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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Dramatically Improved Masking In Lightroom Classic

Ben Willmore

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

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Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Hi, I'm Ben Wilmore from Digital Mastery and I'm here to show you the newest features in Lightroom Classic. That have to do with masking adobe made a huge change to the masking capabilities of Lightroom. It still can do what the old version could do. And we'll start with some of those features like using a brush to selectively adjust your image and to use a gradient, either a linear gradient or radio one, but there's a lot more now. We can also get Lightroom Classic to very quickly select the sky in a picture or the subject and it's much easier to combine these tools together than it was in the past. The interface has been completely revised when it comes to masking. So it'll take a little while to get used to. Now with this, I'm gonna start off with one of the more basic tools like the brush tool. If you're already familiar with that particular tool, feel free to click on to the next lesson. But by the time we get to the end of these lessons, you're gonna find that we're gonna be maki...

ng some really sophisticated masks and so feel free to work with the same images that I've used here because they're available for download in the extras for this course. And you can import these images into your copy of Lightroom or I've given you a separate Lightroom catalog file to work with. If you want to work with that, all you need to do is in Lightroom come up here to the file menu and you're gonna find a choice of open catalog and just feed it the Lightroom catalog file that is provided. Then when you're done working with that catalog, instead of choosing open catalog, just come right down here to open recent and the most top most one should be the last one you worked on. So therefore you can quickly get back to your personal Lightroom catalog file. So now you know how to get to those files. Then we can dive right in and start using Lightroom is masking capabilities.

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Masking Catalog
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Ratings and Reviews


I have taken almost every course Ben has done for CL and he is an amazing teacher, Ben always starts easy and moves to more advanced concepts - usually ramping things up over one or even several courses. In this course he takes you from easy to advanced concepts very quickly. I loved this course because I can use it to become a much better photographer ultimately reaching (or trying to reach) the advanced levels Ben presents by the end of the course. It is a terrific course from a real master of the photographic editing skill.

Gary Hook

Once again Ben has hit it out of the park. I truly enjoy his instructional technique. By that I mean he explains the point and then demonstrates it talking about what he did. The visual combined with the instruction is highly effective at enhancing the learning. Short, sharp and to the point on this amazing update to LR. Highly recommend this workshop

Christine Stockwell

Adobe’s new masking engine is a real game-changer and Ben does a fantastic job of showing what can be done and how. Thank you Ben! Now I want to go back through my image archive and reprocess many of them.

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