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Creating eBooks & Interactive PDFs

Jason Hoppe

Creating eBooks & Interactive PDFs

Jason Hoppe

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Class Description

Interactive PDFs transform your documents from the typical 2D reading experience to a creative visual journey. By using Interactive PDFs, you can create beautiful, immersive online publications - such as ebooks and epubs - that will draw readers in and build interest in your ideas. But interactivity isn’t just for eBooks - imagine adding interactive elements to a brochure, portfolio, resume or even a newsletter. The application possibilities are endless.

Join Adobe® expert Jason Hoppe for this class, and you'll learn how to use Adobe InDesign to:

  • Set hyperlink destinations
  • Create bookmarks, buttons, rollovers and pop-ups
  • Add different media such as audio and video
  • Export Interactive PDF's for Publish Now
This class includes comprehensive bonus materials so you can build your skills, confidence and knowledge to create stand-out interactive documents your readers will love!

Software Used: Adobe InDesign CC 2015

Class Materials

Bonus Materials with Purchase

EBooks & Interactive PDFs
Assets EPUB Flowable Layout
Assets EPUB Flowable Layout 2
Assets Hotel Tabs Interactive
EPUB and Interactive Assets

Ratings and Reviews


Jason Hoppe is great instructor. I learned so much about how "The Trinity" of Adobe products work together to produce amazing results. I can't look at InDesign the same away ever again. Thank you Jason for a great class!

a Creativelive Student

Jason Hoppe is a fantastic teacher. Clear explanations and instructions. Great content. Thank you!

Cindy Graham

Jason Hoppe is a great instructor. He thoroughly knows how to use InDesign. He has a great way of making little things "the best thing ever"! I watched this several times and picked up something new every time. And he reminds me of Nathan Fillion (FireFly, Castle) so I could listen to him all day long.

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