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Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners

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12:45 pm - Photo Restoration: B&W and Color

Michelle Stelling

Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners

Michelle Stelling

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15. 12:45 pm - Photo Restoration: B&W and Color

Lesson Info

12:45 pm - Photo Restoration: B&W and Color

All right, so I'm gonna pull up the beginning photo. I'm going to the black and white one first. Normally what you do is you you scan it in as a j peg or a pdf either one is fine on. Then you bring it into photoshopped elements, so you scan it. It says what you want to save it as I usually save it at the highest quality that you can. And it is kind of disappointing sometimes because those older photos, sometimes they're really, really small. This one was like this little and I really wanted to do like a four by six of it, so that's taking it and enlarging it twice the size. But you do what you can that's all so this size, if I wanted to find out the size of this that I scan it in at, I can go into imagery, size and image size, and this is getting close to a four by six I think I I'm going to end up having it as a four by six foot four by five. So the first thing that I normally do is I normally crop right away just because I don't want to deal with all the other stuff like in the upper...

left hand corner, there's. Same yellowing and I don't need that in there anyway, so I'm not gonna worry about that. Some people go in there and then they crop it out later and they spent, like, a few minutes getting that out. Well, I'm going to crop right off the bat, so I'm gonna go get my crop tool and I'm gonna tell it I want it. I want to send this out as a four by six that's my final outcome and output, as you can say, and I'm gonna do it at three hundred resolution. The width is going to be four and the height will be six and I think I'm gonna do it right about here. I'm gonna kind of keep an eye on this. I might need to rotate it just a hair this way because I want to line it up with those bars there. So I kind of wrote headed too much. Actually, that looks okay. Maybe it's a little off on this side, but we're gonna go ahead and click on the check mark and now we at least have ah, starting point. Then I'm probably going to go ahead and save that. I know I don't really need that other version, so now we've got the pdf saved. I almost always make a copy of it right when I'm in there, so I duplicate that layer because I want to see that before and afters if it's not doing me any good, I'll just to lead our undo. So the first thing I normally do is I'm going to check out the enhancement features there's a lot of auto pieces here, sometimes they work really good and sometimes they don't, so I'm going to go through them, but sometimes I don't even bother with them, but I think just because I want you to know that they're there and see how they work, I'm going to go ahead and do auto smart tone. Sometimes you don't even see much of a difference. This one brings up a another layer and in the bottom right hand corner it's gonna lighten up here, it's going on and you just click on one of them and it will do whatever that one does. I kind of like that one that kind of brings out the blacks right away, so either a I could say, yeah, I'm going to go ahead and use that feature or you can cancel it if you don't like that feature, but in fact, I think that that that'll help me get another starting point, some building up I'm gonna go ahead and click, okay and at least that brings out the dark now that the levels could have probably done the same thing but I want to show you different ways to do it so I've got that one now go ahead and make another duplicate that layer one more time you don't have to be doing duplicating the layers, but I just kind of like that because then you can see the difference in the process of this I'm gonna go up to enhance and auto smart fix kind of brightened it up a little bit see about the differences here there's the before here's the after yeah, I kind of like that so I'm gonna go ahead and yeah it's looking pretty cool it's my screen there that's good duplicate that layer and click on okay now his face is still a little bit lost so there's a whole bunch of different things that we can do but I'm gonna zoom in to his face and it's really blurry and all that we're not going to work I'm going to show you how to use those healing brushes, but I'm not going to go in there and get rid of all those speckles there's just just crazy so I'm going to go in there with my um probably my lasso tool might be the best and I think I'm gonna put a little bit of a feather on that when we get out so let's go with a little bit of a feather so that's not such a such a difference on negatives as well yeah, you could skin and negatives in different scanners now I don't know if my scanner has a negative but scanning purpose but yeah, you could definitely do that fly and things like then teo long as you can get it into your system will look all right so I'm gonna go ahead and maybe select just part of the faces I want his eyes in his mouth teo pop out a little bit hopefully there is a feather on that the feather has been well stick tricky and sticky there, but maybe for sake of showing you this I'm gonna go I'm gonna go ahead and do edit copy and edit page just because I want to put this on a separate layer will show you to two different two differences so his face I don't know if you can see that is just what I had selected is on another layer. So if I did something like enhance and I go down to one of my favorites, which is the levels and I kind of pulled the dark side a little bit can you kind of see his face darkening up a little bit and I'm gonna pull those lights down a little bit? I'm just going over exaggerate, ok overexaggerate so his face is kind of popping out a little bit more, but he still has those. He doesn't have freckles like that that's what's happening in the middle bit, right? Yeah, that's the the only thing that's being affected right now is his face, but I want to bring out his face a little bit more, but I'm not going, you know, have it like that, but the reason why there's little freckles all over his face is because the scan, the picture that to begin with was really bad, really bad, so you could work a lot of not a lot of hours, but maybe an hour to two hours to get it to look really, really good, but I'm just going to spend, like, five minutes on to get it to a war, a point where I do print out a four by six and it looks halfway decent because remember, we're zoomed in way zoomed in, so when you zoom in really close, it looks even worse than when you're back, so but I'm just kind of like pulling that out majorly, so, but what I'll do is I'll take it back a little bit, but I just want to make sure that I can't see his eyes and I, but I don't want to to make it look like he has too many freckles and then I'll show you the before and after let's see here so here's let's see, there wasn't much of a change here so let's go back in there and do a little bit more of a change pull that out a little bit that's getting better, I think and then what you can do is you can go in there and you could do masking and all that but maybe I want to go ahead and erase some of the pieces to that and I go in there and I'm erasing a little bit racer tool the capacities up and let's just kind of zoom back out a little bit so we can see it from afar so here is kind of like the before and after to bring out his face it's a little bit and then even more so like when we go back lets us keep layering it here so this is the very, very beginning and then we did another layer another layer another layer and then bring out his face just a little bit more. So you know that's me e I can't tell you how you're a washed out picture has nothing on it yeah end up with yeah well that's why I wanted to do I could have done one that was much more simple and much more wow effect but these air what old photos look like they're washed out so it's not gonna look perfect at the end but it's gonna look a lot better than one began with there actually was a question that came in yesterday about restoring these photos and reprinting them is there a way to sort of keep things from fading again? Obviously in this thing in the paper that's a great question for persnickety prince because their archival papers out there and that they used the best persnickety prints so yeah, that those preserve very well, so if you're going to be purchasing the class, you're gonna get five twelve by twelve and they will all be archival inhe first, if I wanted to take another hour on it, I could probably make it look really, really good. What was the very last tour used to brush over the face? The very last tool was the racer esso I selected part of the face and I put a feather on it. The reason why I put a feather on it is because then it won't look like he has a copied and pasted face. A feather makes it lot smoother transition um and then I took that face and I put it on a separate layer and then I took the eraser tool and I started erasing parts of it yet to pay attention to what layer you're on just because I wanted to kind of blend it in I really wanted his eyes more to stick out and his nose and his lips than anything so that brings it and then whenever you get on and when you get to a point you can always merge those together some of the right click and shoes merge layers and now you can definitely see the difference between them a foreign after um yep, yep that's why? I want to do one that was what in color and one in black because a lot of them are in black and white but then I don't know when they started doing the color but so my grand parents took a lot of pictures with colored photos so I was really lucky to get those but most of them are in black and white and their heart I think the black and white ones are harder to retouch because you don't have as many pixels. So yes, michelle does elephants have a noise filter? Could you go in and like de noise and you could like those lor you? Yeah, d noise and blur I think it's a filter um and you can kind of like even take blur tool and see which one is that this one right here is the blur tool so you can go in there and kind of take the pixels I don't know if it'll be real obvious on this one, but you can kind of move them around let me pull this up a little bit bigger may not be so obvious here, but we could blur out it's not real obvious I'll do it on something that's more obvious, but it kind of takes those pixels in it for lack of a better term um and then what I would do is I would probably merge them altogether if I was finished with this I'm gonna merge them down and now we're just going to save it as something different because I still want to keep my old copy just in case and maybe I'll just call this final or whatever and then if you're going to print it out at a different place other than your home, you would go ahead and print it out as a, uh uploaded to somewhere as a j peg and I would definitely do it the highest quality that you can so I select j peg from the drop down it saved boost this up to maximum make sure that that's the maximum make sure it's not low quality because it's gonna be a bear be a difference probably and then just click on ok and then you can upload the j peg to wherever you're gonna have it printed, but you still have that psd file in case for backup so now will go ahead into a colored one go file and open and see here honey get thie okay when you scan things and sometimes you don't scan them in perfectly straight I just kind of slap it on the scanner and then I fix it later so it's a little bit crooked so we're going to use the crop tool we're going to be using some of the healing brushes we're going to be also probably doing some of the steps that I did with the black and white one and then doing a little bit more manual stuff with this one so this again was a really small photo is probably like a three by two a little wallet size I guess but I kind of want a four by six on it so we know we're going to work with it as much as we can to get that so I'm going first of all I'm going to check to see what I scan this innit a five by six so that's fine because I can always go smaller so if this would have said to buy for something that's like well it's kind of risky to pull it up but I might do that if you think you're going to do an eight by ten of something that you scanned in at just be careful of what you scan it in and as faras the resolution that's kind of like a whole nother area so I'm gonna get my crop tool the first thing I normally do is crop four by six, which is already set from the previous one I'm gonna go ahead and just highlighted area I'm gonna have to rotate it just a bit and then I noticed that there's a lot of things going on down the corners and that's really okay, because I think I'm gonna put a vignette on that and I'm not gonna waste any time cleaning that up, so I'm gonna put a vignette down in these corners here so it's okay, if I go ahead and crop that in to the photo and that looks pretty good once you click on the check work, you know, go ahead and bring it in and that's whenever I go ahead and save it, I'm just gonna go ahead and save it as something else. I want to keep that as a as a demo there. All right? First thing I do is I go ahead and write, click and duplicate the layer always want to keep that bottom layer just because I want to see that difference is and how it how it works out. Usually I go in there and I kind of look around, I see a are there any major areas that I really need to get rid of there's a lot of black spots on this um so I'm going to go and start off with the healing brush. This is a fun brush you guys love this fresh yesterday we were just getting rid of people all over the place, so the spot healing brush is the second in the second column there and you compress jay on the keyboard if you want to get there fast and I'm going to make my brush size a little bit smaller so I'm using the left bracket on my keyboard to just make it smaller and I'm gonna make it just a hair over the size I mean, they were there even more of the size of thing that we want to get rid of so I'm just gonna go in there, click one time and it gets rid of it. This is great for pimples and all kinds of wrinkles and stuff I think my grandma doesn't have very many recall, so I'm not gonna bother with that and then I'm gonna come in here and go in here goodbye goodbye there's a little white speck on my grandpa lt's nose right there. You guys see that sometimes I have specs on my computer and I think that I'm like that did not work oh it's my computer was a big old speck on his nose here and I do it really I'm doing really quickly just go through it again you spend as much time as you want to on it there's some wrinkles up here you can kind of I don't take out all the wrinkles because then it's not realistic but maybe fifty percent of them and that is I don't know what that is I don't know if that's part of it or not but I'm gonna go ahead and get rid of it. All right? So you guys get the idea of the spot healing so I don't think I want and where you have a little pen like you were talking to stacy that you had that quick real fast I need to get one again I need I just need to always say that was two years ago there's think the walk home tablets are wakame tablets and those are a must if you're a photo retouch er or if your photographer those are a must yeah, all of it quicker yeah, much quicker I have to get so yeah it's nice so here's a big spot let's just see what happens. Yeah, that works that works that works you can drive yourself crazy with ah anything major let's just kind of look at it from head to toe little dots all over the place is here's got one is probably a tear in the in the photo you know what I should do is get those originals and bring those two classes just so you can see that real difference. Okay. All right. So let's, just pretend we got all those little dots taking care of shit. Is that there's a really good question here? Yeah, certainly saying now in the photograph, your grandmother, she has a reflection of grass. It is impossible to fix that. We can try. I was looking at that going should adventure onto that area or not what's this. Try it never. No, I think we can actually. So what I'm going to do with in that case is I'm gonna go ahead and with my lasso tool and I'm going to kind of last so it off there's a couple ways you could probably do this. So okay, this is good that this came up. I figured this might come up. It says no pixels are more than fifty percent selected. Does anybody have any idea why that came up? The feathering? I have a huge feather on that. I bet it goes back to the feather that I used before. And I think I put a pretty big feather. Alright, with my dad's face. Someone just say okay, well I'm going to have to change that then I'm going to go down here and say feather twenties but it does have to do with the resolution and stuff too because if this is a really really high rez and eight by ten it probably wouldn't have given me that but since it is a little bit lower ready we will go down here and take it down to actually take it down to zero I don't need a feather on this you know what let's put a little feather on there so eight pixels let's see if that works someone coming here select it and I need to go down even further let's go with two some selecting that but what I want to do is I want teo probably used my clone stamp clone stand till we covered that a little pretty much yesterday what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take pixels from over here and clone it in there so I hold down the altar key I click once I come in here and I don't know if it's gonna look good but we're gonna try it go ahead and do that d select go ahead and zoom back out now keep in mind we don't we don't know it was you know if somebody just look at this they would not go sheet it's something with her classes but maybe you can see there is a little bit I would probably go but it's better than it was before, so hopefully that helps the internet for getting those little glares out of glasses because that's a big that's a big thing, but that that clone stamp tool is really cool. Now my grandmother, she wants hurt to be white, so let's go in there and whitened her teeth a little bit let's go and see it is pixelated, and we could put a blur on it, but I'm just going to work with you this way. I'm goingto do another layer, so we see the differences, someone duplicate that layer and I used the dodge and burn tool there's other tools that you can use to brighton teeth, but, you know, a scrap pickers we need to get these done fast, so I do it the fast way I'm going to use a tool called the dodge tool, the dodge tool whitens that just a little bit, and I'm going to over exaggerate so that you can see it, and I take my brush size down and it's going to be about the same size and her teeth, and I could do it a couple different ways. I can go ahead and select her teeth first, and I on ly work with her teeth, but I think I'm just gonna do a real quick swipe about three or four times, maybe and then they're a little bit almost maybe two white, but if I go over here there's the before and then there's the after so just by doing a little bit of dodging on the teeth helps out a little bit and I usually do it with the whites of the eyes as well, just to make the who was it? Somebody was doing a class and they were saying the eyes are the window to the soul or something, they have a class on that and they on lee do a class on working with eyes, they spend like, four, five hours working with the eyes because that is the focus of pretty much all pictures and portrait. So this is really a hard one because it's very pixelated, but we're going to do what we can and we're going to go in there and I'm just going to click maybe once or twice in the whites of her eyes just to bring it out just a little bit more, okay? So here's the before and here's the after and I couldn't bring it down a little bit more to get a better selection, but oh, her teeth are well, really wide our way that's kind of funny for grandma well, we can take this opacity down it's always another thing we can do so take the opacity now on my layer here I'm gonna take it back up and show you so here's the stark white and then just take that opacity down to maybe fifty percent or so you could still see a difference, but it's, just not like, you know, I am right at you that I didn't take the capacity down across the board. It took it down across the board. Very good question because the whole thing is on that layer now I could have done, you know, I could have just selected her teeth only and put it on another layer just like that my dad's face, but that's another way of doing it. So all right, we're gonna work with his eyes real quick thinking guys got that down, but let's, just go ahead and do the whole thing get the dodge tool and I'm gonna be right in his eyes is a little bit and remember, the capacity is said to fifty two, so we may have to click a couple more times than we're used to maybe a little bit in this teeth and it's good to just see that before and the after because sometimes you just don't like I don't think it did anything but he usually does you're an interesting way, actually, that one of our folks here have restored a photo their dad had carried a picture of his wife and their mom around it has I guess the wrinkles and oh yeah hey actually took it out of his wallet, stole it and then gave it back all restored as a christmas goose bumps yeah there's a lot of wrinkle you know the creases that's a biggie you know and that you know the healing brushes so easy with the creases are you going to do it? Usually it works pretty good. The dodge I'm loving the liquefy and the dogs will find dollars to katie everything dodge find the white so if you have it in the area you haven't shrunk your brush down and there's a bit of skin and a bit of white is the dodge going toe just go to the white no, I don't go to the other side of the mountain and the wind everything a lot. Yeah, because yesterday we had a photo that lucky future shadow or something. I go in there and I put that dot right? Yeah, the shadows if somebody's like a little baby's face is kind of in a shadow in fact, I do it a lot with the whole face just tow brighten up that face, I'll pull in a photo and I'll get my brush size the biggest the biggest their face and just click one too three times maybe with that dodge tool and that just brings out the face a little bit and it does it to all the pixels it just lightens it up a little bit so yeah, it'll you know go ahead and lighten the pixel up it's a cool tool and sometimes you know, people forget about the dodge and burn tool and then that brings me to the burn tool the burn tool is going to be the dark one, so if you have eyelashes like mind that aren't real dark and you just want to zoom in there and just give it a little bit of you khun go in there now the eyelashes these aren't high enough rez that but we'll do it in the next one that I would do that too, but you can I might just try it really quickly, but I'm going to have a better solution here in a few seconds but just to go in and use that burn tool it's within the family of the dodge tool. So there's the burn tool so it's right next to it to make my mind a little bit smaller and a lot of times um what you'll do is you'll just darkened the around the iris of the eyes just because that's that brightens them up a little bit too much to see this is a bad example but let's just see that before in the after and then if you want to put some eyelashes in if there's no eyelashes you could just kind of click and drag when how that looks up there okay okay and I'm just gonna pull in some down here again have a better select are better thing here some of click kinds ope opens him up a little bit okay now we're ready we did all the kind of the retouching things now we're ready to go ahead and I'm gonna adis do another duplicate layer then again you don't have to do this I'm just showing the progression and I'm going to go into the enhanced area this is we're going to start really brightened up I got rid of all that I did all the other little steps first let's goingto auto smart tone just to see what it does because this is a new feature I think in twelve I don't think we have this in eleven so um I don't think I need a dark and I don't want to darken my photo maybe I lighten it and I don't know it's it might it might be okay so we're going to go ahead and cancel that we're not going to use that for now let's try another one let's do auto levels I like that okay here's the deal here's the difference here to hear I think it warms it up a little bit and it also do springs out the color a little bit too so that auto love what was that otto levels yet let's try auto contrast you could just keep layering things and just just as long as they're getting better it's ok to do more than one enhancement tool auto sharpen and now with this these pixels is probably not going to do much and then let's try auto kurt color correction it did a little bit there we see if you can see the difference here little bit of a difference it takes a lot of the read out so now it's warming it up a little bit see how it was there are cooling it down actually and um let's just try there's there's no red eye in there so I'm not gonna worry about that we covered that yesterday um just smart fix so this is where you get teo play around with it so let's just zoom in a little bit more I like these this area better because then you have more control so auto smart fix this may or may not do much I'm probably just not even gonna worry about that one go back in and adjust sliding I like this one I like the levels I'm just going to crank it up just a tiny tiny bit pull that in pull this down to bring out some whites and then click on ok and no, I don't know if I'm going to do anything else to it but I do want to put even yet around it because I'm still not convinced about this down here and I don't want to spend time on it so I'm gonna go ahead let's go ahead and merge these guys together so that now we have the before and then the after so hopefully that look better and then we can do it a couple different ways as faras a vignette I kind of like going into the guided section I think it was in there and then go inning into touch ups and one maybe all right? Well here it is under photo effects and vin yet you can put a black man yet around it or a white one so I'm thinking the black one looks better and then you can do the intensity it could take down the intensity or pull it up and you can redefine the shape so if you wanted teo kind of play around with the feather, bring it in further further if you want to think I need to pull back a little bit and pulled out a little bit so that kind of hide some more mistakes are hide some of the imperfections on there and then I'll click on ok and then go back to expert mode and what it did was that when I hadn't put a layer mask up there so that's, the first little segment of the photo restoration is there any questions from the internet or from the audience? The glass is kind of like in that everything's always glad when I threw that in there, locate our line producer is publishing those glasses and e I know I was when I brought my dad's picture and I'm like, oh, gosh, he looks kind of like ryan smith james dean is back in the day so funny with the skin turn adjust e thing have done to the let's try it's getting time sort of different. Yeah, we can try because that always is iffy that's always like a trial on air kind of thing. Let's. Go ahead, let's do it, tio shift and let's just go ahead, emerge those let's do it to this bottom layer and just see what it does to the original photo. See, we have no, we haven't had done any of this is the one that is the very beginning one so we'll go. Teo, are you talking about autos? Gin correction? Just sort of skin. Correct this it does a good job. It does a good job, I think. Did you see the difference there, see how it's all red and everything so yeah, let's, go back to that one so that could you know we could even lets the scope to this one let's just go up there and do it too that wants to see what does I do like a better I think that's cool yeah definitely sometimes it does some weird things but this in this case it looks pretty good. Yes, you were talking yesterday about the darkness and being being mindful of that for you right now really? I know this is a little bit too dark I think I always usually over exaggerate a little bit because I don't know for sure if they can see what I see but these these are pretty calibrated pretty pretty good so I don't think I would go that dark because of that issue they always print out dark that's why I used that dodge tool on the faces a lot just click click and then they brightens it up a little bit and then I would go ahead and save it and then I could go save as for j peg if you need or pdf or whatever um formats that you need and I think I can go out quick question they've been with the men yet is it possible to rotate it to change the shape of I don't think I could eroded that we can get around it and do it okay? I mean you could always you can always do whatever you ask pretty much is just what steps do you want to get to it for? A photo shop is just continue what? You were really kind of scary actually lose ten pounds and ten seconds I like that one. No. All right, so I expect you guys to go home tonight no homework for you this is a fun when I won't spend too much time on this but like with this photo we want teo um nothing new mexico but it's not in mexico, it's phoenix and I was just like I really just need to start taking pictures of like, architecture er and stuff like that, so but I really liked it this texture here so let's, just try and see what we can come up with some of these enhancement tools because we haven't talked a lot about thes the adjustment lighting the shadows we can go into and it's really cool because you can see that preview here. The preview button over here is to the right you can see the before and after if you wanted to see what it was originally so you can always take the size is so it just depends on the photo that you have every photo is a little bit different and you just kind of play around with it, see if anything pops, nothing is really popping out at me nothing's really wowing me on this so I'm probably just gonna cancel it again I probably should do a duplicate layer so we have that original um let's go into maybe I just marked fix usually that doesn't do a whole lot but it does take out the um it takes kind about the coloring in the system there so I don't know if I would use that either let's go back in to enhance let's just convert it to black and white and see would come up with so we've got all different kinds of styles down here and really it tries to tries it to select the one that's going to be best for your photo but sometimes it doesn't so you can go in there and try to see which one looks best with that particular photo scenic land state I don't know portrait ce newspaper that gives it more of a brightness and then you can go in here and adjust the levels of different colors rgb well that that's a good place to kind of do your black and white because you have more control I don't like it when they turn it into black and white you have no control over what's gonna happen because every photos different so this is this is really cool when you can adjust each different rgb level click on okay there we have one version lets go back in here and just duplicate that layer and maybe we want to go to adjust color I love this one just color and this is my favorite I think you'll probably say yes I know it's your favorite I like to take it and just try different colors on it you know colorize it oh this is the black and white one work oh no I know why I had that on top we pull this down here let's go back all right to the top you have to pay attention to what layer you're on I just didn't alright back adjust color I just hugh saturation click on the color eyes you could do any color you want teo you wanted to be shades of blue green purple I love that and then you can boost up the saturation if you want to get really artsy and stuff could take down the darks you could use this as a background you want to put photos over the top of it take up the lightness have that is a really cool background so that I use a lot just remember you have to click on colorized and sometimes I forget to do that and like where is the color it's click on that color eyes and then you have a totally different looks so that's a different enhancement feature for photos okay I'm gonna take this boat now you know what? See if there's anything else in here that want to do to this particular photo if any questions air coming in, you can let me know. But otherwise we'll move on to a different photo. Think that that's probably gonna be it for that one. It's close out of that let's, go into this one right here. This right here. I just did a sample on a little short video of all the different things you khun dio ti photo. So all different kinds of filters going on here. I think this one here might be the inverse one or the one that I was saying. Oh, I did this to the tiger. Um, so that's a different effect. Uh, and then this one here, I think, is one of the filters. So you can kind of theirs all you could take your cat that's your assignment tonight. Take your cat and see what kinds of filters you can put on that little guy. Is that guy, eric girl? It's a lady it's. A lady no longer stopped her real close to getting really, really close. You got the pet, the pet. I think they just in case. And then what else? Yeah, you could clean that? Yeah. Yesterday. E watch that. Get rid of those scary head I spooky deals, okay?

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Tired of having a closet full of scrapbooking supplies? Ready to save your images in a more secure, permanent way? Join Michelle Stelling for an introduction to digital scrapbooking.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Photoshop Elements 12 to edit images and create simple templates, digi-kits, and retouch old photos. Michelle will cover feathering, clone stamping, adding text, and other tips and tricks for presenting your images. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot common image issues using red eye reduction, spot healing techniques and more. You’ll also learn about working with brushes and textures to create your own papers and backgrounds.

Whether you’re an at-home crafter or professional photographer, by the end of this course, you will have mastered a whole new way to preserve and share your images.

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I really enjoyed Michelle's teaching style. I'm new to digital scrapbooking and am on my way to becoming an die-hard convert. Thank you so much for explaining everything so clearly. I'm so glad I bought the course and all the extras you gave me were wonderful - a quick way to get started. Hope to see you again on CreativeLive soon!