him and coconut oil season the hell out of him, it's. Not easy being green, like kermit said. But you could do it right. You can do it.

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