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Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners

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9:00 am - Intro & Michelle's History

Michelle Stelling

Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners

Michelle Stelling

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1. 9:00 am - Intro & Michelle's History

Lesson Info

9:00 am - Intro & Michelle's History

So thank you for being here, vicky and stacy, I'm so excited to get started, thank you, internet watchers as well, I'm sure has some of my members in house. One thing I was thinking about last night is the title seems a little bit misleading because the introduction word we're going to cover a lot more than just introduction, we're going to be covering a little bit more into the intermediate as well. So just be those of you who have been using photoshopped elements for a while don't let that word mislead you are fool you because we are going to be doing layout such as what we have up here, and I'll kind of go through that in a few seconds with that said, there are some places that you could get in contact with me. I am the owner of the national association of digital scrapped because I know that's a lie long word, so we narrowed it down to end a ods dot com. You could also email me, since I'm gonna be here for the next three days. I don't know if I'll be able to get in touch with you w...

ithin twenty four to forty eight hours, but that's usually the time it takes for me to get back to you so you can email me at info at a ods dot com we're also on facebook a lot, so I do a lot of different competitions contest when I'm going to be doing my free classes so you can check me out at facebook forward slash learned photo editing, and I did watch melanie's duncan's creative life session a few months ago, maybe a few weeks ago, and I got into pinterest, so I was never into pinterest until I watched that, so I do have a pinterest account now in its forward slash n a o d s, um, youtube as well forward, slash michelle stealing, so I wish they were all consistent, but, you know how it is, some of them are taken already, so but those air there's, or how you could get in contact with me. All right, I'm going to kind of tell you a little bit about how I got started and it's kind of kind of a funny story, and once I get into it, but I grew up in southern indiana and moved to colorado about twenty years ago, and I graduated with a commercial art degree, so I don't know if any of you out there remember the term commercial art, but it was a degree that was kind of like graphic design, and basically, when I got out of college, I started working for an ad agency, which was like the best job tow land right out of college we I was thrilled but it was in commercial art and so we were copy and paste and just you know put things on the paper there were there were no computers really packed like they were just getting started there was the big mac and everything but I think I took one class in college so later I became a graphic designer and a web developer for a few years whenever that craze was happening and that was a lot of fun too and then my friends started getting married I was still single and I thought they would talk about scrapbooking and I'm like I am never scrapbooking never scrapbooking that just doesn't sound like fun to me whatsoever but I finally got married after thirty six years got married and had a baby and I thought mmm I think I need to start keeping these memories and I started traditional scrapbooking I don't know if there's anybody in the chat rooms or not that do the traditional scrapbooking if they're thinking about switching over to digital I'll be kind of cool to see versus traditional versus digital but it would kind of be cool to see if you want to go into the chat room and say which one you're doing and you know things like that but anyway got married in two thousand three had our son in two thousand four and then I started scrapbooking traditionally which means those of you who are not familiar with the traditional scrapbooking term is you would go out and you buy the papers and the embellishments and then bring him home and then glue them together which is really fun I'm kind of a crafty person on graphic design background so I really enjoyed that but just getting it all out and putting it on the table and then putting it back I didn't have like a little studio which would be really cool and then with a son running around everywhere trying to grab everything so I have been teaching taught adobe products for a long time I'm like why not just do this on the computer and this was back in two thousand five I guess and so I started doing it that way and in two thousand seven I started an a o d s and that basically kind of that's where I think I'm going to stay for the rest of my life pretty much because it's kind of a fun job to have because I get up in the morning and I can d'oh what I love to dio so and I have members out there who could tell them all the time the best group of people in the world from australia teo new york teo all over the united states canada on dh it's really a lot of fun even though I don't get a meet him in person do a lot of webinars on dh things through that association my very first customer was sixty seven years old so if you think that you're too old to start don't think that way because it's really once you get to know the program and you do it step by step it's not as bad as people make it out to be so what you want we can share with you joining us on what what kind of scrambling over they are I think that'd be fun yeah actually let's hear a net d does paper scrap booking is well it's digital and mixes all kind of mixed media stuff annika is traditional digital hybrid which is the best of both worlds nancy g from albuquerque says I do traditional but I'm also so ready to do digital so that's a little bit I mean we have more and more people join right and when they're talking about hybrid scrapbooking that's what a lot of people start doing because they buy all these supplies in there they're not cheap and you have all these and you're like what am I going to do with all these embellishments and things where you can mix the two so that's kind of like the jumping over stage maybe do one year of that and then you go full blown digital so that's what they're talking about when they say hybrid do any of you to do hybrid are you all digital and you're you're just getting started? Yeah, uh we'll get you there and you do all digital? Yes, mickey all right, so let's, talk about what we're gonna be doing in covering in the next three days. So day one, we're gonna talk about what is digital scrapbooking so because I think there might be a few people inside of the chat rooms that may have david don't even really know what digital scrapbooking yes, so we'll talk a little bit about that. Why do we use photo shop elements as opposed to photo shop? Because there are I know there's a lot of photographers out there that might be viewing this and they're like, well, we use photo shop, but you know, a couple of my members, they still use photo shop so it's not a big deal, they're very similar and I'll tell you why I used elements I'm going to show you some examples and there's many possibilities out there all of these back here have been done in photoshopped elements, all these different layouts and like I was saying about, um, the introduction don't let the introduction word fool you because we are going to be creating this layout on day three this one here I think, is going to be tomorrow, and this is a beautiful print by persnickety prince you know if you can see that but it's got a little metallic glare to kind of see that persnickety prince is a place that I got my prince dance most of these prints done up here and, um we're gonna talk about quick pages clusters did you kids we're going to dive into the interface of photo shop elements which you know it's pretty similar to almost all kinds of the same applications as photo shop of course, but you have your tool bar you have your menu bar going to go through most of those we're going to cover the crop rotate zoom clone stamp my favorite healing spot healing brush takes the way wrinkles or really quickly the red eye tool and there is a new one with version twelve it's called the I don't know what it's called but you know how when you take a picture of your pet and they have these glowing eyes and they look like they are possessed photoshopped twelve has a really cool click click and they're gone so to show you how to do that layers you can't really work in photoshopped elements without knowing layers now I don't I don't know if anybody the chat room started out with photo shop twenty years ago when I first came out, but they didn't even have layers in that first version and I don't know how we worked without layers layers air basically putting things on top of each other, you can move him around if you want to, they're not stuck there and it it makes life so much easier, so I don't know how we dealt with that we're going to talk about selections, which is a big part of creating pages were going to be using a quick page and that I think is going to be today. Yes, today, day one and resolution why resolution is so important to anybody out there just overwhelmed with resolution and dots per inch points per inch when you scan things in what size do you scan it in? At what resolution do you work with those types of things we will cover day too? We are going to continue with the interface photoshopped elements twelve when you cps e that just means photoshopped elements twelve and that's the latest version it just came out a few months ago, so we're going to talk about where you can purchase those selections feathering paint, bucket, russia's guides, grids, rulers, all that kind of stuff text you have to work with text when you're doing memory making, you have to do journaling, you have tio put parts in there that you may not remember twenty, thirty, forty years from now, you always think, oh, I'm gonna remember who was in that picture but ten, twenty years down the road you may not know their names, so make sure you put journaling in there and we'll talk about that we'll talk about the frames, the basic frames that come with elements and cookie cutter tool etcetera were gonna retouch photos restore old photos thinking outside the box what kind of memory photos that you should be taking not just the regular birthday and holidays just kind of get your mind open to, uh things like that we'll work with filters, brushes, grady it's, incorrect backgrounds like john was saying, we're going to create our own papers going to create a quick lay out using a pre made template day three we're going to talk about creating your own papers and grab backgrounds on day three learn how too interlaced photo seamlessly this is a cool one it's called photo merch and my son did a twelve by eighteen watercolor and it was gorgeous, of course he's seven years old and it was called the lost cowboy boots and so I really wanted teo make a card out of that, so it was way too big to put into my scanner. It was a twelve by eighteen so I had to do it in quadrants I scanned the top half of it and and let me see if I can find it here is the actual card that I made out of it and, um, he wrote a little story about it as well, so I had to do in quadrants, and when I brought it into photoshopped elements, I just said, here, take these four pieces and put them together, and inter laces them within seconds. So that's a pretty cool thing, or if you're going to do in a panoramic view, you can click, take your camera, click and do four shots and then put it in there and in all interlaced together. So it's kind of fun. Okay, we are also going to cover going to use a digit to create a layout and all of the the's right up here, some of them are digit kids. We're gonna learn how to clip a photo inside of text and create a postcard using a cluster. I don't know if I have that sample out here, master the various selection tools to help make beautiful collages, and you don't want to miss that day because that's going to be like a jam packed fun day when you're going to say, oh, that's cool that's that looks pretty easy, I can actually do that now. One of the reasons why I started my own business because I was teaching for various colleges in the denver area was because it was definitely knew that's what I wanted to dio and I just loved the students that was my biggest thing so let me just read a couple of these these people email me and I kind of saved him I put him on my website these just screen shots on my website sherry says I love being able to sit at my computer in my own home and learn digital scrapbooking and making my pictures look better and then peggy says we heard her daughters and her daughter in law's they kind of get together she says and we all do digital photography and have been traditional scrap pickers for years and are very excited about changing over to digital scrapbooking so much better and I love this one from jackie I lost both of my parents very recently and I'm trying to make digital books about each of them this is a really this is really a lot of fun and I mean progressing much better than tutorial videos than I was when I purchased the books a lot of people tell me and this is how I am and I do like to read but I don't like to re tutorials I think it's heard you read it and you go try it and it doesn't work the way it says it's supposed to work so that's why I love creative live too because you could go back and watch it over and over until you master it so love that one two more susan you have really got me fired up about learning elements now which is a great is great considering I have been scared to death of it and I know a lot of people say that opening the program and feeling so overwhelmed and thinking I can really learn this you have eliminated some of the fear and replaced it with excitement and mary love her she's been a member for ever from michigan she says I always I was always interested but intimidated you have helped me make the transition digital is all right here at my fingertips thank you, michelle forgetting me past that fear and helping me make some awesome pages so what? What's stopping you wandering in the chat rooms that there's people that are in the same place as some of these viewers there are but we actually have some people who just want some clarification think this is probably the best time to do that dylan away and menjivar photography poison I got that wrong antonetti they're also just wanting those bases before we get going can you use regular photo shop or does it have to be photoshopped bellamy's you can use regular photo shop on dh others are saying they're using photoshopped cc can all of those be done? Yes you know photoshopped elements is supposed to be a lighter version of photo shop and I can kind of tell you a little bit if you're a graphic designer or a photographer you're probably gonna stick with photo shop but photoshopped elements and all kind of get that here in a few seconds but I'm just going to have an overview photoshopped elements is kind of geared towards scrap booker's, but ninety percent of stuff that you can do in photoshopped you khun do in elements and vice versa and then actually that is the interface of similar enough to where if you are using photoshopped oh and or photoshopped elements that you will be able to learn right along pretty notch I think you know, some of the tools might be in different locations in fact, I'll talk about this in a few minutes here they're very similar and it's amazing how cheap photos of elements is when photo shop is not very well phrased so what is stopping anybody out there if anything's stopping you fear intimidation worried you won't won't understand it well or the next three days if you're still fearful, let me know because that I did not do my job um you have so many products that you have that you bought and and you don't want to get rid of them what do you do? Well, we will talk about that a little bit earlier with the hybrid part all right? What is digital scrapbook anna's took this from about dot com digital scrapbooking also referred to as didi scrapping or computer scrapbooking, which involves the use of computer and graphic software to create visual layouts for the purpose of preserving a memory digital scrapbooking involves the use of digital photos, graphic textures and various various embellishments. Okay, what are embellishments of people probably going to ask? Well, there's tons of them out there, digital scrapbook her designers out there create these awesome flowers, ribbons, um, tags, um, and you can buy them off the internet, and I'll show you where, okay, what software do I need now? This is kind of what we were talking about earlier, where there's questions about photoshopped versus photoshopped elements, there's all different kinds of software out there, so you don't have to go with elements. I'm just saying that I think that's probably the best one to choose if you're going to be choosing one if you don't have anything at the moment. So we I decided to go with photoshopped elements back in two thousand seven because I was teaching both ways. I was teaching elements and photo shop, and that was a lot of work, and I noticed that there was more people coming to my elements class than there were coming to my photo shop class, so instead of doing twice the work, I thought, you know what? I'm just gonna focus on elements and make my life a little bit easier because that's what I'm trying to do to simplify my life that's what my goal is to simplify my life so that's one of the reasons why I chose photoshopped elements and it's cheaper so you can get it from I think vicki you were saying you just got it from costco over forty nine dollars so forty nine dollars is a pretty good price for something that's very comparable to photo shop now you may not find it for forty nine dollars but check out costco and there's a couple other places that I'll tell you compper chis it at an adobe of course it is adobe product so you can purchase it on the dhobi site as well it is easier to use and it's geared toward scrappers these are just some of the layouts that we will I don't think I'm going to the middle way out but the moab lee out and then the sports one down there we're going to be creating that on day three and that I you know I kind of showed you a few of these different samples here this is from a template so if you're not really creative um you can use templates and very, very simple you could probably put this page together within five to ten minutes or so and we'll be doing that as well you can also create great black and whites and you can take I'm not a photographer I wish I were a super ice but I'm not a photographer and I took this picture of emily over here to the right and just with my nikon d seventy just the right no, I didn't worry about anything I just did automatic and I kind of spiced it up a little bit by just using some filters we're going to talk about retouching and also enhancing photos car design you could do car design postcards five by sevens we've got oh one year I made a bunch of bookmarks so I got a few samples here. Um and that was kind of fun to do because of what my son he's he's reading now he's nine years old and he would always put like pieces of paper in there and I'm like you want maybe I could make you some really cool bookmarks so he's into all kinds of sports so here's a couple and at minute he I did some for his team as well so you could do like a team shot on one side and then you could flip it over. This is just I know one of my members loves horses, so I kind of did a class for her with that and then just flip it over that pretty easy to do in photoshopped elements and then for my son school he was he's so cute he thinks they can sell things that recess time and then they can give to a charity so we're like what can we sell instead of the bracelets I don't know if you guys are all into that kind of stuff for the rainbow loom you don't have any kids you have no idea what I'm talking about but so he was selling the rainbow loom bracelets and I'm like why don't you come up with something different cause everybody else was selling them so we made these these little cards and he helped me make them so that was kind of fun this is just a four by six really this is just a four by six and then you just cut it in half and pasted together to do a back uh front and back alright custom layout using template so if you've never heard of the word template you're going to get familiar with that as well and those air sold all over the internet snickerdoodle designs by care and I'll mention that a few times and she does some awesome work and it's just basically displaying the papers and clipping them into that into that temple it okay filters air a lot of fun I know when I first started teaching for different colleges you know when grady ints came about the rainbow grady in everybody was like oh I'm using the rainbow grady in for every layout that ay dio and after like a week of that you like okay, I'm going teacher no more rainbow grady in now some of the filters are really cool though I must say and you can do some really fun graphical things but it is funny how sometimes when a new filter comes out everybody's using it same with every industry but thie graphic novel just came out I think it was inversion eleven and I really like that one that one's the one on the right and you can take just bits and pieces of it and apply that filter to just parts of of it photo restoration that's a biggie a lot of people have all these old photos laying around and they want to scan them in and we'll talk about what size you need a scan on me and at because some people like they don't even know about resolution and they're they're saying so we do it seventy two, three hundred what what do I need to do is faras that so there's the before and after my grand parents and anybody have any questions in the chat room are out in the audience? Well you know you asked earlier what's stopping us or what stopping anyone and maybe our students here can share is there anything that would stop you from jumping in once I tried it there's no going back so much less cumbersome than the traditional scrapbooking. I didn't have boxes of flowers and ribbons and stuff laying all over the place. Yeah, I think with me, I just never really thought to use photoshopped that way like I've had photo shop and use like layers, and I come from a background of our technology. So it's right here is yeah, I should do it, and I have so many pictures that it could I could do that. So it's just like opening opening my world it is I know I had one lady email me a few months ago, and she says, you opened my eyes to a whole new world. I'm a graphic designer, and I didn't even think about doing digital scrapbooking. So it does. And it's funny because it is right there, and it even took me a while to go. Uh, what? Why am I doing this? But I do love with papers and stuff like that, but it was like vicki was saying, you know, it kind of takes away the clutter, and it gets all in once, but I like to be organized that way. So echo of that, I mean online, I mean, obviously, this is a place where you can chat and you're learning. Here along with us there's a lot of information being passed back and forth of why wouldn't you why wouldn't you and all of the benefits of making it easier making it more streamlined putting it into the flow of how you document so yeah yeah cool good good all right so who is this class for? Well, if you answer yes to any of those I think it's for you I think it's for anybody that's viewing that takes digital photos um anyone who wants to enhance their photos in a creative way anyone who wants to restore or retouch old or new photos I know whenever I get my picture taken I first thing I do go in there and use that spot healing brush bam bam bam okay, cool they look about five years younger that's good or you can use the liquefy tool you know, ten pounds fam you're good so that those two to ally automatically run to those right away anyone who wants to learn how to use photoshopped elements maybe you're a graphic designer and you just need thio kind of brush up on some of those tools open their minds to create a memory making. I know becky higgins was here a few weeks ago and I came into her class a few times in not into the class but online and I know she kept on saying, you know, scrapbooking kind of has a negative tenancy people to scope, scrapbooking all that's not for me, but really it's memory making. So I like the fact that she said that and see how easy it is to work with prick pages and digit kits. Anyone who wants to allow your friends and family with professional collages or just wants to have fun where can I get elements we talked about? Adobe could just goto dot com. They have a free trial version, too. Those of you who are just going I don't know about this. I don't know about spending fifty dollars, go online, get the thirty day free trial, check it out and see if it fits for you so that's, always nice any local office supply store, sam's or costco? Vicky was saying she just got it for forty nine dollars online at costco, and I don't even if you're not a member pressure. One of my members said that she wasn't a member and she got it for it was only fifty nine dollars, so might want to check that out. I'm not so sure, and I don't know how long that offer is going to last, but it might be still on sale. Have any of you guys heard of the cloud, okay, do you know what that isthe? You probably know more about it than I do, teo it's just basically where you pay monthly and you have all the adobe products there at your fingertips is that right and the one of the advantages of the cloud as I understand it is that you get the updates as their develops so you don't have to wait eighteen months to two years for a new version of photoshopped to come out they automatically updated and so you could take advantage of that that's how I understand it as well now photoshopped elements is not part of the cloud and I don't know if it will be I don't know if that's a good thing bad thing I think it's a good thing because it's a one time purchase so that's kind of an advantage to me that I purchased at one time now every year right around october is when the new versions come out so like I have eleven and twelve twelve just came out so you would have to purchase that every year if you wanted to stay up with the latest and greatest so you can always do that okay where can I get my work printed all kinds of places on the internet? Um I used to always take mind a costco because it was really easy and convenient it's a one hour process persnickety prince they do such a great job that I'm kind of like switching over getting more things printed by them. A lot of things I'm going to show you are printed by persnickety shutterfly I love shutterfly these books were all created by the cia think make sure this one was a shutter flight book and then another thing to what size does everybody want to go with? This one here might have been my publisher. No, that was a shutter fly. So this one here is a ten by ten and I really love this size a lot of scrap booker's dio twelve by twelve do you guys do twelve needed for twelve? Yeah, and I like that size two but it's kind of it's a little bit big for me. So then I started doing the eight by eight because they did not have ten by ten they just kind of I think just recently they started doing a ten by ten but shutterfly is really good for people who may not want to dive so deep into digital scrapbooking. But you can just, you know, play saw your photos inside of a book and that's a really quick, easy way to do it as well. Some of the things that are really cool about this is you can, you know, scan in this this is the letter that my son wrote to santa when he was six years old he wanted a fuzz fuzz oodles cotton candy maker blizzard maker talking monday night football a water bottle I love the way he spelled it w o o d r but just things like that are so cool I'd love that, you know, it might not mean anything to you, and then every year, whenever he gets all his presence, I make him line them all up and put him all around him just because I don't want so many pictures, you know how you take picture with this present picture with that president? I kind of just every year I'd kind of dio and I kind of simplify everything, so I don't have so many pictures because you really you don't need to have tons of pictures, you just have to have the ones that the memories were made with come up touring scrapbooking course, I'm going to ask you how you deal with this because a lot of our audience for asking they have difficult kids who do not want to go to go see your son is very well, very harding to get a little bit. Do you have any tips for sort of recalcitrant children who? So how parents could do with them so they can memorialize them something they will regret later they don't yeah, well, you know what I was watching? Is it laurie that's doing the thirty days I was watching her eye popping in and out a lot and I know she was saying that she had one boy who was not behaving and they went ahead and logistical hand take picture and actually those pictures are sometimes the most fun to look at like when I look back at my pictures I remember I have one with a big teardrop running down my face and I look at that I go you know what that's read that's life that's how it is so you know you just gotta roll with it you can't really control your kids. I am lucky though he he gets into his moods where he'll let me take a ton of pictures and then he will be kind of, you know, persnickety about it, I guess it's good work first make any princes greatwood my family album is basically I'm missing from it because there's a child I just hated having my photograph taken, I still do it but it's so I always would either hirai the ruined every photograph or I'm not actually in them well and you too. If you had one that was good, we could take the the one who is good and just superimposed with photo, hoping that we could go back, we got one person that's frowning, you could just take that face and put into the the other one one more it's a good traditional I know, but some of those pictures would have been fun to see you like being all mad and, you know, hiding somewhere wouldn't it be kind of fun to see how persnickety you were? Justin but now I think you know you can't control it depends on what age group it is, but you really can't control your kids sometimes. So you got to roll with the punches, I guess shutterfly my publisher walmart, walgreens target I don't think they do the twelve by twelve so so you probably just have to go with a standard sizes for that depending on what size you want, you can print it from home. Do you guys have printers that do you print at home? The key I use costco quite a bit from my great big prints, but the others I printed home okay, yeah, in your still got a hand of goingto walgreens or something? If I get the bug to actually print yeah, photo off. So yeah, we need to get you going way and you can always check the internet. The prices are coming down a lot like costco's. Usually, uh I think that twelve by twelve are around two ninety nine and then you can get a twelve by eighteen, which is kind of cool because here's what I used to dio um I would do the twelve by eighteen and then I would do a twelve by twelve it's hop and in to six by six is at the bottom that would give me three pages so let's just say I had three kids, which I only have one, but if I had three kids, then I could take that twelve by twelve used that one for the particular kid that what he was mostly apparent in or whatever and then take those other two smaller six by six is and make a small six by six book as well and get there would be a dollar each, so I'm always trying to find the frugal ways of of making it less expensive but persnickety prince there twelve by twelve they're only a dollar ninety nine and their quality is excellent. All right, how am I doing for time? Pretty good. Okay, awesome. Okay, what if I'm not creative? That's a biggie that a lot of people say, um, I don't I don't know if I can create these beautiful page as well. Templates again, did you kits have are very helpful? Pinterest anybody on pinterest out there? I think there's a lot of creative that are on pinterest and there's a ton of great ideas that you could find out different layouts and spark you to create your own page is idea books can be found at michael's or hobby lobby do a google search and you'll find all kinds okay, um, a real quick short story that's kind of kind of funny to me now, but a couple years ago I was going to go out to lunch with a good friend of mine and missa from brighton hyphen photography, and I went to her studio and she's sitting there behind her computer and she's watching her computer intently. Unlike what's, what are you watching? This was a couple years ago, she says, I'm watching this thing called creative life it's really cool there's this lady called super ice on here and she is awesome glamour photographer, and I'm like, okay, let's, go to lunch! I kind of looked at it and that's kind of cool and we went to lunch and she kept talking about creative live how she's hooked on creative life I'm just curious all you internet people out there, how many of you is this your first time in a creative live atmosphere on the korea let trap rooms? I'm really kind of curious to see how many of you our first time viewers, because I know a lot of my members might be in the chat rooms and I don't know if they have ever heard of creative life before, so I'm kind of curious, but the funny thing is is I then later that day I had like ten minutes where I'm like oh, I can jump online and see what creative life is all about started watching soup rice and I'm like, wow, I want to become a photographer I don't know if you got probably senior stuff like I think I want to become a photographer she just makes you want to be be a photographer so I got hooked on creative live and I started watching it all the time here's me hooked on creative life okay, I was every time I'm cooking I'm like ok, bring my son's computer in here let's watch this and I'm doing this oh yeah they're supposed to do something else so I love to know how many of y'all are done creative life and this is me and my son fighting over his laptop because this is sad I just know I'm suit not lazy but I just don't want to unplug everything and bring it into there and he's got his laptop just walking around everywhere and so I convinced him to buy a laptop and I was kind of secretly thinking okay, this will be cool for me so he paid half of it and I paid half of it and he's like mom stop watching created so I just thought that was kind of funny now we can go ahead we got much more time we got forty five so we could thirty okay do we want to go ahead and switch my computer over and start jumping in? Ok does anything out there? Oh yeah we have I'll share first us is it your first time joining us? Yeah I'm creative live and we do have some first timers so welcome to creative library so happy to have even then we have some seasoned watchers welcome back again to you on dh then we also have a confession but we do have confessions of people saying they've been hooked on creative life for a year now that that's a t w bed to welcome back two w ken from vegas said he got hooked on creative live jury photo week celia is saying is the first time ana luisa is a second time and occur she says she's had created by addict there is therapy for that but thank you appreciate it thank you for the confessional how's andi are saying she's also see aladdin but this is the first time with becky as well, but lots of people saying they've discovered a michelle through created by all they've discovered created life through michelle so welcome to all of you all of you addicts and all of you first timers were really pleased to have you teo okay and I know vicky veer you've been a creative live you are for a while t e I e I think, is awesome. I love tto learn, and this is right up my alley for creatives, right up my alley. So this is almost replacing my tv at times. So it's, kind of nice.

Class Description

Tired of having a closet full of scrapbooking supplies? Ready to save your images in a more secure, permanent way? Join Michelle Stelling for an introduction to digital scrapbooking.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Photoshop Elements 12 to edit images and create simple templates, digi-kits, and retouch old photos. Michelle will cover feathering, clone stamping, adding text, and other tips and tricks for presenting your images. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot common image issues using red eye reduction, spot healing techniques and more. You’ll also learn about working with brushes and textures to create your own papers and backgrounds.

Whether you’re an at-home crafter or professional photographer, by the end of this course, you will have mastered a whole new way to preserve and share your images.

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I really enjoyed Michelle's teaching style. I'm new to digital scrapbooking and am on my way to becoming an die-hard convert. Thank you so much for explaining everything so clearly. I'm so glad I bought the course and all the extras you gave me were wonderful - a quick way to get started. Hope to see you again on CreativeLive soon!