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Parting Words

Lesson 11 from: Dramatically Improved Masking In Lightroom Classic

Ben Willmore

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Lesson Info

11. Parting Words

Lesson Info

Parting Words

we've gone rather in depth on lightroom classics, new masking features and I think it'll take you a while to really get used to them. My best advice would be to practice with what is most comfortable to you and then revisit this series of videos in a couple of months because there'll be a lot of small details that you really didn't absorb on the first time through now, you don't have to stop learning from me. Now I do have a bunch of resources for you where you can follow my photography or also get other little trainings. Here's a little info sheet about that. We have a facebook group, which is where you can ask questions and you can post images if you have any issues. You can also find me on instagram and on Youtube. I'm Ben Wilmore. I hope to see you again.

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I have taken almost every course Ben has done for CL and he is an amazing teacher, Ben always starts easy and moves to more advanced concepts - usually ramping things up over one or even several courses. In this course he takes you from easy to advanced concepts very quickly. I loved this course because I can use it to become a much better photographer ultimately reaching (or trying to reach) the advanced levels Ben presents by the end of the course. It is a terrific course from a real master of the photographic editing skill.

Gary Hook

Once again Ben has hit it out of the park. I truly enjoy his instructional technique. By that I mean he explains the point and then demonstrates it talking about what he did. The visual combined with the instruction is highly effective at enhancing the learning. Short, sharp and to the point on this amazing update to LR. Highly recommend this workshop

Christine Stockwell

Adobe’s new masking engine is a real game-changer and Ben does a fantastic job of showing what can be done and how. Thank you Ben! Now I want to go back through my image archive and reprocess many of them.

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